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Billie: why hello there Joe, havent seen you in awhile
Joe: yea well, ive been looking at alot of different forums lately, havent stuck to one place
Billie: yea, i know how that goes.. say, did you know there is a guitar player biography thread in the musician talk forum?
Joe: why no, i did not know that. is it good?
Billie: oh yes, quite good indeed.
Joe: well ill go check it out then

*leaving footsteps*........

*returning footsteps*

Joe:why Billie, this is simply amazing! they simply MUST sticky it!
Billie:oh, i agree. it truly is fantastic. i dont see why they havent stickied it already.
Joe:well, maybe its because it doesnt have enough posts.
Billie:why thats proposterous! it has plenty of posts! and surely they know that the amount of posts will skyrocket once it is stickied? yes?
Joe: apparently not, because it has been sitting dormant there for a long time, if i am seeing the date correctly.
Billie: well, what is there to do about it anyway.
Joe:well, you could send a small message to a moderator about it,
Billie:well im sure plenty of people have done that already. i mean just look at how good it is.
Joe: well ill go talk to casualty about it.

*leaving footsteps*
*returning footsteps*
Joe:well, i cant find casualty, hes probably off showing some hot young hippsters what's what.
Billie:hehe, yes, that casualty, always putting the highstrung in their place.
Joe:now now, i do think you really are being too rash.
Billie:well, its only my opinion, hes a good enough man.
Joe:indeed, he is. as well as that redwing suck. quite a fine man indeed.
Billie:agreed. but seeing these fine moderators, and this fine thread, with such pure potential, i simply cannot figure the logic of it. why has it not been stickied?
Joe:well, i cant help you with that one, im stumped as you are. but i can tell you that if its not soon, it might fade away forever. what a shame it would be, too. such a fine thread...
Billie:yes. fine indeed.
Joe:fine indeed......hmm...
Find OOOOOOOLLLLLDDDDD bass guitar in my grandmas garage (age 13). Play it really badly for a day (break every single string). Grandma's boyfriend who plays in a local band puts new strings on it and gives me and amp. Learn lots of Blink 182. Get better taste in music. Learn Chili Peppers tunes. Start the worst band in the world. Get my dad to buy me a 5-string a year later. Learn more tabs. Learn to slap and pop. Learn theory.
damn lot of stories here, I'll post mine too...

Year 1 & 2
(I'm leaving the piano part out cause I don't know how old I was, I think about 6 or something like that but I'm not sure)

Age of 10, allowed to choose a new instrument to try instead of piano. So I chose guitar, Went to a teacher who's name i'll leave out, tried ussually the last thing in the books wich proved to be quite easy. I also learned johnny b goode by chuck berry( i asked for it )

year 3 - 6

Practice, practice, practice, I've learned a lot of scales. some by ear some due to the internet. i've had to quit the guitar lessons the last year, since you can only have 6 years of lessons there. I've been his longest student and he's said several times that he has nothing more to teach me, wich I still don't believe.

year 6 - 9

joined( and left ) a couple of bands. had a couple of gigs, am currently trying to get 2 bands on their feet. after I've left my teacher and the company he worked for moved away from my place, I went on to start teaching the children in town by myself and am recgonised for it so. I joined UG a while ago, though have known the site for a very long time. learned a lot of course, I know a lot about woods, pickups, floyd and all that stuff. the past years haven't always been fun but I got dragged trough it with the music.
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If this thread was a woman I would consider having sex with it. This thread is full of inspirational and interesting stories

So i read a couple of them and i wanted to read some stories about working at a music shop like maybe guitar center or just ur town's guitar store. I want to know how it turned out for you and how it helped your focus on ur guitar (or any other instroment) in the long run.
meow :3
Wierd that you guys consider age and time so important. I would think influences would be cooler... but what do I know!

I didn't get into music til I was a bit older (16-17) and I think that had a large influence on my taste. I went on vacation with this kid who played guitar and he taught me some stuff and I enjoyed it. I got bitten by the bug. The first band that really got me into music was Coldplay, which kicked open the door to all sorts of British rock: Radiohead, Oasis, U2, Muse... you name it. Before this revolution, I was stuck listening to a lot more heavy things (POD, Linkin Park, Metallica, Incubus) and it was fun to listen to, but it wasn't really emotional, and it never really did it for me. I just never saw myself fitting in there, with that crowd, and eventually I grew tired of it. So for a long time my musical influences were pretty much European, with the exception of Elliott Smith (whose influences are pretty much European so I don't think he even counts) and The Mars Volta.

I think the guy that really got me into being a musician and songwriter was Ryan Adams - I heard some of his stuff and hated the country vibe at first (as I hated country and everything to do with it), but then as I got into some of his earlier albums (Heartbreaker, Love is Hell, Gold ... I recommend them to everyone) I discovered some really great music that not only inspired me as a listener but as an artist. Here was this crazy sound that I loved, but it was SO American, and it was SUCH a big change for me.

After Adams I expanded my horizons a lot more - Incubus made its way back into my regular listening, and I picked up a lot of cool American stuff like Audioslave, RHCP, Ray Lamontagne, stuff like that. Then I went full circle and brought the rock aspect back to Europe.. so now I'm listening to a lot of Rolling Stone-ish and Stone Roses-ish bands.

I guess the point is, you need to have influences as a musician, or you get lost. And you need to have many, or you're a clone. My songwriting and general appreciation for music has gotten a lot better over the last year or so, between studying theory and just maturing more musically. I feel like I can follow a clear path, down the line and understand why EXACTLY I liked what I did.
i really dont know if i agree with that at all. I never listen to music ever, not becuase i dont choose to but becuase i have nothing that will play music except this cd player hear that i only use to learn songs i need to know for my band. Other then that i like sitting in the quite, its really peaceful and it releives me for some reason. I dont need influences to make my songs, i can just be my self and surely something will happen. I feel like if i listen to a band for to long ill just start making songs that are the exact style as them. I feel like if i listen to to many bands ill just get intimidated and be to pressured to think of great hits. I dont think you need to be like the next band to get you where your going, but to just play what your ears want to hear and people will like it or they dont. You will be suprised a lot of ppl like my style, becuase it varies all over the place.
meow :3
7 years old- Guy Gives me guitar because i show interest in it. Says to me"come back when you've learned a song."he never saw me again
13- Actually started getting serious about guitar after wanting to play Korn and SOAD since i heard them in '99 and '01.
13- Took lessons with a guy namned Tom from a band called Gypsy Fly. He had toured on the warped tour. told me if he could he would have me on the third year program at the end of my 10 weeks. Said I was the most promising student he ever had.(im not kidding)
14- Got into a band with friend Ang. Found another guitarist namned Josh. He seemed to be better than me.
14- Around November i surpassed Josh in the skill area.
14- I got a new Guitar and Amp for x-mas. i got a Samick Greg Bennet Signature series guitar and a Drive G120 Amp.
14- Band Finally finds a drummer. But he cant do cover songs right.
14- Shortly after i find i have mastered every SOAD song ever recorded.
14- Sits at computer and types this up.
OMG you admitted to liking korn and soad, you better delete that before some of the metal heads come in riding there new ego fueled cars to bitch you out .

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Kirbyrocknroll, that was the most amazing story I have ever read. It was kind of like a chick flic, i'm gonna cry now.

Alright, well when I was 10 i asked my dad to teach me some guitar (cuz you know, he played) and he taught me a few chords and after about 3 months I knew basic chords (all the letters and their minors, plus some more) and I played around with them for about two years. That's right, two years. I just never really put in the effort to learn more and my dad wasn't really all that good and he didn't know that much himself. But then, when I was about 12 or so, I started searching the internet for tabs and lessons and I started getting into theory, and since then, I've lifted off and never slowed. I'm 14 now, and have been playing for almost 5 years (although I can say almost 3 years because of my very slow start). Even though I'm not in a band, I have some friends who play and we usually fool around at parties (acoustic).

My guitar history is that my dad had a Fender Strat, but it isn't very good. So I played that until last February when I bought a Fender Telecaster Aerodyne Series. That's the only guitar I have bought with my own money. My dad also has a Taylor 414-CE (acoustic) and I love it. Right now I'm saving for a Baby Taylor so I can take it to parties because I don't wanna take the 414 to places where it's exposed to possible danger. Other guitars include a Takamine that my brother took to college (bastard), an Aranjuez that I actually bought in Guatemala (Central America for you idiots). It's a thin-style cutaway. I also have a crappy (very) nylon string guitar that I think is a Palmer.

My stuff
Fender Telecaster Aerodyne Series
Gibson 1980 Les Paul Standard
Fender Standard Strat
Taylor 414-ce
Takamine Acoustic
1938 Gibson Lap Steel (priceless)
Fender Blues Junior
USA Big Muff Pi
Danelectro Fab Overdrive

My band
I've only played for about 2 and a half years so the last year should be a bit shorter

Year 1
I picked the guitar up in december 2003, it was my brother's old acoustic guitar and for christmas i got a book to start learning by myself. I started doing simple chords and i think i learnt the eastenders theme tune heh. Anyway i mainly wanted to pick up a guitar because my friend had been playing, notice i was 14 at the time and i'm not as easily manipulated as i was then. I played for a bit got through a couple of teach yourself guitar books and finally i wanted an electic, i got it from ebay where me and my dad went halfsies on it.

Year two, i forget where abouts my second year started but it was probably around this time
I remember that around christmas 04 i had joined UG and had been using it for tabs and such before then. At this time i was playing the whole of the darkness' i believe in a thing called love and thinking i was the best thing to have walked the planet. Even though i didn't really know what i was doing. I had also joined my first band which broke up after a couple of practices. It was also this year i started getting in to metal, mainly metallica at first but thanks to this website my metal knowledge spread.

Many months later around septemberish i started the band i am in know. We play heavy metal mainly but like to experiment. It was also the time i took up guitar lessons where all my techniques were corrected and enhanced. With him i was able to learn about blues and started liking it. I learnt my blues and pentatonic scale fast and started improvising with them

Year three
Over christmas and all the way to may, i eased down my playing to just a couple of hours a day because i had my AS exams and had to revise for them. However during that period my guitar teacher sent me to another one who would make me a lot better, lo and behold i am a lot better than i was a couple of months ago. Now i have just started learning the different modes of a scale and using them to improvise
I have trouble remembering things before high school, so bare with me:


The earliest footage of me playing an insturment is at 1-2 years old. My parents bought me a lot of "toy" instruments when I was young. Also when I was young, I had teenage neighbours who were big into hair metal (This was late 80s-early 90s) and they had a guitar I would mess with. At 8-10 I feel in love with Aerosmith and begged my parents to buy me a guitar. My mom got one at a yardsale for 2 dollars but I never played it.

Middle school (Age 12-14):

I then joined the percussion section at my middle school and learned how to play snare drum. I then knew I wanted to have music as a career, although I thought a band director was the only music job out there. BTW, I realized just a few years ago that my middle school band director was the biggest dick in the world. I seriously would him out if I saw him now. Didn't motivate students at all or would show no interest if I request to learn harder material. I consider this the biggest waste of my music career.

High School (Ages 15-18) :

Go on to high school band, get over my shyness. I emerge in the school band and quickly become one of the school's best musicians. It was also at this time where I started to learn guitar and formed my first band. At 17, it was obvious that I was going to go somewhere and would impress people. Unfortunately I never really left my town and was too much absorbed in my own thing. I was excepted at Berklee College of Music but pushed back my year of entry. In my 18th year, I just spent that time practicing like crazy. Although I later learned I was practicing the wrong things.

Berklee (Ages 19-21):

This was the time of my life. I meet so many great people there and learned there is much more to music than what I thought. I really worked on my songwriting craft, practiced drum set like crazy, became a studio session player for film scores, was one of the only percussionist there who played classical. So much more, but I'll keep it simple:

Now (Ages 21- 22 "Present"):

A month after coming back from Berklee, I started playing my first paying gigs with an acoustic guitarist/singer. We had an awesome gig at a pool bar in Ocean City, MD. 50 Feet from the beach. The pay and hours weren't bad either. I also started managing a band my friends were in although they broke up after I left (I left because of conflicting views with the bassist..last I heard he was moving furniture and working the counter at a video store for a living!)

After they broke up, another band formed out of that one where I started playing keyboard/laptop in. We had a pretty succesfful run. In the spirng I started working on my children's album which will be professionally recorded in the fall. Also in May I joined another band playing drums which gigs 3-4 times a month and pays "semi-decent" We are looking to play bigger venues soon.

Future (Ages 23-Whenever)

I'm hoping to go back to Berklee next Fall, because things are happening there. If not , I'm going to apply to work as a staff writer for some children's music companies. If that doesn't work, I need to move to play percussion in bigger cities and see what happens from there.
I was once heavily prominent on these forums from 2004-2007, let's see how long I can stay now that I'm back.
In secondary school I was a bit of a misfit in my year group, but I had some friends in the 2nd year group up from me. In my first year (2001) my friend Kay showed me a few tracks from InMe's album, Overgrown Eden (hadn't come out yet. I think she was friends with someone who knows the band or something) and I was pretty much hooked. I'd never really cared much about music before, because I thought it was all just that R&B **** that's on the radio. This stuff was different- everything I hated the music I'd heard for lacking was all embodied in these songs- emotion, feeling, and ACTUAL instruments. For the following 2 years I decided to find more rock music, which lead me to Good Charlotte, Marilyn Manson, Muse and other bands in 2003 which inspired me to pick up a guitar. I still remember it being the last day of school when I met a guy who shared the same passion for music that I did, and I picked up the school's knackered old Hondo Les Paul copy, held it up the wrong way and decided 'hey, this is pretty cool!'. That September I convinced my mum to buy me a Squier stratocaster and a Fender Frontman amp that I saw in an Argos catalogue. I picked up the basics pretty quickly and began jamming with friends.

A few weeks later, me and Steve, the guy I met on the last day of school, decided to start a band called Devildawn. We were, in a word, fairly ****E to say the least, but isn't everyone's first band? After a few jamming sessions, we decided that we needed a drummer, which brought me to meet Kieran, who would become my jamming partner to this very day! I met him during our school's lunch hour, when I went to Practice Room 3 which I had booked several days before so I could have some practice alone. To my horror, there was this year 7 kid on the drums, so I tried to tell him to go away, seeing as I'd booked the room. However, after a failed attempt to tell him to feck off, we had a jamming session that went SUPRISINGLY well! Turned out he'd been drumming for 5 years and was pretty damn awesome, so me and Steve got him to join Devildawn.

After mowing through several singers, we eventually found our voice in Charlotte, who joined in '04. It wasn't after too long that she and Steve started to fall out with each other, so Steve was dropped and we brought in Han, a friend of Charlotte's brother, to fill Steve's spot on bass. After changing the band name to Midnight Conspiracy and writing a load of entirely new material, we became a pretty solid band. Things only started going wrong when Charlotte didn't turn up to the studio on the day we were due to record our debut EP, 'Self'. We decided to record without her, with me on vocals. In hindsight, this wasn't such a great idea. She fell out with all of us and left the band, leaving me on guitar and vocals, Han on bass, Kieran on drums, and Charlie, Charlotte's brother, on studio backing vocals. With me not being such a great guitarist at the time, we appointed the talents of a guy called Simon on lead guitar. To be honest, we were off to a pretty good start with this new lineup, but things somehow deteriorated.

Now bandless, me and Kieran kept on jamming and coming up with new music. It wasn't until April 2005 that I saw an advert in Kerrang! from a girl named CJ who lived in the town nearest to my village who was looking for a band. I called her up, we met up, and we decided to start a band. We started out with me on guitar, CJ on drums, a girl called Kash on vocals and a guy named Ed on bass. Sadly, it didn't last long. Creative differences got in the way, so Kash and Ed left, leaving me and CJ. After a little hiatus, and whilst still jamming with Kieran, I decided to gather my mind and have a think about where this could possibly lead.

I kept in close contact with both Kieran and CJ throughout the summer, but it wasn't until I was on holiday that I started working on some lyrics and thinking really hard about my musical future. I was a pretty good guitarist now, and I had a lot of ideas in my mind that I wanted to put to music... which lead me to call CJ and Kieran up one night from the holiday park's payphone and ask if they felt like having a jam as soon as I got back from holiday (I was in Devon- awesome place). We decided that CJ would be fulfilling her dream of being the band's guitarist and lead vocalist, Kieran would be the drummer and I would be on bass, seeing as bassists are hard to come by around our area! That very night I woke up in the middle of the night, picked up a pen and a notebook, and wrote down 4 entire songs, one of which became our first song.

So soon enough we were jamming at CJ's place under the name Newborn Theory. Within the first 15 minutes we'd written our first song, Apathy, using lyrics I'd wrote that night on holiday. After a few rehearsals we were sounding as tight as a gnat's arse, and we were, for the first time in a long while, genuinely happy with where our music careers were going! We played a small show/party in CJ's house (Kieran still has the tape!), and soon after we decided that we should get gigging in our local area. Our one obstacle, however, was Kieran's age. Many local venues had a 16 and up policy, and Kieran was only 13. In perhaps the WORST decision I've ever made as a musician so far, me and CJ decided to sack Kieran in favour of someone older. We brought in Tez, a drummer who CJ knew from college. To celebrate my 16th birthday, Newborn Theory played their first gig at The Palomino in Newmarket with local bands General Lee and Pimento. After a pretty shabby set, General Lee's fronman Matt decided to help us out, becomming our manager and lead guitarist. After getting us tighter, better and overall stronger as a band, we took to the stage at Cambridge's Portland Arms, the city's most noteable venue for unsigned bands. Things fell apart soon after though, with Tez's drug problems getting in the way and forcing the band into a very unhappy situation where we felt totally out of control. The final straw came when I developed a repetitive strain injury in my shoulder from the weight of my bass (I have quite a skinny frame), forcing me to give up bass and go back to playing guitar, which is much lighter. Under the impression that I was being a 'drama queen', Matt fell out with me. It was after this that I reconsiled with Kieran and we set to work on some new material.

Several months passed, and things were starting to get off the ground. In April, a friend of ours, Robi, got curious about what me and Kieran were doing so we asked her if she'd like to sing for us. We booked a rehearsal at The Lockup Rehearsal Studios later that week, and we got a song done. After a few rehearsals, things started to take shape and we adopted the name 'The Damage Case'. After a little while, we found our bassist, Abi, and the lineup was complete. We recorded a demo of 3 songs, which we gave out at the local fair the following day. It didn't take us long to realise from listening to the recordings that Robi's singing was totally out of time with everyone else, and she only wanted to see the band's music from her point of view, so she was sacked. Immediately, I took up vocal duties and we began writing and rehearsing some new material, as well as a few Newborn Theory songs. We recorded a 3-song demo, the 'Black Rose EP', after just a few practices. On July 13th 2006 we played our first gig as The Damage Case at Cellar Bar 8 in Cambridge, which went amazingly well. 2 days later, we played at a benefit gig at The Cherry Tree in Soham, which brought to light how strong we are as a live band.

That Sunday, conversation was beginning between myself, Kieran and Abi about focussing on pinning a certain 'sound' that we could be recognised by... which brought me back that first InMe record that I heard those years back. The next day, I went to town and bought the album that started it all for me and promptly showed a few songs (Underdose, Firefly, Crushed Like Fruit, Neptune) to my bandmates, as well as a few songs by Muse (Assassin, Stockholm Syndrome) and Deftones (My Own Summer, Be Quiet And Drive, Engine #9). With Abi loving the groovy drop D riffs and Kieran loving the metally sound, we had decided on the new direction that we would take as a band.

Our next plan? In the coming month we're going to be writing and recording some new songs in our new, heavier style- we've finally found a sound that we're ALL happy with, and the future can only get better for us!

Man, that was LONG.
This is pretty self-indulgent, but it's fun so here we go:

Everyone in my house sings, firstly. It's like a ****ing musical!!! If you say something like, "it happened once.... no twice", then someone is guaranteed to pop there head out, and in perfect tune go "three times a lady", and continue to finish the whole bloody song.

My first real musical experience, gay as it is, was in my primary, when they brought in these bells that you get to hold two of, and ring them. Anyway, it tought me how to read sheet music so whatever i guess.......

My parents worked, so after school i had to go back to this childminders house. One time (i was about 8 years old), they were clearing out tonnes of crap from their attic, and out came this old keyboard, anyone who plays keyboard probably knows about Yamahas, and this thing was ancient, the spec was PSR-2. Anyway, i asked if it still worked, they didn't know, but i plugged it in, and started noodling about on it. They didn't need it, so i asked if i could have it, obviously they said yes, get in! So, this piece of crap keyboard was my pride and joy for the next 18 months. I got one of those 'teach yourself' keyboard books, and i did exactly that, until i finished the book and didn't know what to do.

I got a teacher, and he helped me out a LOT. bitched up my played big style, and was playing higher music, by my first year in high school (so that's 5 years ahead of schedule). I got a new keyboard along the way too.

All the meanwhile i had been listening to music like Linkin Park, and Nickleback, you know, bands that were cool when you were 9 and 10. But then (oh dear god, what was i thinking), rap music took off in my schoo, and me being 'cool' just had to embrace it didn't I. Bloody hell. My musical interest waned because of this ****, and keyboard took a back seat to rap and sports. Something needed to happen. It did.

One of my best friends at the time was doing the same thing, but he had an older brother, praise the lord, who intervened and showed him the way to go. So my friend reminded me of what i used to listen to, along with introducing me to Maiden!! So, about 4 months down the line, i bought a little acoustic guitar, and was playing away for hours on end, learning from yet another "teach yourself guitar" book. We formed a band too, and i bought a bass, learning to play it thanks to our band's guitarist who was rather good.

Soon, (about 13 now), i got bored of playing 'twinkle twinkle little star' though, and at chirstmas 2004, i was at a party where a guy had an ibanez S. He tought me some Greenday songs, and how to play powerchords, and then i was hooked. It was all guitar from then, i got bored of bass, and was always playing my little acoustic instead.

But then, my band's guitarist had to move to Canada, so, i sold my bass, bought an Ibanez RG instead, and started rockin' out on electric guitar. We fired our singer soon, cause he was being an arse, and eventually, i was singing for the band. I was **** at the time, but i would say I'm pretty good now. Soon, i was writing songs, at which point my keyboard interest was sparked again.

I was playing a lot of keyboard and guitar. I'm now coming up to a Grade 8 keyboard exam, and my guitar and band are getting along fine. I got a new RG, and the band started gigging. We're **** hot, haha. This is our band now. I don't think it will, or can change. I'm 14 now. and here it goes on...........
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Ive been into the music scene for pretty much all my life... well i dont remember the time i was built but i remember being plugged in. It really started when i played a Flock of Seagulls record. It was a great career untill 2 months ago, I was sold to a Hungry Jacks store and now im a ****ing ornamental piece...
started when i was 11.

my sis was the one who taught me how to play the guitar. i remembered i started at the 9th of august 1999. On a classical guitar my mom had for years. So i started strumming chords n stuff. 1-2 years passed and i was still strumming chords. It was at this time when i developed most of my rhythm chops.

I first learned electric guitar at 13 and it was real bad cos i didnt have an electric guitar at that time. and played all stuff with an acoustic. memories lol. First song learnt was original prankster by the offspring and californication. Tough times, having to play stuff on an acoustic, and soon i got a starter pack. and i starting jamming along with stuff in my room all day.

when i was 15 i started to get into trash metal, and learnt a whole bunch of metallica stuff. musically, it was somewhat like a breakthrough cos i got outta that pop stuff. got into other stuff like pantera n all, but still within the trash metal genre.

there also came a time where i just improvised like hell. alone, with a backing track or whatever. this was the time when i started to sharpen my technique, and develop a musical ear, as well as familiarity with the fretboard. I started learning how to shred, and working on my picking. learnt summer song by satch at this time, the first shred song i've ever learnt. I've also slowly gotten into prog stuff, DT, opeth and stuff.

16. Musically at this time, i've gotten into pop again, this time chinese pop. it was a huge turn in musical direction, but somehow it taught me a thing or two about music and has somewhat loosened me up abit and make me less of a musical snob. Guitar playing-wise it has evolved in a separate direction. Started learning a bunch of theory n stuff. but still somewhat not as active as before.

when i was 17, i started drifting into japanese rock (jrock) and i joined a jrock band. I've decided to join a band only after 6 years of playing was because, i seriously did not feel part of any of the genres of music i was into. And i joined cos i felt that jrock was neither too difficult nor easy, felt that i could manage it. Liked it also cos it somewhat had all elements of music i listened to, heaviness, accessibility and decent musicianship.

so now im 18, 7 years of playing. getting into jazz and fusion. in fact, i've started getting into jazz since 16. And yea, life goes on.
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My musical career started at the age of two, when my parents exploded and I left to be raised by a tribe of plastic spoons. The tribe elder, King Hoop, played the mandolin on special occasions, and every time I saw him pluck out gentle spoony melodies with such tender love and devotion, I knew one thing for fact - I NEVER wanted to play the goddamn mandolin

By now I was three, and ready to leave the spoons to seek my fortune. So I packed myself a bag of herring pancakes, and left Cutlery Village for ever, accompanied by the sounds of crying spoon maidens. Along the way I passed Joe Satriani heading to a guitar lesson with Billie Joe Armstrong, and observing how shiny his guitars were, persuaded him to trade one of them for my left foot, which he had taken a fancy to. The guitar in question was a triple-necked Ibanez left-hander, but I loved it, and I swear it loved me too.


I continued to practice on my unusual axe, and by my four-and-a-halfth birthday could play Greensleeves without using my fingers.


My musical advancement progressed very little during these years, as I was asleep.

On the plus side, my foot grew back.

I woke up, and was instantly challenged to a duel by an Ogre named Harold. He beat me by playing Come As You Are (at this time I could only play simple songs such as Vengeance and Bad Horsie), and I had to surrender my beautiful guitar.

Worked in a downtown coffee shop as a hoover engineer, and by the end of the year had saved enough money to buy myself a 200-watt Marshall amp and a Les Paul. Unfortunately, however, I couldn't afford a cable.


Using a rattlesnake as a cable, I practiced on my nice pretty guitar, and learned the Minor Petatonic scale and the Can-can. I succesfully auditioned for a part in Metallica, but let Hammett keep the role as I felt sorry for him.


Nothing happened.


Learned how to play the song of the common chaffinch, which made me so ridiculously happy that I forgot to brush my teeth for a month. I also learned to play drums, sax and theremin.

Forgot how to play drums, sax and theremin, as they're boring. Ate mince for breakfast every Thursday.

Traded my Les Paul for a cheap Strat copy, moved in with a normal family, forgot many of the harder parts of my repertoire, and now I stand before you as the man I am today.
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ahh yes SRV. i got the intro on texas flood (easy) and then he's like twangledoodleblopdebloo dun dun dun dun DA dun DA and im like *dead*.

The Unholy plays a Jackson Warrior X through a Metal Muff

Long read

Musical Beginnings
Ok this is how its how my musical life started. I was in 3rd grade, and I was in the recorders class..where we all, played recorders (the instrument). The teacher told us 4th grade was the year they started recruiting for the school band, and I was interested. I told my parents and they highly recommended I joined the band. I remember sitting down with the paper which asked which instrument I wanted to play, and I couldn't decide. My dad recommended drums, which I was not to sure about at first. So he put me on the phone with his friend from his job, who played the drums he's like 'Yea man u should totally play the drums, it teaches u rhythm of music and stuff like that'. So it was settled. I signed up, went into 4th grade and joined the band as a drummer.

Musical Life starting to take shape
When I went to junior high I met a drumming specialist (and as I later found out, he was also a talented, very experienced multi-instrumentalist) that the school had hired who had been a traveling performer in Venezuela, and composed many pieces. The next year, in 8th grade, I joined the percussion ensemble. We did a few gigs at other schools and had a lot of fun. I stayed in that until I graduated from junior high. Around the beginning of 8th grade, I found out he did private lessons. I signed up. It was pretty expensive, about 30 dollars for a 35 minute lesson, but he came to my house rather than vice-versa. In 9th grade, I somehow got interested in playing guitar and convinced my parents to buy me an Ibanez Gio (which I still have today) and a Crate GX-15 amplifier. I practiced for a little while, but got bored since I didn't know how to play (you can only be entertained by strumming the strings without fretting for so long!!). Then my private teacher noticed the guitar sitting on the stand, and offered to teach me guitar as well. Now we were talking an hour lesson, 50 bucks a pop. I learned drums and guitar simultaneously for about 4-6 months. I learned songs from the beatles, and other classic rock, my teacher often encouraged me to buy an acoustic to start with, but my parents weren't thrilled with the idea of spending more money to buy another guitar, so it didn't happen.

A hiatus..and a new inspiration
Then came the high school years. Things were getting pretty hectic, with schoolwork and social life of highschool, and the price of lessons was getting steep. So we had to cancel lessons with my teacher. I never saw him again. I hadn't touched the guitar since the end of 9th grade either. I played in the school band in 10th grade, met one of my best friends there. But unfortunatly he was a senior and graduated at the end of the year. I came back in 11th in the band, but nothing felt the same. Most of my friends were gone, dropped out of the band, or just never showed up. I went to my guidance counselor and told him I wanted to drop band. My parents were very disapointed, and I was feeling bad about myself, and when my mom asked me why, I just kept saying "I know I just don't have a future with music, so there's no point.". My band conductor/teacher was very dissapointed as well, he even called my mom at her job to ask what was up. My music life sat still for a year...both guitar and drums faded out of my life for the time being...then as 11th grade drew to a close, I began to notice the guitar more. One day around the last weeks of school, I was watching some live videos of Nine inch Nails really tearing up the stage. I was like wow look at that guy playing guitar...I want to do that someday! I picked up the guitar and started ripping on it. I brought my guitar and amp up into my bedroom, near my computer. I began looking up online lessons, some guitar tabs for my favorite songs, and tried to play them.

It's been 3 months since that point, I'm still practicing many hours a day, trying to improve my guitar skills. Looking for bands, new equipment, working a job to try to afford a new guitar and amp. I've even been looking into learning the piano/keyboard. So far I'm cruising along, trying to get my music life back on track, trying to get back to doing something I love. I'm going into 12th grade in a few months, and then off to a college (community college, then transfer to a university to take the other 2 years). Lately, I've been becoming more and more interested with a future in music...such as playing in a band (like a serious one, but my mom doesn't seem to be too entralled with the idea, haven't asked my dad what he thinks yet)...hopefully I do end up with a career in music, so that I can tell this story to an audience of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions one day.

As for the drum set, it's still downstairs collecting dust, maybe I'll go down there and play for a bit just like old times
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hey Redwing,,,, it was my sketch wasnt it?? that got it stickied... it was, wasnt it... i knew it.. ill just take your silence as a yes.
I think I started when I was around 7 or so. I got a little beginners acoustic guitar for chrstmas and started learning some of the basic chords. When my uncle cam home for a visit he played for my family(he had 17 years expierence at the time) and he was playing all this Led Zeppelin and Randy Rhoads stuff and that really turned me onto rock style picking and stuff. The first song I ever learned besides chords was Everybody Hurts - REM, that was when I was about a half year into playing.. took a hell of a lot of practice too. Later that year my uncle told me something about tab so I went and found some on the net. started learning a lot of the basic rock songs like smoke on the water, and stuff like that. I think it was my third year into playing when I sold every video game and counsel just to get my own electric guitar. It was a real ****** samick electric, it was falling to pieces but i play that thing for hours a day. In the next few years I started learning so more harder stuff than the beginner stuff. Durring those years I started Jr. High School and went in the band program playing french horn, played first horn all through those years. The last year in Jr. High I started picking up other instruments, and I ended up playing horn, trumpet, tennor sax, bari sax, bass, guitar, and piano throughout my 3 years in Jr. High in my schools jazz band. Also throughout those years I got my first amp, and i'm still stuck with it. It's a Behringer practice amp 16watts. My mother also played guitar, and she stopped durring those years and I eventually got her beautiful takamine acoustic. In my last year of Jr. High I worked my ass off doing 14 hour shifts for a bit and I got myself my current axe, a OLP MM1 Axis model. I might also add that I got the award from my Jr. High School for concert and Jazz band. That takes me to where I am now. Im Starting High School this fall(high school starts at grade 10 here) and already got promised a spot in the senior jazz band at that school, and the senior jazz band in our town. I also had a Brass Quintet group going throughout my Jr. High years, we're going to different schools next year but trying to keep together. I'm fully self taught other than a few tips from my uncle over the years. I've gone from Everybody Hurts - REM to As I Am - Dream Theater in 7 short years, and now currently starting up a band. Well I think thats it. Thanks for reading a kids story
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So I was at the store the other day... and your all gay.

When I was about 5 I started to mess around on my grandmother's piano. Since this took place at my grandmother's house I was learning church hymns and Christmas songs (I could play a mean "Jingle Bell Rock!").

Around 7 I would mess around on my Grandfather's harmonicas, but never really got past "When the Saints Go Marching In."

At 11 I was over at an older friends house where there was an acoustic. My friend didn't play very much, but he showed me a couple of basic chords. Then I found the wonders of ultimate-guitar about a week later. I had to teach myself how to read tabs, which sucked until I found an explanation.


You guessed it... "Stairway to Heaven"

After I could read tabs I would learn new styles of playing and techniques from the various songs I would learn. I would practice constantly, because I could finally play the type of music that I wanted to play (i.e. Classic Rock).

I got my very own acoustic guitar for my next birthday from my grandparents (not the aforementioned set). Then my momma got me a cheap Kramer electric (which has since been sold), and my cheap pawn shop blown out Crate 15W practice amp. Then I got my SG. Then I saved up for freakin' ever giving guitar lessons, and got my VOX amp.

At about 15 I discovered blues, which I have really been getting into and still am exploring. Blues has really shaped my over all style and approach to writing and playing music. I started to improv too.

I am now 16 and have since picked piano and harmonica back up to delve into the Blues.
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I was really ignorant and dident know about bass till I heard some system of a down songs. I would listen and think "whats that really cool sounding deep guitar thing" and I later found out that it was a bass guitar. That night I listend to lots of songs and heard the bass...and felt really stupid... I then had a major obsestion with bass for about 3 years. I allways got asked if I played anything and I allways said I wanted to play bass. My cosuan (whom is quite a mad guitarest) told me about guitar pro and I was looking at basslines and seeing which ones would be easy and hard (even tho i had no concept at all about how hard they were)

I got a job in 05 and had quite a bit of spare cash so I decided to get a bass guitar. So I got my mum to drive me to the local 2nd hand shop (as I dident have that much money...I dident work that hard) and I got a 2nd hand Samick bass and a 40watt amp (aswell as some headphones). I got home loaded up guitar pro and relised that playing wasent as easy as I thorght.

After a while I learn some songs (Cradle of filth - Nymphetamine was the first one I learnt) and after a while longer I learnt them well. When the new school year started my drama teacher was talking about the music program they had (Brass and woodwind mainly) and I asked if I could do Bass the teacher accepted but I had to join in with the flute class as it was the only class that was not full. So I went to a few lessions and learn some music theroy and some Jazz and Blues.

about 6 monthes since I got my Bass I have a 300 watt Behringer bass amp, im in a band, im in the school band and my girlfriend is one of the girls in the flute lession.

The moral of this story is music brings people together.

It was back in 1993 when I decided to learn guitar. I bought an electric AriaProII JS (red) -a very cheap instrument but good enough for a begginer. I had no patience to take some music lessons -with all these "blah - blah" theories- so I asked a friend of mine who knew to show me some chords. So I started playing some "easy" punk stuff for about 8 hours a day - and with no amp! A few months later I bought my first amp -a Squier 15W- and an Arion Distortion pedal.
Then I joined a punk band - but there was really "no future" on it!
In 1997 I bought my second guitar: an Epiphone Firebird (red, again!), which has a pretty nice clear sound and a very "buzzy" distorted one -and which now is my back-up- and some more pedals.
In 1998 I bacame a member of a Greek-Rock band for about 6 months and then I formed a dark wave/ gothic band ("Dreams For Ashes"). We were two guitarists and one bass player and we used a drum machine, because we love The Sisters Of Mercy. Everybody loves The Sisters. In the mean time I bought a great 12-string acoustic Fender. 2 years and few gigs later, the "Dreams" self-destructed.
After all, I still play guitar and write songs for myself and my girlfriend and I'm looking for guys who want to form a band with me and -why not?- become Rock Stars, because I think never is too late. Now, my gear includes an Epiphone LP Goth (black - not red!!!), a Marshall MG30DFX, a DigiTech RP300A and... many passion for music!
Sometimes I think I'll never accomplish to become a really great guitarist, but I love what I can express with my guitar. For what's worth.
Something interesting should be written here....
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I've always been one of those musical people... had the talent, in the genes, and so on... I just never had the "want" to take it seriously until recently.

In the early years my mum taught me the basics of music theory. We played on this old grand piano that literally dwarfed me and the sound that came out of it was intense. I think learning music from an early age was really vital, I definitely thank mum's simple lessons for my sense of timing and musical ear. Admittedly, year 4 recorder lessons went horribly, and I remember watching the person beside me and copying what she was doing with her fingers, or pretending to blow into the instrument instead of actually playing. Didn't like the squeal of the recorder at all.

Primary School
In year 6 our school made us all sit a test and those who did well were trialled for the music program. They ran two streams- brass and strings. I was accepted into both, and fate or not, I was actually sick for the guitar trial and ended up in the brass stream. I had a wonderful teacher, and I learned the trombone alongside two other students and did really well. Unfortunately my teacher was involved in a car accident and could no longer teach, the last time I saw him was when he came along for support when we played at our graduation ceremony.

High School
High school started, and once again we had to sit tests to be accepted into the music program. I went through easily, continued the trombone and played in the school's swing and jazz bands for a couple of years. We had separate theory classes several times a week, plus our regular music lessons and then band practise as well. I was hugely discouraged by the teachers though (maybe because I compared them to my last? Who knows...) and I soon dropped out. That's why sometimes I think missing out on the guitar stream was fate, it takes just one bad teacher to sour you off an instrument completely.

Year 1 (around 17)
As much as all that pre-guitar stuff helped, to me it was just routine, part of life. I never really had a passion for what I was playing. So music pretty much dropped out of my life until I was around 17. I can't actually remember what attracted me to the guitar so much... I'm generally a shy person so I think I liked to have an instrument that I could play without everyone else listening in (my neighbours used to comment on the trombone playing all the time) but then when I felt the urge I could turn it up loud and it would feel good. My friend let me borrow his squire and I would go over to his place and he would teach me the basics, simple chilli riffs and so on. He gave me good advice on things and he helped me buy my first guitar, an Ibanez GAX70 and a small Peavey 158 practise amp. I think for the first year I just dawdled around with no real direction... chords were non existent and I'd just play along to cds by ear or tab... but hey, it was fun.

Year 2
I turn 18 and discover the ecstasy of live music (in Australia 18 is the legal drinking age and age you can get into pubs, clubs etc). All of a sudden music stopped being just something that was playing on the radio, and turned into something completely different. I developed a strong taste for alternative/indie bands, and would spend every spare minute to/from uni ("college" for non aussies), in between classes, heck even during classes listening to everything from EPs of local bands, to well known Australian bands, up to Queen, Bowie, Hendrix and so on. We'd be out watching bands every weekend, everything from bigger names like the White Stripes, Franz etc down to $5 never heard of these guys before stuff. Each time we'd go out I would see how much fun they were having on stage and a huge thing I think for me was that I could easily approach band members and talk to them about stuff... which showed me how down to earth these people were and made me think "yep, I can do this too." Playing continued as normal, but I started to lose my noobness. Broke my first string (yep, after a year and a bit... no one told me strings had to be replaced!) and restrung my guitar for the first time which was a milestone at the time.

Year 3 (19)
I started to get serious. Had lessons for a while but was not satisfied with them so dropped them and decided to teach myself. Learn a tonne of chords, scales, practise lessons on UG, go to the library and get out books and follow those, critically watch how other bands play and study specific successful songs, formed a band, reduced my uni load so I could focus more on playing guitar and getting the band going while we are the right age to be breaking into the swing of things. Knocked back a couple of offers to open for local bands because we felt we were not ready yet. Heaps of practise, daily theory practise, lead and rhythm practise and then band rehearsal. I'm a long way off being a good player, really this is my first year of taking things seriously, but the dedication's here now and the passion's here now too.

Sorry it's so long!
My musical "career" started when one of my friends came over and was braggin about having acquired a guitar. He suggested that I get a bass so we could start a band together. I thought about it for a while, thinking that playing an instrument would be cool, but delaying my decision because I didn't want to be stuck with it if I ended up not liking it.

After long deliberation, I decided to go for it. I got a Washburn XB100 starter pack for my birthday that year. The pack came with a free month of lessons, so that was a plus. I started my lessons the same week I got the bass. At first, I didn't practice that much, because I noticed that most of the stuff I was learning was pretty easy.

Around this time, I noticed that a lot of my friends were either interested in playing guitar or drums or another rock-related instruments, or already played. I encouraged the non-musicians to pick up an instrument, telling them how fun it was. Sadly, few of them did.

Eventually, my teacher left the store in which I took my lessons. He offered to teach me at his house, but my parents opted to stay at the store and sign up with a new teacher. My second teacher really helped my technique, and I started practicing more and more after I starter learning from him. Thanks to him, I also started to develop my ear.

My musical tastes also started to mature at this point. When I was 11-12, I just listened to what was on the radio. This included Korn, Limp Bizkit, and Linkin Park. When I picked up my bass, I started getting more into straight modern rock, like Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Shinedown, Audioslave, and REM. After finding UG, I started getting into metal and metalcore, and heard more about bassists like Cliff Burton, John Myung, and the like.

My second teacher also had to leave the store due to family issues, and I had to find a new teacher yet again. My third (and current) teacher made me feel like a beginner again after the first few lessons; I learned things from him in the first few weeks that I probably should have already learned. His teaching has boosted my theory knowledge, and now I can understand most of the stuff I find on my own. He's also shown me some of the better bassists out there, most of whom I knew of but never really had the chance to check out.

I've been playing for two years now. I convinced one of my friends to pick up the guitar, and my brother has picked up the drums. We're currently looking to start a band, but aren't at that level yet.

My friend who first suggested I play bass? He still plays, but we're not interested in starting a band together.
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I've only been playing guitar for about...8 monthes, but I'm pretty good for that stage.

*Month 1*
For my 11th birthday, I went down to Guitar Center and picked up a Epiphone Pr 150 VS Acoustic, with a lot of encouargement from my dad. It proceeds to collect dust for several monthes.

*Month 5*
I picked up my guitar one day, and went to a website called and checked out the tab for KoRn's Got The Life. Realizing I couldn't read tabs, I sught out help from my friend.

*Month 6*
After learning the intro to Smoke On The Water, Enter Sandman, and One, I decided since intro's weren't getting me anywhere, I would learn full songs. Instead, I took a one month break.

*Month 7*
I get serious. I *attempt* to learn scales, theory, chords, and some easy songs, courtesy of FatKidsOnMopeds.

*Month 8*
I have improved so much from when I started. I plan on getting an electric guitar in Novemeber for my 12th birthday. I am still trying to learn as much as I can, and trying to point new*er* guitar players in the right direction.

Haven't been playing for long, but I think I'm doing OK.
...When you decide to wake up..
I started at the age of 15 i think. I had always wanted to play drums and i was going to get a kit as we were considering moving house. My parents then split up so i was stuck with my tiny box room. Seens as i wanted to make music i opted for Guitar. Started off with a squire strat and small amp just playing bits of songs. Then ive progressed from there, now im a pretty good lead guitarist and im persuing my dream. Im now 17 hopefully i will take guitar to a higher level...
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*Month 5*
I picked up my guitar one day, and went to a website called and checked out the tab for KoRn's Got The Life. Realizing I couldn't read tabs, I sught out help from my friend.

Classic! I can just picture you staring blankly at the screen.

I have deduced from the lack of reaction to my frankly idiotic previous post that NO-ONE ACTUALLY BOTHERS reading the biogs other people post anyone posting a five hundred word biog may as well be speaking to thin air.
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ahh yes SRV. i got the intro on texas flood (easy) and then he's like twangledoodleblopdebloo dun dun dun dun DA dun DA and im like *dead*.

The Unholy plays a Jackson Warrior X through a Metal Muff

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Classic! I can just picture you staring blankly at the screen.

I have deduced from the lack of reaction to my frankly idiotic previous post that NO-ONE ACTUALLY BOTHERS reading the biogs other people post anyone posting a five hundred word biog may as well be speaking to thin air.

or we just ignore the obivously gay ones...
No, I'm not buying that, I'm not saying that that's not true of you yourself, but of people on forums in general that just doesn't happen. I saw how many people were posting huge biogs, and wondered whether anyone actually bothered to read them, so put up a test - and yes, had some fun doing so. But if more than a minority WERE actually reading all the stuff in here rather than just adding in their own contributions, that post would of attracted either laughs, insults or both.
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ahh yes SRV. i got the intro on texas flood (easy) and then he's like twangledoodleblopdebloo dun dun dun dun DA dun DA and im like *dead*.

The Unholy plays a Jackson Warrior X through a Metal Muff

its kinda pathetic u wont take time out of ur day to just read some one else's past and how they grew up with guitar.

And thats my 2 cent
meow :3
^Please, stfu. He was defending this thread. Also, I like this idea and when I feel more up to it, I'll post my bio
I honestly cant remember a time in my life when there was no music in my life, its a part of me. I can remember airguitaring to the power rangers theme when i was 6, that was my first encounter of the guitar , at that time it was full of mystique, it was something so exotic yet so made me feel great!

Adolescent came and i changed to a gawky sad loner kid, I didnt have anything to look up to, that however ended on a fateful night. Flicking through the channels I came across mtv
and at that moment Pantera's cemetery gates was playing. Awwww id never forget that feeling of awe, power, brutality and overall awesomeness in the music. The screaming harmonics then climaxing to that solo!! my guts turned over and the world was never the same place again.....

I got a squier and a 15 watt amp, and i would spend hours everyday trying to figure out records I could get my hands on. Ive progressed and started playing in clubs. I got exposed to jazz a few years later and again that was another high point in my journey. BLahhh your probably sick of this now but to end

The guitar gave me a sense of fulfillment, it gave me a sense of dignity that i badly needed.
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^Please, stfu. He was defending this thread. Also, I like this idea and when I feel more up to it, I'll post my bio


You dont talk to me that way when you take what i say out of context.
meow :3
^You guys all gotta chillllllll.

I suppose it started when I was a wee one.My dad played guitar(Still does) and I'd always try to play it(By play I mean I'd just hit the strings),and looking at his collection of axes(From Fender to Rickenbacker) always made me wanna play.When I was 6,I got this crappy little drum set for Christmas.From then till I was about 10 I just let it collect dust 'till we gave it to my little cousins. In all that time(and still do) I'd go to my dad's gigs with his doowop band and watch him play.

When I was 7,I watched this girl my age play Fur Elise on the piano and thought 'I wanna do that!' My dad's horn player,who taught my brother trumpet,started giving me piano lessons.This is where I got alot of my theory,how to read music,ect.Now that I think about it,I never did try to learn Fur Elise,lol.

When I was in 4th grade the option to join the school band opened up.My mom called the band teacher to see if I could play piano.There wasn't a spot for that,so the teacher recommended I play trombone.To this day I still play with my bone.

In 6th grade I was truckin' along playing piano and trombone.Near the end of the year I decided "I want to learn guitar" what better than to have my own dad teach me?The first thing he taught me was a powerchord(I didn't know this,as he just called it a 5th).The next thing he tried to teach me was a barre chord,but I couldn't get it because of my pudgy fingers.Thus I was discouraged.My brother had an Ibanez bass that he never used,so they recommended that I learn bass,since I could just play single notes instead of full chords.My dad taught me alot of chord progressions used in Doo-Wop and the 12 bar blues.Then I found a site called the bass tab archive.I printed out some Green Day and Linkin Park tabs and tried to learn them,to no avail.My dad and brother decided these were too hard at my stage,and the first song I learned with tab was Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.A couple months passed and I was learning almost all of the American Idiot album(I thought I was hot shit).Fieldy,Mike Dirnt,and people like that were my idols.

7th grade started.I was in symphonic band on trombone.Auditions for the Jazz band came along,and I tried out on Trombone,as I knew I wasn't ready on bass.The bass player in the jazz band is one of the best bassists I've ever seen.We quickly made friends.Then,for Christmas,I got my own bass.A Fender Mike Dirnt P-Bass.It made me completely happy.I was still talking to my friend about bass and such.

Then he got me into Rush.

I was completely amazed by Geddy Lee.I'd never heard bass played like that before.I strived to learn to play like him.I had told my friend who had a band with no bassplayer that I was learning bass.He told me we'd haveta audition me sometime.Never did until last June,where I joined the band SOLITUDE(Gay I know).In October,I got my Geddy Lee Jazz Bass.Orgasm in bass form.7 months we got For about nothing done,then our singer/guitarist quit.We still remained good friends with him.We got a new guitar player/singer and changed our name to 'The Farewell Field'(Uber gay) we got alot of work done as a trio.Then,my singer rejoined and we've been working on some new stuff.However,there is some obvious tension between everyone in the band,so I feel like it's gonna be over soon,as does my singer.So,now,I've been working with him on getting a post-hardcore(Think Chiodos,Saosin,Fall Of Troy,ect) band going.

In 6 years of playing piano,4 years of playing trombone,and 2 years of playing bass,I feel as though I've gotten some good work done.I'm far from an 'Accomplished' player,but I've been progressing rather smoothly.

Out of my 2 years of bass playing my rig is still rather simple:
Fender Mike Dirnt P-Bass/Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
EHX Russian Big Muff
Fender Bassman 100.

I'm hoping to get an Ashdown halfstack for my birthday though

Thanks for reading my really long,really useless story!
Everyone has such good stories. And I especially like Citiz3n 3ras3d above me still playing wth his "bone". It could also mean penis. Hilarious. I'm not being sarcastic by the way, just silly.

Well, always though I was musical. I was always annoying my parents by tapping on the bench etc, for a while begged them for a drum kit to no avail. This is like 9-13 age we're talking roughly.
I remember when I was really young my Dad restrung one of his old acoustice the other way because I'm left hand. I never took to it then. Too scared and self-conscious abou tthe attention.
Ironically, I don't play left handed now. That's bwcause in music class in about year 8 our terrible teacher made us play all right-handed. What a skank. Anyway, I was ok, but I have really bad fingers, like fat little sausages, which made simple things hard.

17 years old
My freind had been learning guitar. Nothing too special. When he told his parents he wanted a guitar he was a bought a bass because his parents, though his mother is quite musical, were ignorant to a difference.
Anyway, he wrote this, well, terrible song, and invited me around and told me to what to play on bass.
This was pretty amazing time. It's a magic feeling the first time you make those random noises that actually form melody.
This was late 2002, just finished school for good, I was turning 18 in december, and my parents bought that bass as a present to me.

The uni years
At university, studying journalism.
Playing my bass, it was going ok. I played pretty well, least I though I did. I was getting better and better though, wrote some terrible songs myself. Would often sit on the balcony of my dorm alone in the cold, with my bass, unplugged, and play up there. Good times.

That christmas, got a better bass. Anbd got better and better. In our dorm was a guy called Jesus, he liked metal. But he had a guitar and I was utilising my bass-skills on his guitar playing minor scale licks that were actually pretty good. Knew I would have to learn guitar, enjoyed making more than on noise.
That's because I would often play bass on my own, no band, so I would approach it more guitrar like and be double plucking and using a string openly to drone, more like a bango or mandolin or guitar in open tuning. Anyway, that christmas, got a really cheap acoustic.

We're up to 2005. Third year uni. Play my bass and my acoustic constantly. Gradually building up skill on guitar. Thanks to bass theory, scales etc all that jazz, I often knew more about playing than most guitarists I knew.
It laso helped me form chords, even when I hadn't learned them yet.The reall aim of me learning guitar, was to play like Jeff Buckley, my personal hero I suppose. And I gradually got better and better. But was still lacking something.

Those post uni days i.e Employed and welcome to the present
Well, on my 21st, I didn't want presents. I just got cash. Then went and bought my first electric guitar, though I still play bass on occasion. A Squier 20th Anniversary Affinity strat. I've realised the 20th anniversary meant this squier wasn't quite as crap as most of the ones out there. It's actually really rad, and now I have cash I thing some new bits and pieces are in order.
But yes, my playing. It's pretty good. Not the the best. I couldn't do barre chords for ages because of my pudgy fingers, but I can now. Refused to play with a pick, that's because of my bass playing, but now do and can do that well.
My playing is pretty rad, I suppose. I can play some good stuff. I'm not exactly where I want to be. It's a continuing journey and I'm just partway down the road.
Oh, my friend who made me play bass, he still plays. We play together a lot in a psuedo band thing. He always laughs that a student should excel the teacher because I'm better than him. But he can sing my a$$ off so we're even.
Choose Sarah's Song. That's an example of my playing earlier in the year.
I started on 15th brithday. A friends dad, who plays drums, took me to a guitar shop where I bought my first guitar. A Stagg random strat shaped thing. I started playing Come as you are, Smoke on the water and house of the rising sun. In this time I was very Warcraft III addicted. So I didnt play my guitar much.
Then in winter 2004/05 I stoped playing WC3 cause our team was splitting. I got more into guitar stuff and started playin Metallica and Iron Maiden.
On my 16th birthday (september 05) I bought my little fender strat. Then I decided to take lessons and started serious practise.
My playin improved very quickly and I wanted to play in a band. I had a few friends around wich were interested in music and had a band. They band mostly old-school punk originals and stuff. I played with them a few times and they asked if I would like to be in their band. I said I need some time think about it (because the music wasnt really my thing). Then 2 weeks later I was goin to accept their offer (because they were really the only band in my age around). Then they said they have another guitarist now'. This was really sad for me =)
Now a half year later I'm still searchin a band. ^^
The music I listen to has really changed since I started playin. Now I listen (and play of course^^) to stuff like Guns n Roses, AC/DC, Stones, Randy Rhoads and so on.
This one is a long one.
I was 13. School just ended about a week earlier. I was at a friend's house chillin' with a few buddie's and he had a guitar. I had a guitar for the last 3 years but i just banged around on it not knowing what the hell i was doing, some ****ty mako, never heard of it before? Me neither.
Anyways, i picked it up and started messing around with it, my friend looked at me like i was some kind of retard and he offered to teach me Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. 2 minute's later, i could finally play an actual riff. After that day i was hooked, I started to actually play song's on my piece of **** Mako guitar that my friend's had taught me.
One day in Edmonton i went into a music store and bought my first half ass guitar /amp combo packages for 400$, it was a blue Peavey raptor plus with a Peavey rage 158 amp, both of which i still own. That was the day that changed my life.
After i returned home to my ****-hole town of creighton, which happen's to be 3 km's away from Flin Flon Manitoba, also known as the pot capitol of Canada (Great place, alot of nice people. Probably because they have all smoked themselve's half retarded), i practiced my ass off learning little riff's and lick's (mostly Metallica and some theme music.) I finally became good enough for my second good guitar, exactly one year later. I upgraded from a peavey, to a Jackson KVX10 King V, i now realise it wasn't worth what i payed for. (700$!, including tax's and a soft case).
After that i was completely happy and amazed at what an astonishing guitar it seemed to me. It somehow inspired me to become better, and within a month of owning it, i played the main riff to Arch Enemy's hybrid's of steel and i made my friend quit guitar. For some reason it pissed him off that i finally could outplay him with almost everything i knew, but to me it only made sense because i commited myself to becoming a better player, he didn't.

Now about a little less than a year later

It's early May, have been playing for almost two years, i have finally surpassed all my friend's who played guitar before me. My friend, was a drummer in a band who a week after playing their first show one of the guitarist's quit the band. My drummer friend asked me to come jam with them one time. So i went and jammed with a real band for the first time, it was a good experience, i kept laughing a little bit because i thought it was cool to finally be jamming with an actual band that had their **** together. After a few song's such as Metallica's jump in the fire, Black Sabbath's War Pig's, and other cool stuff, the other guitarist asked me to actually join the band, i did.( In case your wondering nobody took the band to seriously, it was just a litle jam thing that played a few cover's whenever we could get a gig so we could have some fun and have a reasonable excuse to get loaded.) After that i got a used drum kit so me and my friend could jam without having to use the other guitarist's drum's. Eventually the other guitarist kinda just, faded away as that was the only time we all jammed with him. the bass player turned out to be a douche bag so we kicked him out. It's just me and the drummer, we occasionally jam with some random other guitarist's and bassist's, just for something to do when we are sick of it just being the two of us and some people watching. Well, it turn's out when my drummer kicked the bass player out of the band he was drunk, and the bassist never took him seriously. By the time we realised he didn't take us seriously, we had already joined up with other people who were looking for a drummer. They already had two guitarist's, one of them being the original guitarist that quit the band i first joined, so my drummer must have said something to them because they wanted me too as a third guitarist, i later found out one was incapable of doing solo's (no big deal but i thought i would add that in there) and the other is about the same skill level as me, so i'm assuming they wanted me so we could have two sharing the lead's and another doing the rhythym(sp??). We had agreed to join the band for an 8 pattied burger and a case of beer. We still haven't told the first bass player he's out and we mean it, we have a show in one week, he still think's he's in.

Now let's go back a about ten day's ago from today, which would be about the same time me and my drummer agreed to join the band.

I have been playing now for a little over two years.I finally get a job. I realised the V wasn't as it was all cracked up to be, so i recently bought an Ibanez RG370DX, and a Marshall MG250DFX, i know most of you hate the MG serie's amp's but personally i like it.

Now back about 2 week's before that
I realised all i was doing was playing what other people wrote, and it wouldn't get me anywhere to creating my own style and technique of playing, so i decided to finally start learning music theory, something i realise i should have done a long time ago. Before i actually made a commitment to learning it, i had picked some of it up in various guitar world magazine's and had a basic understanding of the fretboard. i would also like to note that i took guitar lesson's for a few month's but my teacher gave up teaching to work at KFC.

And that fellow UGer's, is the story of my music "career" so far. And if any of you are interested i might decide to make a post about how the show goes a week or so later.
P.S.- sorry it's long, its 3:30 in the morning and i have nothing better to do right now except sleep.

So for now, have a good one.
This might be long, it might be short, wait and see I guess...

It started last December, I went to a school Christmas concert to see my friends band perform, they were amazing, the only thing they lacked was a singer. I got to know the other members of the band, and the lead guitarist especialy, and one day told him that if they were looking for a singer then I could try out. I was successful, and with no past experiance of being in a band, it would be an interesting ride.

My voice had supposidly already broken, and I made lyrics and sang on their 1 and only song. My voice became even deeper, and I could no longer sing the song properly, and found it impossible to rewrite lyrics or anything. There were arguements about creative control, what type of band we were, and it went on.

Right before the band split, my sister was playing guitar one day and I thought "I should try to learn guitar," so I grabbed an old acoustic from the attic, and began learning, very very slowly. I used my thumb instead of a plec, and used my thumb instead of fingers to hold strings, avoiding any song that used any type of chords. By this time the band had split, the two guitarists forming a heavy metal band, the bassist, drummer and myself without a band.

I eventualy switched to using my fingers, and bought a crafter cruiser off of ebay for £45, and it is the best bargain I've ever bought from ebay. I asked the drummer if he wanted to form a band, but he wanted to to play bass, and had done since around the time I joined our band. So now we would have jam sessions at my house, my still using my thumbs, and couldnt even play powerchords yet. One time he told me of an easy song which we could both learn, I tried it out and I could finaly play powerchords!! A week or two later I was using a plec, after noticing how much better it sounds then using fingers or thumb.

I finaly got a tuner, (originaly all I had was an amp and a guitar, not even a bag!) and this made my playing sound exceptionaly better (my guitar was massively out of tune,) and from then on I learning every song within my reach, and trying every song that wasnt! I learnt to play pull offs, hammer ons, harmonics, and eventualy my first solo...

I was browsing the UG forums, when I stumbled across one enquiring how hard the Bohemian Rhapsody solo is. Someone said "5/10" and I thought "That doesnt sound too hard", it was a solo that sounded good, and was from a song I loved. I spent days learning each part to perfection, until I could play the whole thing. I felt on top of the world. Then I found much easier solos like Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and thought "If only I had found this one first", but since I had mastered the BR solo, this solo was a walk in the park for me.

I improved massively over the next few months, learning to sing and play easy songs then moving onto more advanced ones, and now singing and playing comes pretty naturaly to me , as well as basicly just learning more songs and jamming with my bassist. And here I am now, 6/7 months after starting and amazed to think that 1 year ago I would never have expected myself to be playing guitar.

Well I've never typed such a long post before, I'm amazed I'm able to at this time in the morning! And some of the other posts in here have been very inspiring! I'm going to go look up some theory now...
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