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Your Biography As A Musician

Hopefully this thread will give a lot of background about every one here and ppl can learn from other ppl and how ppl got to where they are today. Write your musical experiences as told over the years in the format year 1 - i did this year 2- i picked up this... year 3 i joined my first band etc...

honestly this is how my guitar life went

first year of playing

i started when i was 14 years old and my friends wanted to make a band and i wanted to find some way to get into this band. i picked up lessons, learned basic sheet music and knew the notes from fret 1-5. i played stupid little songs like surfing usa. My brother whos been playing for over a decade told me to learn master of puppets as an attempt to get better. when school started i stopped playing guitar and played soccer. With out noticing tho i practiced master of puppets intro for that entire year then all of a sudden i mastered the intro to master of puppets and my friends reallized my potiental

year 2
i started getting cocky and i started learning new songs like cow boys from hell and other stuff. I learned little licks all over the place and i didnt know much of what i was doing. When summer started i picked up heavy studying in music theory and devoted my time to it. That summer i quickly moved through the pentatonic scale and learnign about keys and major scales. when school started all i could think about was learning theory. I became even more cocky thinking only my was the best way to think. I thought that if ppl played music and didnt know music theory, that they were ******ed and didnt deserve to be even called a musician or a songwriter. My practice was the only thing i had on my mind and i would practice 5 hours a day. One day iremember i practiced for 10, and even 12 hours!! I learned quickly through what my guitar teacher tought me and i noticed my self getting better and better by the days and at this point i was this cocky kid that was a sophmore in high school that was trying to take down the world at once.

Year 3

all this time i was a devote metal head and i thought metal was the only way to go. But half way through year 3 all of this changed. I was tired of argueing about music, i felt like something was wrong about the way i was thinking about music. It was like all this pointless anger i had about ppl for no reason and i didnt understand why i was doing it. I started to chill out on the subject of music and started to hang out with my friends more and listen to their music like the blood hound gang and stuff. I realized theres another flip side to music. Its all about having fun and expressing yourself. Ppl have always told me these words but finally it actualy had an impact on me. Its like the entire world made sense to me on the spot and i was finally able to play guitar in peace and not for other ppl to show off, but to just play for my self and make songs only for my self.

Year 4
I realized how good i was at this point. I realized i blow people away with my playing , as well as make it sound sweet and full of texture that pleased my ear as well as others. I only played what i wanted to hear and it helped me create songs and compose solos. I am reflected on my past and i was very happy with my progress with guitar as well as the mentallity change i expierenced. I wish every body else could live through what i lived through on my 3 year of playing becuase it would help every one in the world understand why music is music. Music is art through sound, thats all it is. you will always have ppl that dont have musical experience listen to music and see it from that perspective, then ppl with music experience and see it from that perspective. Still today i can not imagine why ppl like immature sounding boys crying into the microphone and calling it music and getting away with it and have half the nation like it, but i guess that is one perspective i will never see.

Year 5

I am 18 years old and this is where i am now, i am getting into college, my band which i started in the middle of year 4 may or may not make it past the start of college since the drummer and the bassists are going to far away colleges and are carless. I dont know what im in for this year but i figured i will still make songs that i like to hear and keep experiementing with touch harmonics and cool stuff like the effects that are onboard my amplifier. Maybe one day ill get a guitar with a whammy bar and that will keep me occupied for a while. At this point i have no idea whats instore for me.

hope fully my story will help ppl who once thought like me or are in that stage of transition.
meow :3

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wow thats long......

k for me nice and short

age 14 some kid on bus played hotel california....
age15 borrowed parents friends guitar..it sat in corner for a year
age 20 went to trade school, friend played guitar, i bought pawn shop special, started playing simple nirvana......played rythm for 4 years
NOW 24 starting to play more lead stuff

Still have same passion and desire now as i did when i was 14
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I'm considering stickying this...
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^_^ im glad you like it red, i wasnt even sure if this was the right forum at first. Remeber when you post your Biography, just be honest with your self and who u became and what happened through the years.
meow :3
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it started when i was about 10 years old. i picked up my dads Epiphone Texan acoustic guitar and a simple method book. i did this on and off until i was 13 when, for my birthday, i got an Epiphone Les Paul Special and a small 8W amp. i think this is when i started getting serious. however, i only knew the stuff i learned on acoustic (which was just simple chords.) i continued by learning more chords and a few songs. "Sunshine of Your Love " by Cream was the first tab i learned if memory serves me correctly. although i didnt know much about the instrument, i joined a band with other guys who didnt know much about their instruments. since the other guitarist knew less than i did, he played lead because he didnt know any chords. so i learned more chords..major, minor, 7th...anything really. i started taking lessons that summer. i learned how to read sheet music and the basis for improvising and riff writing. now thats when i started to consider myself decent at playing. i went home and played around with the pentonic scale for hours a day. i learned how to improvise pretty well. one night when i was 14 my dad was watching a dvd of Eric Clapton playing Robert Johnson songs. this is when i was first introduced to my first love. Blues. to this day i consider Clapton to be my main influence as a musician. since then, ive gotten into more acoustic based music such as Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews Band, Neil Young, ect. Im currently 15 and play blues, jazz, folk, and classic rock.

yep..i think that about does it.
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Be back later.
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Uh...I picked up the guitar and rocked out

I'd be more in-depth but I have a really bad memory.

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bloody hell how have you got suck a good memory,

all i can remember in my guitar past is at some point i developed a Slash obsession and learnt the whole of appetite and the GNR greatest hits, and Live album, and Contraband, this really increased my soloing skill...n then i found Stone temple pilots via Scott weiland from velvet revolver, and i got obsessed with them for a while....

somewhere along the line i did my grade 3 and grade five exams, which taught me scales and the basics of modes, which i then learnt all about myself....

and then i dont remember much until i started liking grunge like PJ, Soundgarden, and more recently (like the last 1-2 months) AIC, n then in the last year i got into playin more metal and metalcore stuff like Pantera, metallica n trivium....n i got Rust in Piece by Megadeth, and via Hangar 18 introduced me to sweep picking...

n ive bin in a band for a few years, but only serious in the last 7-8 months, now we r regularly gigging, a couple of times a week usually, and weve released a demo, which is ok guitarwise i suppose, but i wish i coud re-record all the solos because my skills have improved vastly in the last few months....

In september im goin to college to study music and music tech along with 2 other subjects, i plan to try to join the jazz band and other bands that are there like the choir band etc...which will hopefully improve my playing and open up different playing styles for me...

and thats basically it
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umm...yea i bought my guitar from my bro over 2 years ago, it was a Silvertone Strat...and i thot it was really crappy...soo i got pretty ok at the instrument listening to GNR and Joe Satriani and stuff....then i got obsessed with tone, and i got into Eric Johnson and played alot of his stuff, and eventually, after jamming for over 2 years of playing, i just developed my own style from all the ones i was interested in....now im in a band called Assembly of Hearts, and im inspired by bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Trivium, Bullet for my Valentine, Pantera, Between the Buried and Me, etc...and if theres any advice id give out to anyone at all, id say dont give up...and please, actually go with wat sounds good to YOU, and dont try to please anyone else, like dont write something and think its not good enuff for your friends, just follow your musical ear...good luck
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When I was 11, I was helping clean the drawers in my house. As I opened a drawer, I saw a book that my sister's friend had given to my sister for some odd reason. "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Playing Guitar".

At that instant, all the music I ever heard (usually pop and some RHCP ) flooded through my head. I thought, what the Hell, I'll give it a shot! The next time I passed by my cousin's house, I asked to borrow one of their half-sized nylon string classical guitars after notcing that my dad's full sized acoustic was too big for me.

It was great, I started coming here for tabs and lurked the forums, picking up some useful tips. I searched the forums for advice on full/half/three-fourth sized guitars and found nothing. So I stuck with the small classical guitar playing Drowning Pool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and learning stuff from that book I mentioned earlier. I spent all day playing with that thing. I sometimes played with my sister, who temporarily picked up my dad's acoustic

I wanted to play a Rob Zombie tune, but I had to tune to drop C. I looked up a guide on how to do that and was unsuccessful. I tuned the guitar so badly that I thought it was out of tune for good

I started to learn on my dad's big acoustic in a month or two. It took a while to get used to. then around Christmas of 2004, my dad gave me some sort of talk, one that I don't remember much of, but whatever it was, it really discouraged me from playing guitar. I think it was about how I wasn't playing well, or how I was playing Metal on an acoustic guitar, and my dad doesn't like heavy metal and rock music.

I stopped playing guitar for about 7 months. Then I, one day, saw that acoustic guitar in the corner of the room when I was alone upstairs. I thought "What the Heck...?" and I picked it up and played Ode to Joy. The magic of guitar had enchanted me again ( ) and I began to learn again.

My 13th birthday was nearing and I wanted to get an electroc guitar to better suit my style of playing. My mom said it was up to my dad. I asked him if I could use my money to buy an electric guitar for my birthday. He said no and talked about rollerblading, hockey, and skateboarding (all activities that I had previously given up after starting). He said that I would probably not stick with guitar anyway I started to cry because I had been saving up since I started playing the acoustic again. I held back the tears, but my parents obviously saw the redness in my eyes.

Later that day, my dad saw me in my room playing my acoustic along to the songs Seek and Destroy, Jump in the Fire, and Motorbreath (All by Metallica). It turns out my dad was watching my do this and he then asked me if I wanted to go to our local guitar store to look at guitars. I said "No" since that would only make me want a guitar more.

I somehow found out that there was going to be a Labor Day sale at Guitar Center. I asked if we could go and my parents said yes. I chose a Squier Strat Pak, which came with cables, strings, guitar, amp, etc..

and here I am today, learning more music theory and working on my technique and writing abilities constantly. I started the Electric guitar one year ago in one month (August )

This was long and you should only read this if you are bored Sorry for the length!

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My mom says I was picking out tunes on the piano at around four or five. I took piano lessons for several years. My parents gave me a cheap acoustic guitar for Christmas in 1963 and I was off and running. Back then we had vinyl records and cheap turntables that spun at 33 1/3 and 16. My best buddy H.P. and I would listen to the Beatles at 16 rpm until we figured out what they were doing. I'm sure my mother thought we were ******ed for listening to those records at half speed for hours on end. We learned the songs, though, and that's what mattered.

H.P. and I put together our first band when we were about 13, I guess. We were hot! I played an old Gibson Melody Maker and a Farfisa mini-compact organ through a Vox amp with one blown speaker. H.P. played bass, Darryl played rhythm guitar, and the little squirt across the street turned out to be a really good drummer.

One freebie gig after another turned into some paying gigs at just about the time we were old enough to drive, which was a good thing because my mom was sick of being the band taxi.

We stayed together through high school. After graduation I played in bar bands while at the University of Georgia in Athens and all over Atlanta.

When my long-time girlfriend dumped me in 1975 I joined the Navy as an electronics technician. I saw an ad in the base newspaper saying the Navy music program was looking for guitarists. I auditioned, was accepted and graduated from the Armed Forces School of Music as the top musician in my class in August, 1976.

The Navy sent me to the fleet where I played lead guitar with the Atlantic Fleet Rock Band. We toured all over the eastern U.S., the Caribbean and Europe. I mustered out at the end of my enlistment in 1980.

After the Navy I went to college on the G.I. Bill, pursuing a degree in piano performance.

Now, at 53, I teach guitar and piano privately in Madison, a suburb of Huntsville, Alabama. If you're ever in or near Huntsville look me up (G. Patrick Bryant) and we'll have a beer and play some guitar.

Thanks for reading a geezer's story.

All the best,

p.s. - here's my guitar. I play through a Marshall DSL 401 driving an ancient (I mean really old) Fender cab. It sounds good to me.
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Originally Posted by Freepower
For everything you need to know - gpb0216.

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Well, I havent been playing for long but ill give it a go.

When I was 4 or 5 years old, my grandparents sent over a ukele size yamaha nylon acoustic for me for christmas. I was more interested in other toys, so i kinda ignored it for 7 years as my dad( also guitarplayer) played it for 15 minutes or so everdy.

When I was 13 and about to turn fourteen, I was at a rich friends party, and we went into a kinda rec room at his huge house, with a ping pong table a junk. Sitting in the corner was a standerd strat, and a glorios Gibson les paul of some sort, with some expensive amp and effect stuff that i was too gear illiterat to understand. I just picked up the strat to mess around with, because i always thought electric guitar was cool. Later that night, I grabbed the nylon astring and learnt my first basic chords, then my first song, Louie Louie.

We moved from florida to michigan about a month later, and for about 6 months i practiced on the little acoustic, dreaming and reading up on electric guitar stuff, and learnt basic chord songs from my dad. For my birthday my dad took me out to guitar center and told me I can choose any guitar under 175$$. I chose a squiere tele because I loved the neck and the super twangy tone from the bridge PU and the warm full sound of the neck pickup. This is when I started to get serios about guitar.

Started learning barre and power chords, and learnt my first leads from "Smells like teen spirit " by nirvanaand "cant buy me love" by the beatles. Learnt about scales, although my technical skills didnt let me do any good guitarmenship.

Later that year, after practicing alot, I got pretty good technically and learnt how to do some crappy improv with pentatonics, and more solos and songs, and learnt about keys and chord grips and 7th and diminished chords and stuff. Discoverd blues guitar.

Went into a blues/classic rock phase, got good at pentatonics

After this i started to realy explore many differnt kinds of music. I got into pink floyd, queen, and boston. I liked heavier guitar parts. Blues started to get a little boring but i still like it. I started to learn way more theory and scales. My soloing got very touch sensative and my vibrato and bends got realy good.

After this went into a dream theater phase, i stll love them. Tried to learn some of their songs, realized i suck at guitar lol

I started to practice alot during the last summer and begging of school, and started getting into metallica and slayer, and i learned MoP and raining blood. These taught me how play alot faster and i started to learn more metal songs. I then discovered opeth, and how they combine extreme metal with amazing song structure and solos. My guitar playing increased dramatically, and i learned the fretboard well. I learned to alternate pick well, opposed to before were instead of very strict i would sometimes do to up or down strums in a row. I then discovered children of bodom, in flames, arch enemy, and other metal bands. Now i love metal, pink floyd, prog , queen, and i hope to bend these influences into my own style. I can play pretty well now. I want to learn sweep picking, and develop my style.

After i went through this metal "phase" i guess, i started listening to old bands i love so much like zeppelin, elo, and boston, the police, as well as smashing pumpkins, pixies and other similar bands. Pink floyd is still no.1 for me, and combinnig all these styles has gotten me a signature stlye, and my solos and improv sound pretty original finally. metal got my technical skills good, and the bands i love made my sound, whatever genre they may be. im working on writing a short, album, nothing too amgbitous.---------------------3yrs since starting.

All about the pixies now. ----------------3.5years

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got my guitar (strat)

2 years later, learnt my first chords

Got serious about guitar

Some time passed

Here i am now.
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I began learning piano in the second grade. I took lessons for several years, without learning much theory unfortunately.

At my friend's house, I picked up his unused guitar and started working out black sabbath songs for myself, thinking, "This is easy!" (what an unfortunate statement )


I got a bass in the summer before grade 8. I decided that since there were so many guitarists out there, I'd be a little different. My early bass years were mostly spent on Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. I joined the school jazz band, learned the notes on a bass, and then...

Guitar, Year One

..got my first guitar! A crappy acoustic, but it did the job. My first few songs were Led Zeppelin's "Thank You" and Randy Rhoads' "Dee". I start picking my way through the Tribute album, and I get enough money for a Strat in the summer.

Hendrix becomes a big influence in the second half of this year, and I start developing a rhythm style loosely based on his.

Guitar, Year Two

Randy Rhoads is still a big influence. I start also working on EVH-style playing. Got a new Schecter and I'm spending lots of time learning the basics of theory and reading music for guitar. Still not too much direction. Most of my time is spent writing prog and pop-rock pieces instead of practicing technique.

Guitar, Year Three

Duane Allman has finally influenced me to take a serious interest in slide guitar. I begin mixing in a lot more fingerpicking. Practicing is still fun, but it is more focused, with more emphasis on proper technique. The influences are now including the likes of Paul Gilbert and Eric Johnson. Tone is now more of a serious concern. While I am not amazing, I have finally gotten to the level where I can take the lead role in a band, and I do so in two bands. My co-lead player in one band has especially inspired me to improve, and to try finding my voice on guitar.

I also begin playing some classical, and now with my technique, I can finally record some of my earlier writings and try bringing them to life.

This is my current stage of developement, with each stage being more productive than the last. Hopefully that trend continues...
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My parents got me a crappy acoustic guitar for Christmas in my first year of high school. After a few months, I got a teacher who taught me a couple chords and lots of blues stuff. We'd spend time "jamming" to blues and blues-rock songs every week (I'm really bad at improvising). I kept the guitar teacher for a few years until I got a job/had to pay for car insurance, which was last november (my last year of high school). I've always played lots of rythm but rarely any lead. Finally, this summer I learned a few solos, that I'm still working on being able to play full speed. I'm also trying to memorize the fretboard to try to improve my non-existant improvising skills.
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when i was in 7th grade, guitar was offered as an elective so i decided to take that class, anyways my dad bought me a cheap mexican classical guitar, so i started playing but, then i realize that i wasnt learning anything about guitar at school (everyone just fooled around) so i decided to teach my self how to read tablature and learn a few songs, so i learned a some songs like jingle bells and that kind of songs (it was around christmas time) and i played in a talent show type of thing, by the end of the year. When i finished the school year i got serious about it, and for my birthday my dad gave me a yamaha classical guitar (its good, actually), and i got more serious then i played for a while blah blah, i started learning harder songs like capricho arabe then after i graduated from 8th grade my family decided to go back to mexico so we did, and when we got there, after a few weeks i found my older brother's squier, and i fell in love with it (i didnt know much about electrics guitars back then). so here i am learning to play electric guitar on a squier, when i get better at it i'll buy a nice guitar . So yeah thats it.

Edit: i forgot a few things like: learning music theory and taking lessons but, im too lazy to post them.
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Be back later.
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^ Capricho Arabe rocks
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Originally Posted by yawn
^ Capricho Arabe rocks

Yeah, its a really great song
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Year 1:
I think this was when I was around 12 or 13 and I had got a cheap acoustic for christmas. It was horrible and I knew nothing about guitar and wasn't really interested with that guitar. It collected dust for about a year...

Year 2:
...and then when I was 14 I went on a trip and stayed at my cousins and her son was a guitar player. I saw his acoustics while I was staying there, and then he showed me his electric. He showed me how to play some System of a Down on the electric and I practiced it over and over that night. When I got back home I started playing on my acoustic. I'd pretty much just learn one thing, or one part of a song and repeat it over and over again.

Year 3:
On my 15th birthday, my dad bought a second-hand electric guitar off of my sisters friend for me. It was some kind of peavey strat, it wasn't very good. He included an amp with it, a hard shell case, picks, and a cable for $175. I started playing System of a Down tabs on that guitar a lot. That's pretty much all I'd play. Later in the year I had gotten a job and eventually saved up $300 to buy a guitar I had my eye on. It is the guitar I still have sadly, and it's a Ibanez RG170. I started playing like crazy when I got this guitar. I would play stuff like A Perfect Circle, Tool, System of a Down, stuff like that.

Year 4:
So after I turned 16 I started learning theory like mad and began writing a lot more of my own stuff. I started to force myself to attempt learning complete albums all the way through. I recently formed a band with the guy my dad bought the guitar off of for my 15th birthday. For now I've pretty much stopped learning theory and am seeing what I can do by ear. I write quite a bit both guitar and lyrics and pitch ideas to the band etc.
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-When I was six my dad came home with a Hohner acoustic guitar. I would play every note 3 times fast working my way down the neck to the next string the first day I got it. Then I thought why not try a real song DUH. So I learned Sublime "What I Got" and Metallica "Nothing Else Matters". Then I would watch MTV and TRY to play what they were playing. Then after a couple of months passed and I stopped and just played Sports.

-My 8th grade year I started again after a long time without guitar. So since I heard my High School had Guitar Class I had to practice guitar. So I studied my butt off learning Chords and Power Chords. I would play the chords and try to remember them.

-My 9th grade year came and I was in Guitar Class YEA!!!! I learned all the notes up to the 5th fret. I learned a few chords. And some scales. I learned how to carefully maintain your guitar. And I learned the basics of Classical guitar. Then I got my first electric. Epiphone Les Paul Special with amp and accesories.

-Summer. I just played my guitar. I had nothing my friends ditched me to go skate and with their new friends, and my family works all day. So I found out about UG. And started using tabs instead of playing by ear. I learned almost every single Metallica (Rhythm) song they had. Since I was getting into Rhythm alot I learned Megadeth, Pantera, Guns&Roses, and Van Halen. Then once I heard Van Halen solos I told myself Lead here I come. I learned alot of Van Halen and then I found out about the SHREDDERS!! Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, Johnson, Petrucci and BUCKETHEAD!! And so again I studied my butt off to learn what they knew which was THEORY and TECHNIQUES. I became a SPEED DEMON. I learned Pinch Harmonics, Tapping, 2-Handed Tapping, etc. And since I listened to Buckethead and Tom Morello they made me experiment with CREATIVITY.

-10th grade year I was the quite guy in my class this time. In the corner reading articles about my heros and still learning about what made them tick. The loner in the class playing only to my ears could hear. While everyone was learning HxC songs. Everyone thinking this one guy is GOD becasue he can play As I Lay Dying perfect with the tone also. And my guitar teacher always talking about why copy everyones music rather than make your own? So since I knew techniques I said Why not I'll give it a try. So I sat in my room messing around trying to make songs to only myself can hear. Then I grew up and listned to more genres rather than metal. I learned styles like Ska, JAZZ, BLUES, etc... Jazz was my favorite genre because everything just fits together like a puzzle. And jazz and blues you feel the music and its hard to know the theory behind those genres. And I played stuff like The Bravery which made me more open to new styles. And I finally got my BEAUTY a Epiphone Les Paul Custom.

(NOW)-Summer Im still studying theory so I can be prepared for college. Learning to read music fluently rather than just up to the 5th fret. Working and Saving money for effects to open my creativity rather than limit myself. And Im still learning that damn Sweet picking technique so all in good time.
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...is all you need.
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This thread should definately be stickied! I've read every post!

I started my music "career" in grade 7 band playing alto saxophone. Still love playing it, btw. I absolutely loved it for six years before I graduted. I took a year off after high school then figured the only thing I wanted to do was to pursue music. So I applied to college.

I didn't pick up a guitar until halfway through my first year, 7 years after first picking up the sax. My brother was the one who first got a guitar for Christmas but I took to it more than he did. I had a decent grasp of basic theory and that's really how I learned to play. "So this is the D minor scale," I would say to myself and pluck away. I studied the saxophone in college for 3 years (I switched to the baritone sax cuz if you know the difference, you'd want to, too) but really just dabbled in the guitar. I even played in a ska band for a bit. I eventually bought my own acoustic (a blue Art&Luthrie) and an Ibanez RG170 with a Fender 15watter. Both great guitars but still focusing more on the bari sax.

Near the end of three years, I was getting tired of going to school and not having any money so I opted to not continue. I got a job a EA Sports testing video games. I've been playing the same damn game for 40-60 hours a week for over two years! It does't matter what game it is, that is boooring! All this time, playing guitar while leaving the saxophone in the closet. I never had my own bari sax and the alto just didn't cut it anymore.

I joined UG a few months ago and since I spend most of my work day surfing this site , I realized that music was the only thing that I really enjoyed. I love reading the posts about what I don't know and attempting to help those who need it. So I dusted off the saxophone and I'm going back to school this September. I couldn't be more excited. I'll be a sax major (the only baritone sax major they've ever seen) and a guitar minor.

Now I'm 24 and I'm halfway through my degree to becoming a high school band teacher (or whereever else I may go). I know I still have so much to learn and welcome the challenge.
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