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1999 - started piano lesson
2002 - started writing songs
2003 - school taught guitar for music. (At the time it just so happened I was really interested in guitar) So bought a cheap classical guitar.
2004 - Teacher was useless, so I came to this site, and later that year i joined!
2005 - My dad bought me a decent electric-acoustic guitar, and I started playing more and more, playing whatever I could get my hands on. (mainly playing stuff like ac/dc, led zeppelin, still writing songs, and other stuff) Joined my first band.
january 2006 - picked up improvising from jazz jam sessions in school (This was when I moved back to australia)
later on in 2006 - did a lot of improvising, joined my second band, and wrote a lot more songs.
2 days ago in 2006 - guys from my band did a small gig behind my back.
today 2006 - forming new one.

AND THAT'S MY STORY! I'm 15 now, haha, hope you liked it.
Blues Power
mmmmkay mines a long one.

Age 5 - began piano lessons. learnt to read music (well at least teh basics)
Age 6-7 - continuation
Age 8 - Move to sydney, have a break of half a year before resuming piano lessons again.
Age 9 - picked up clarinet, and started playing in my primary school band. Began to be able to read music to a decent level of competency.
Age 10 - quit piano lessons. i guess i had started to get a bit bored with piano, and my parents thought i should just focus on 1 instrument
Age 11 - first year of no piano \m/
Age 12 - Started high school - picked up guitar. not seriously at first, as i usually just played on the crappy nylon strings in music class. My dad had his acoustic guitar (which he bought in the 70s) and i started playing that at home.
Age 13 - kind of started to write own stuff. As my guitar playing level was still very much basic, the stuff i wrote followed suit, mainly being simple chords and licks.
Age 14 - My clarinet playing began to give way to my guitar playing, and i started realising that maybe the clarinet playing would cease in a few years. i was right about that, and at the end of last yar i quit it. My guitar obviously began to be my sole musical focus, and it showed, with my proficiency increasing quite substantially.
Age 15 - My most musically active year (and it's not even finished yet!). I've gotten my own electric guitar, started doing regular focused practice, joined a band (2 in fact) and began writing my own songs, with varying degrees of complexity. Also joined 2 jazz bands at school, because i suppose i want to expand the range of stuff i can play. and besides, the more music i play the better.

the end.
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here's my story:

at 13 i was evacuating for hurricane katrina (yes my house flooded) and i went up to baltimore. my cousin knows guitar and he needed a bassist. Now, i never picked up a guitar in my life, so he taught me a few notes and i played what he played. now, six weeks ago, he came in town (we're living w/ my grandparents now). before that i had said "well, what if i learned some chords to my favorite songs?". so i learned the chords to "all my loving" so when my cuz came, we wrote 5 songs and posted them on GarageBand (its just me and him, im 13, he's 14. they suck, but were teens., then search "mind of the brain") so here i am six months later playing all kinds of rhthym and lead
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Started listening to System of a Down in September 2001 around their Toxicity release.
I was in Christian school and have been attending it for a couple of years. Daron Malakian inspired me to start playing guitar. In 6th grade my parents bought me a Peavey Raptor and a Peavey Mega amp.

Played for a couple of weeks, then started to study notes and musical notation etc.. Failed. Parents hired a teacher, after 2 weeks they fired him, mainly because he sucks at teaching. Stopped playing for a considerable amount of time.

In 2004 (I think) I started playing on my rust encased Peavey and decided to play guitar again. Noobishly purchased a Iceman IC200 for Christmas.

Haven't stopped playing since.

I then got out of System of a Down, and into heavier music. Stuff like Cradle of Filth, and Immortal. Started playing CoF, Dimmu Borgir, and continued to learn on SOAD.

Later, I got into Satanist music(Black Metal). Bands like Azaghal, Mutiilation, Gorgoroth, and the rest of the Satanic legion. Decided to study Satanism, Athiesm, Nazism.

Ever since I got out of that ****ty musical school, I've been self-taught. Learned how to palm mute, then learned to tremelo/alternate pick, about a month ago learned how to (FINALLY) pinch harmonics. Every thing's been great, I started song writing about 2 weeks ago, and REALLY succeeding in it.

Incorporated the "Terror Black Metal" sound in my improvisions (Lots of trills/bends and Harmonics).

That's where I'm currently at: Song writing, looking for a band, and experimenting with different guitar styles..

Oh, and I've gotten into more classic rock. (Hendrix, The Beatles etc..)
Year 1:10 years old: ASked for a guitar for christmas. Forgot i asked about it so then i got it for christmas, started playing ever since then. Got in a REALLY newbish band with my best friend (We didnt know wtf we were doing). So it was just me and him, 2 man band, guitar and drums. Same year, i joined another band, again just another 2 man band, drums and guitar.
Year 2: 11 Years old: Played Solo the whole time.
Year 3: 12 Years old: MADE a FULL band. etc etc long story short, im still in the band
YEAR 3: Not over......



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Year 1:
Not really an active guitar year as I didn't have one yet. But I wanted to play. I was 12 or 13.

Year 2:
My parents got me an Ibanez Starter kit with a few books and a 10-watt amp that i still use now and a chord dictionary. I however didn't really want to learn all that "boring stuff" so i didnt pay attention and instead played weak little songs one note at a time. I was 13.

Year 2 1/2
Decided I was bored with playing one-string songs so I looked at the books. One of them was all about music theory and taking solos and all the different scales, which is the one I picked up first. I learned the pentatonic scale first and started learning Jimi Hendrix stuff and blues songs by BB King, Muddy Waters etc. Then the next thing I learned was minor scales. I was 14.

Year 3-4
My musical taste took a sharp turn for the better, and rather than playing classic rock and pop-rock simple junk, and started listening to Alice in Chains, Iron maiden, Judas Priest and metal/heavier-side-of-grunge stuff like that. I heard my first Children of Bodom song and decided, "I wanna play like that." So I started learning metal theory, shredding methods, writing my own riffs and songs. I formed a club called "Jam club" in high school, and it ended up being 4 guitarists each taking turns on solos for an hour, which helped my playing quite a bit. I acquired Powertab software and started writing music on there, most of which I would scrap after almost finishing it cause I didnt like it. I still do this, and have several completed songs if anyone's interested in hearing them. (Theyre mostly only written for 2 guitars and nothing else) I was 15 and 16.

Year 5-Present
Im still working on shredding and fast playing cause Im not quite there yet, but I have improved. Over the past 5 years Ive been trying to form bands and never actually being able to. Now Im in the middle of another effort. 17 (18 in 3 weeks.)
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The year was somewhere in the 90's...

When I was a little child, I remember going with my uncle to buy an acoustic guitar, but it was not mine, it was his, I remember also when he was not around, I was playing the open strings, and it was good to my ears, but when I was caught, I actually got my face smacked.

Then I remember going to my friend's house to play some Playstation, then I hear music from the other room, and he was playing some blues, and I asked him how long he was playing, he said that he was playing ever since he was a kid, he had his electric and I asked him if I could try it out, he showed me how to play an A Chord, and I can't play it because my fingers were too small... I resumed to playing with my friend.

The year was 2005 in the month of May...

I was hugely into Green Day at the time, and I had bought 8 of their albums (I was missing Kerplunk!.), and my aunt was talking to me about music, because my cousin is a pianist and she said to me, "Why don't you try playing the guitar?", and my aforementioned uncle replied, "Yeah, you can use my acoustic back home, it's just laying there anyways...", and I said "Sure why not?".

My uncle was working in New York, and he had his acoustic at his apartment there, and he told me that he was going to bring it to our house (in New Jersey) when he gets home (he goes home every Friday.). I remember going to Ocean County Mall and I was looking for an insructional book. I was highly amused with the book series "... For Dummies" and I thought it would be funny if I bought one, I actually saw 2 books, "Guitar For Dummies" and "Rock Guitar For Dummies", naturally, I wanted to get the latter, but my uncl insisted that I need an electric guitar to play it properly, so I picked Guitar For Dummies off the shelf and my uncle asked me, "What are you going to do with this when I haven't brought my guitar over here yet?", I replied, "I dont know, just read it I guess...", then he said "None of that is going to make sense if you dont have a guitar in hand", then I replied, "That's just fine with me."

Then I got the book, and I read it, and absolutely NONE of it made sense to me, I actually ever read it again until my uncle brought his guitar over. The only thing that I wanted to learn from that book was how to read tab, and I thought to myself, "So THATS how you read it!". Then I practiced all the chord shapes in the book, and not playing them properly with muted strings, and my fingers were hurting all the time. The first scale I learned was the C Major scale, that was it.

Then 2 months into my playing, I joined my first band, we were complete n00bs at the time, and we played our first practice at a band rehearsal studio just beside a school, I remember looking outside and all these people were gathered around the outside of the studio.

I first saw System Of A Down on SNL, and they played B.Y.O.B., and I thought, "Holy shit how do they do that?" and I wasn't really into them until September, they were the ones who introduced me to Drop tunings, and my most technically challenging band at the time, so they introduced me to better music.

Occasionally, I brought my acoustic to school, and I was asked to play songs while my classmates for singing (This was in Music class), I usually fucked up, by not being in time, forgetting chords etc.

The year was 2006...

Last April, I bought my first electric guitar, I wanted to buy one for so long, but my aunts and uncles told me that it is better to start with acoustic then make the transition to electric playing, we were in Nobi (Japanese Restaurant) and they brought the topic up, I said to them that I had already made my choice on which guitar to buy, with the help of my thread here on UG, (My Thread), and they bought it off eBay for 200 dollars.

2 weeks passed, and I was completely paranoid, because I had just gotten back from Florida and my guitar wasn't there yet. I also made a thread regarding this situation, but I found out that I had to wait a little longer, so that was a relief.

I got turned on to more music (obviously metal) and tried to play the songs, but I couldnt so I stuck to metalcore for a while, I learned stuff by Trivium, Bullet For My Valentine, etc.

Now, I can play stuff by Children Of Bodom, Nightwish, Nevermore, Slayer, etc. And I still look back on the days that I've spent practicing.

Being a musician is a never ending journey for me, because when I was a n00b, I watched guitarists on TV and said, "Holy shit! How do they play that?" and now I am playing the same stuff that amazed me before, it's satisfiying to know that I am at the standard that I once set myself to be, but I still get amazed by guitarists and try to get better by learning their stuff.

Incoherent - yes.
Without meaning - I'm afraid not.

"Known some call is air am."
Which is to say-

"I am not what I used to be"
I was 15 when, out of the blue, I started writing song lyrics in June 2004. At the time, I was heavily influenced by bands like Creed, Alter Bridge, 12 Stones and Kutless. A couple months later, I decided I wanted a guitar. My mom insisted that I start out on acoustic(which wasn't what I wanted), so I reluctantly agreed. My parents were all set to buy me a Washburn acoustic for X-Mas that year, when my brother in law told me he had an Epiphone PR-100 acoustic guitar that I could have. So, in December of 2004, I received my first guitar. I went out and bought Hal Leonard's Complete Guitar Method, some strings and picks.

The funny thing was, when I began, I didn't know a thing about guitar. I didn't know what it meant to fret, or how to strum. I struggled for a month just fingering out how to do the most basic stuff on guitar. I couldn't play ANY songs and just sucked. I got discouraged and stopped playing for a few months.

I picked my acoustic up again in June of 2005. I started making some progress--I could play basic chords and strum decently. Still, I couldn't play songs and I still struggled. Guitar is NOT a natural thing for me, like songwriting and sports are. I once again went through a period of playing quite infrequently.

Finally, I got more serious when 2006 rolled around. And I honestly consider this to be my first official year of playing.

Year 1: I'm 17 and I buy my first electric guitar, an Agile AL-2000 Silverburst in February 2006. It then collects dust for the better part of two months because it buzzes and I don't yet have an amp. In April 2006, I bought my first amp, a Behringer GM108 15 watt, which sounds good for a beginner amp, but, again, collects dust. I play every now and then, sometimes going a week without playing. But, during the course of that time, I learnt the intro to the infamous "Smoke On The Water", and several scales. I don't get into a consistent routine til the summer, when I start practicing more and learning more stuff. The next song I learned was the simple, yet classic, "Love Me Tender" by Elvis Presley. I also learned "Behind Blue Eyes" by the Who around that time. I picked up a couple Creed tab books and have worked some in those. My musical influences changed, and now I'm a huge fan of bands like U2, Pearl Jam, Sanctus Real, DC Talk, and The Doors. I also enjoy old school Metallica, and still enjoy the other bands I mentioned before. I also like a lot of other bands/artists that I won't mention.

Finally, about a month and a half ago, I picked up a metronome and Troy Stetina's "Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar" and started using both regularly in practice. Since then, I've really gotten better at strumming, playing and switching from chord to chord, and alternate picking(which has always been easy for me). I've also learned how to play part of "Torn" by Creed, "December" by Collective Soul, the solo to "New Year's Day" by U2, "House Of The Rising Sun" by the Animals, and 4-6 various Christmas songs. I'm up to roughly 95 bpm on the metronome, which is alright, but not nearly where I want to be(I hope to eventually play stuff by Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert, among others). The important thing, though, is that I'm progressing. My practice time is currently at between 1-2 hours a day, with the first 30 minutes focusing strictly on technique(scales to warm up, switching from chords, working in the Stetina book) and the next hour to hour and a half focusing on songs(both covers and originals).

One of my goals is to form a serious band next fall and study music in college. I'd like to, of course, have a successful band, but as long as music is in my life, I'll be happy. The number one thing I'd like to tell beginners is not to give up. Guitar is a VERY difficult instrument to learn. You cannot expect to master it in a year or even 5 years. It is something that takes time. What takes one person 6 months to learn may take another person 3 years to learn. The rate at which people progress really varies from person to person. Don't get discouraged if someone who has been playing for only 6 months can play more stuff than you have after playing for 2 years. Just go with the flow and you'll eventually find the ability you seek.

Right now I'm 18, in my senior year of high school, still writing lyrics and completely enamorated with guitar. No matter where my life goes, I know it'll always be something I love--whether I do it on an amateur level or a professional level. I did, unfortunately, suffer a severely sprained left pinkie finger yesterday(on my fretting hand), but I'm not going to let it stop me from practicing--I can always play 3 fingered for the time being. I love playing music too much to stop.
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Just over a year ago, I started playing (I say playing, I mean figuring out how to fret stuff) on my dad's 20+ year old acoustic, pretty much at the same time as I started listening to metal. Went to lessons, and the guy said the action was way to high for anyone, not to mention a beginner. So I got a fender acoustic, good guitar but I'm neglectful to it . Spent the next 5 months learning blues stuff and pentatonics at lessons, and learning metallica stuff on my own time.

At some point during that time I got a peavey starter pack and amp. I had begged my parents to let me get a vintage w/floyd rose for about the same price, but no luck. Then once I got the electric, my friend who also played guitar asked me to be the rhythm guitarist in his band. I said yes because back then I actually thought he was good. We practiced a few times with a mutual bassist friend, and I soon got my legend guitarist buddy who had at the time been playing for 3 years to join.

At this point I was learning slayer and that kind of stuff, and I started learning some easy solos. Managed to kick the bad guitarist out of the band (he couldnt play For Whom The Bell Tolls!!) , started jamming weekly. I stopped going to lessons. First time practicing, we played The Call of Ktulu almost perfectly, despite some serious balls ups all around. The legend guitarist left to play with a soft rock band who have a much better bassist and a drummer who is amazingly good.

I went through a time of wondering whether or not I really wanted to play guitar. I barely kept playing at all, and its a miracle I kept my calluses

I had started to get into more varied stuff like Opeth, Lamb of God, Arch Enemy, Smashing Pumpkins, Marilyn Manson, etc, and learning stuff like Iron Maiden and, ehh the bands I had started getting into. I realised how terrible I was when I joined the band, and how stupid I was to rush into something like that.

I started going to lessons again, but this time to a much more speed-oriented teacher. He got me to correct some of my technique that was probably going to give me RSI. The second time I went to him, he got me to learn a steve moore (I think) song called tu meni notes (I think). It was much more than I thought I'd ever be able to play.

And that's pretty much my musical life up until now. I think that although it's largely a stereotypical and boring story, it has helped me to get some perspective and maturity on things, something that I was unbelievable lacking in before this.
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Hmmm, let's see now...

December 2005
After years of begging my parents finally agree to get me a guitar and lessons for my birthday in January. A friend of mine also starts teaching himself using various books and learning simple tabs.

February-March 2006
I'm given guitar lessons and a rented Ibanez GIO formy 16th birthday, albeit a bit late, and start with lessons at school, one a week. I learn basic major chords and am taught from Absolute Beginner Guitar book.

April-June 2006
My teacher starts teaching me from the Rock School guitar exam syllabus, the debut book. Just basically learning 5 short licks. He also teaches me a few finger exercises to help my fretting hand get a bit faster. My friend and I also jam out a bit. He's much better than me because he learns all these moderately fast riffs involiving going up and down the fretboard continuously, as well as learning some easyish Muse songs, like New Born and Plug in Baby. I'm a tad bit disheartened.

July 2006
I do the "debut" exam and get 93%; I'm happy! Because I do well in it and my school exams, my parents buy me an Ibanez RG350EX and turn in the old GIO.

August-September 2006
During the Summer Holidays I try to learn some songs, not exactly doing well just giving up on most of them. After thinking about it I realise that I was trying some stuff a bit out of my league (Four Words to Choke Upon by Bullet for My Valentine, Millionaire by QOTSA, The Wolf is Loose by Mastodon, that sorta stuff) I learn parts of some of the songs but overall don't really make any progress.

October-Novemeber 2006
I start learning Grade 1 on the Rock School syllabus. I learn all the songs and exercises in it (major and minor scales, sight reading and improvisation etc) within less than a week. My teacher tells me I have potential and could do 3 grades within a year (3 exams in one year max.) My friend and I jam a bit again. He's managed to progress a lot, now being able to play The Trooper by Iron Maiden quite easily. Also plays some cool riffs he's composed himself, much better than me. I figure I might've improved since the summer and try to learn a song with a fairly constant riff that seems simple enough, namely Come Clarity by In Flames. I fail. I give up on guitar and after my exam in December will probably stop playing until I get motivated again.
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Well, I guess you could say it all started in fifth grade. The school I went too wanted to kind of have an ensemble, but they couldn't afford guitars, so they bought ukuleles! I really enjoyed it, so I bought my own. I didn't play that much though, only song I knew was seven nation army. I then put it in a corner somewhere and played drums instead. Then, in seventh grade, I moved to Sweden, and then when I packed up my things I saw that ukulele lying around, and started playing a bit more. My mom suggested that I should pick up an acoustic guitar, and since I is very fond of getting things, my answer was an immedieate "yes".

I was amazed with how fast I learned, and since I listened to punk rock back then, I was able to play the music I listened to. After playing my friend's cheap Behringer, I decided to get an electric guitar, because it sounded so much cooler. I had been playing for two months now. So I got an Ibanez, no idea what model it was, and a V-amp. And then it kind of went on, me playing stupid punk stuff.

Then, the next year, I got into metal. I completely abandoned metal for this ultimate form of music known as metal. I got a Gibson Les Paul, since my mom's friend sold it really cheaply. I now began to play seriously, practicing scales and such. And about that time, there was a competition at my school. You had to perform music in French. So my friends decided to put a band together. I played drums, my friend Alfred played bass, and my friend Filip played guitar and sang. We didn't win, but we thought it was fun, so we decided to carry on with our "band".

We invited our friend Anton to play drums for us, so I could play my primary instrument; guitar. And we entered our schools talent show. It didn't go to well. Before the "gig" I wanted to show off, so I decided to play hearts on fire for my friends. However, I forgot to retune the guitar (the song we played was in drop D). So it went horribly. I didn't notice anything until we were home.

And then, a lot of practicing followed. I started taking lesson, which proved to be really good. And now, we're quite good, we write our songs and such. We've got a new bassist, since the old one sucked. And we have a gig in a few weeks...

So to sum it up, I've been playing guitar for 1.5 years, and in a band for 0.5 years. I wouldn't consider myself any good, but at least i'm getting better
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Wow, well basically I started later than most people here. I'm 21 now, started when I was 20.

In my first year still, and I'm obsessed with playing System of a Down songs, fast, brutal, and sometimes melodical... I love it. Very schizophrenic.

I like video game music, and soundtracks, as well as other metal and hard rock so I've learned a bit of Sabbath, Final Fantasy Music, and mess around with a few other bands like RATM.

I can play about 4-6 songs all the way through, and am starting to work on my theory and scales a lot more now.

I have my Squier Strat, and a Fender P-Bass (forgot which country it was made in) and love them both.

I write my own lyrics, and have started writing riffs and basslines for future songs, since that's where I see myself going already.
grade 7- started playing trumpet
grade 8- kept the trumpet, best friend played drums and i desperatly wanted a guitar so we could make a band
grade 9- switched from trumpet to trombone, got to high school, saw everyone and their lttle brother played guitar so i decided i was better off with a bass
grade 10- finally got a bass
grade 11- joined high school jazz band on t-bone, travelled to montreal and won a gold at canadian nationals
grade 12- won gold at nationals in vancouver, formed cream tribute band called 'Cream, Bitch!' made album with high school jazz band
first year out- gave up t-bone( i want it again) spent whole year playing bass 12 hours a day
2nd year- bought acoustic guitar to try and write with, spent 8 months locked in room with Nirvana Unplugged and Neil Young Greatest hits
3rd year- playing both guit and bass, hoping to form band soon with newfound drummer friend
Started at about 12 year's-old. Got my first guitar (an Ibanez jumpstart pack) for Christmas and started recieving lessons two weeks later. I took lessons for a while then I stopped.

There was about a month lapse before I picked it up again, my folks couldn't afford lessons, so I studied from a few guitar books. Learned basic theory, learned more chords. I studied alternate tunings and learn songs from tab websites like this one.

Started writing songs, just basic little punk riffs. I got a little more serious about a month later and got into more theory. What I learned in band class helped a lot. I was able to learn to stay in key and use intervals to my advantage to create more emotional effects to my songs.

I joined a band on the later half of that year, didn't work out and joined another. I am still in this band (Middle School Dropouts) today. Learned more songs, learned chord embellishments and more chords.

Learning scales, soloing, tapping, hammer-ons, pull-offs etc. Developing a blues style and finding a way to integrate it with my alternative music playing style. Lots and lots more theory. At this time writing lyrics to riffs and writing solos.

At the later half of year three, started experimenting with pinch harmonics and integrated that into my soloing. Starting to build speed.

At 15, I am at about an intermediate level, mostly self-taught, but taught by a teacher in the beginning. My band will be touring this summer in Texas and southern California with a band from Seattle called Fall From Grace. Soloing and song writing skills have greatly improved, still learning more theory everyday. I'm very happy with my current level for my age, but I still find more room for improvement, I don't like "shredding" it's too emotionless, so I'll expand more on jazz, blues, and fusion soloing techniques.

I'm getting a Marshall amp for this Christmas too!
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year one-
listened to a gnr greatest hits cd i got for x-mas, liked sweet child o' mine, so i got out my dad's guitar (squier aff. j series strat) and started learning it. i learned the intro and put the guitar down for a while.For a while i started playing bass, then put that away. About 4 months later, picked it back up, and learned the intro to crazy train, got a band together and played that intro about 30 times over and over again.
for about 6 months, did nothing with a band. just learned some songs that i liked, then in december, started a band, called guilty by association. my old bass player was the singer, got a drummer, rythym guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and a keyboard player. we practiced 2 songs over and over again (smells like teen spirit and paranoid) then, one day absolutelyt failed at guessing the chord progession for patience by gnr, yet it sounded pretty good, so i kept it and made it into a song, it sounded kinda cool. we practiced from december until february, and then got serious.

year two-
band signed up for high school's battle of the bands, we absolutley sucked, then the band broke apart slowly, joined a different band, they sucked, so i quit. continued learning songs through the entire process. eventually joined the band im in now, back in november, havnt been to one practice yet. and i have two guitar rivals at my school, ne kinda sucks, and the other one is better than me at metal, but i kick his ass in blues and jazz.
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Started playing piano because my parents wanted me too. I was seven what did I know? Started out on an old roland piano. Played my first recital six months after I started, I thought that was pretty damn sweet playin gin front of other people.

Stuck with the piano and I gotta say, I was pretty damn good. I had many people, not just my family say i was a natural. I started violin and wood bass this year for school. Pretty lame? Sure, but this would pave the way to my playing guitar and electric bass.

Uneventful. Continued my three instruments, played several "shows" and recitals. This was the year I first sprung the idea of guitar on my parents. They started to turn against my music playing, my grades went uh...DOWN, since I was only playing instruments.

Parents give in and get me an old Alvarez dreadnought. I begin slacking off on violin and bass, but I still play them for school. Also, I continue taking private piano lessons. I ask my parents for guitar lessons too but I don't get them. My first whole song I learned on guitar was Adam's Song by Blink 182.

My parents have given up sending me to business college and making them rich in their old age. They get me a Epiphone SG Special and a cheap Behringer 15 watt amp. I set out right away to learn my favorite song, Seek and Destroy by Metallica. I sneak out one night to go to an opem mic session where I like watching the other musicians. Tonight I give it my first try, I make a few mistakes, but the people applaud, maybe boosting the ego of a 13 year old wanna be lead guitarist. But I knew what I wanted from then on. I get a desire to play electric bass as well, and I buy a cheap Silvertone starter kit for 100 dollars.

I get an Ibanez rg470 for Christmas along with a Marshall 30 watt amp. My friend quits bass and gives me his Ibanez bass as well. I still play piano every other day or so, but I've slacked off on violin and wood bass in favor of guitar and electric bass. I have played in several more open mic sessions and each one has been better than the previous ones.
3rd Grade: Got a keyboard for my birthday
5th Grade: Got a harmonica for Christmas
8th Grade: Saved up for an Electric Guitar after being influenced by Live Videos of Green Day (shut up). After 2 months or so, with no luck of learning any songs, I bought a Bass Pack, and I've been playing Bass for 6 months or so now xD
holy shit AAA_the_Band ur quite the muso

for me nothing spectacular,

-my sister got a keyboard but quit playing after a few months so i self-taught myself on that for a few years

- i would play my friends steel-string acoustic at his house and thought it was fun so i got my own acoustic guitar for xmas

- 1 year later got an electric and big ass Marshall Valvestate VS100 140kW amp

- 2 yrs later im admitted by every1 at school im the best in my year ( thats nice ) nd now ive got meself a harmonica.

no more instruments for me now cos i need a couple of thousand $$$ so i can race outdoor gokarts cos i love it. not the little puncy 1s the 100km ones so yer
We may be divorced..... but we're still cousins

I came 2nd in the January 2007 Punk-0-Matic Tournament
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I gonna take it in months:

1st month:
13 years old
I was super excited when i got home with my first guitar and i played all day long for atleast a month
The first thing i learned on guitar was the smoke on the water riff,the 12 bar blues and the pentatonic scale .I could already improvise in it a bit but i didt want to play lead then.
After like 3 days since i got the guitar i could already play the 12 bar blues rythm fluently at an average blues speed.
2nd month
I learned all of the major and minor chords and could change beetween them
3rd month
Got seriously into Ramones and learned most of their classic songs for the next few months
4th month
Formed a "band" with my buddy and started to write punk songs.
Listened trough the solo of Mr.Crowley and tought that its the fastest thing ever and it will take ages to learn it.
5th month
After writing atleast 10 songs by my self i got tired of the punk simplicity and got into Pink Floyd. Attempted to write some serious PF style songs but they sucked balls.
Saw a video of Sweet child o mine and learned the whole song without the solo in a week.
6th month
Learned all the postitions of the pentatonic scale and realised that im a lead player.
Jamed over any jam tracks i found and developed some nice soloing skills.
7th month
Got seriously into Syd Barrett (former PF lead vocalist/guitarist) and learn to play barre chords after learning one of his songs.(Octopus)
Learned all the modes and started to practice chromatics.
8th month
Played two school concerts the same week with my two guitar buddys
I wanted the song to have a lots of soloing my friends didnt.
9th month
Broke up with them because i started to get into metal and one of them was into po rock and the other was into all of that nu-metal emo crap.
Saw a live video of EVH playing eruption.
Started practicing taping
10th month
Mastered tapping and got into Yngwie Malmsteen
Started to practice the "Far beyond the sun first" fast lick .
11th month
Learned the Sweet child o mine solo fluently.
Learned the smoke on the water solo
Learned the bohemian rhapsody solo.
12th month 14 years old
Bought a metronome and got up with 20 bpm after two weeks of chromatics.
After one year i had most of the needed techinques down and since them im just upgrading them
13th month-14th month
Started to search for music i like.
Got into Children of bodom,Rhapsody,Racer x,Symphony x
Gradualy got up in speed.
15 month Got back into the regural metal.
Metallica,Ozzy osbourne etc.
Finaly started to play 16th triplets at 100-130 bpm.
16th month (now)
Learned these solos:
I dont know,bark at the moon,crazy train and most important Mr.Crowley
Remember ?
4th month
Formed a "band" with my buddy and started to write punk songs.
Listened trough the solo of Mr.Crowley and tought that its the fastest thing ever and it will take ages to learn it.

Still working on speed etc. and learning solos.
This is just a list of the things that where very important for my playing but theres much more infact.

Dont remember when i did this much typing
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3-4- Started banging on pots and pans at my Grandmas house.
8- Started playing on my dads Sonor drum set.
9- Got a crappy red guitar from my uncle. Got left in the closet.
10-11- Started playing on my dads acoustic guitar. Learned some Beatles and Cream.
12- Heard Green Day's (shut up) American Idiot... took the crappy red guitar out of my closet and learned it from something called tabs. lol Later that year, I borrowed my uncles Squier Strat for the talent show. Played Brain Stew with a drummer.
13- Found this site, learned tons of new songs. My dad traded in his acoustic guitar for a used Fender Fat Stratocaster and gave it to me. Happiest day of my life. Joined UG, learned a ton of songs. Started a band with a drummer and bass player. Play some cool stuff. Got a Fender Frontman 25R amp for my birthday. With Christmas and birthday money, I bought a VOX V847 wah wah pedal from watching a Woodstock and Hendrix. Later that year, I got a DigiTech RP200A from my dad.
14- Now playing with two bands, one mainly RHCP, Hendrix, clean stuff. Some punk and surf. And with another one, where we play Breaking Benjamin/ metal stuff. Yeah, thats my musical life.
I never took a liking to any music and thought it a waste of time for the frist eleven years of my life. When I was twelve, we had music class in school and I became the drummer - two sticks and a snare. I sucked terribly but I formed a band for the school talent show with a few friends but we got kicked out because we never turned up for parctice (heh).

In grade 8 I still didn't take much liking to music but I got much much better at drumming. In June 2005 I borrowed my uncles fretless bass because my friend had got a bass and I thought it was really cool. His had frets and mine didn't - it was so hard.

But I made it through that and in November 2005 I started to take a great interest in music. I picked up my friends guitar and borrowed it for a week - I stank. My mom's boyfriend came over and dropped off some acoustic with incredibly high tension - my fingers were always numb but I wouldn't let that stop me.

So I started off playing Green Day and blink 182 and Nirvana and such - and after a year of playing music seriously I feel I've come a long way. With a fair collection of theory under my belt and the ability to play far more accuratley than most of my friends I'm actually very proud of myself. Still addicted to music - hope to remain so.
<10 dont really know the age(5-7 or so). found my grandpas old acoustic and had my rock star dreams. never really started playing it tho
11 summer, with a load of friends on a mission trip, one had an acoustic with him. i thought it was the coolest thing, him just performing for the rest of us. i asked him to show me how to do soem stuff...and as cliche as it is, i played smoke on teh water for a good 15 minutes untill everyone else told my friend to either take teh guitar away from me or teach me something new. he taught me something new and i fell in love with playing.
later that fall, i asked another friend if i could borrow his acoustic so i could learn how to play. he let me borrow it for a year, and i taught myself a shitload of chords and played with my church for a while. as well, started trombone in teh school band. damn that thing is fun and nerdy(now 12) i started lookin at tabs here on UG, learned as much metallica as possible. still teaching myself
13 goin into highschool, met my drummer. still teaching myself more and more. started writing lots of songs. i still use some of the riffs i came up with back then. as well, took up bass this year. bought myself a warwick rockbass....still love my baby lol..later on bought my BC Rich Plat. Beast..
14ishstarted getting into heavier music, older metallica and other thrash. start fiddling around soloing, and start really takin guitar and bass serious. starting to jam a lot with my drummer, just him on drums and me on guitar or bass. he released his own album, sold locally in a few places. just solo stuff out of his dads studio, keyboards and drums he recorded and mixed on his own. reall good too lol. music became my life
k now for the recent stuff
may 06 bought my cello, started taking the first music lessons ive ever done. progressed at a phenomonal rate due to past experience with stringed instrument. only real challenges is that its fretless and played with a bow. first public performance a month later, went great.
summer 06 now starting to jam a lot with my drummer. really want a band going, tried out a couple guitarists and bassists. seeing as i play both, i can switch to whatever the new guy isnt playing.
fall 06joined the local orchestra with cello. as well,me and my drummer are still band-less. we start performing often at teh end of band class, start jamming with another guitarist/bassist. we experiment, me and the drummer will do duets, me on one set him on teh other, or me on congoes and bongoes, him on the set. recently we performed a duo at school, me on bongoes, him on congoes, totally unrehearsed, went amazing. as well me and the other guitarist/bassist start bass duets.
now i see a band in teh near future. only problem is deciding whos in the band..the drummer for sure, 2 guys who wanna play guitar, another guy who wants to play bass, and one guy interested in singing. and we rock the **** on like the crazy mothertruckers that we are....i just gotta singel out the permanent players in the band. as well, i just signed up for both guitar and bass lessons. im having a hard time teaching myself new stuff, its getting too advanced!

sweet. i couldnt write that much in an essay at school
Quote by Metalology

.('( ...´(..´......,~/'...')
...''...\.......... _.·´

I took a Music Appreciation class in 7th Grade and learned how to play the recorder and guitar there. I knew a couple classical tunes thanks to that class like Ode To Joy and Mary Had A Little Lamb. A couple years later, I took piano class and learned it a bit well. I have to admit, piano was a very fun to play and I enjoyed it a lot. During that year, my brother bought an acoustic guitar and I played it a bit. He taught me a couple of small things like intros and riffs. Then both of us took guitar lessons at a community center. I learned chords and all the basics there. After that my mom bought me an electric guitar and I started rocking with my brother.

During my high school sophomore year, I was asked if I wanted to fill in for drums by my friend who was in a band. I said sure even though i didnt know how to play. Then I was in the guitar position for the band and a couple days later the lead man kicked me off the band because I didnt make it to one of their practices.
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Last year around April I was 16 years old and my friends were starting a band. They were all into metalcore (still are) and wanted to make a band in the same vein as As I Lay Dying and Norma Jean. I think the music they listen to sucks but we are all good friends so I figured what the hell it would be fun. I was originally going to be the singer but we all realized I sucked. Since we didn't have a bassist at the time I picked up bass. Got a teacher and started reading stuff online and playing as many different songs as I could find.

Fast forward 4 months later and I went to camp. It's called "Drama Camp" but there is really a lot of different stuff to do their including film, music, dance, etc. It was my second year there, last year I went primarily for film me wanting to be a director. But that year I was pumped for one thing and that was the rock band workshop. I played bass in it and had a blast. I played my very first show there in front of about 200 people. But also while I was there I saw a bunch of the counselors get together around camp fire time and play songs on acoustic guitars. I fell in love with the sound and as soon as I got home I picked up an acoustic guitar.

Today I've been playing bass for 8 months and acoustic guitar for 4. I've recently gotten into learning music theory and I'm studying it heavily. Also now that my bass playing as started to excel I started learning slap and pop which is fun as hell. The metalcore band I started with my friends broke up a while ago because we never practiced, but two of the members and myself got together with a girl we met at camp to form an acoustic folk rock band in the vein of Neutral Milk Hotel without all the other crazy instruments. We're are writing a bunch of songs now and playing some shows.

That's about it, my apologees for spelling and grammar mistakes it's almost 2 AM right now.
Dunno if anyone is gonna read this but here it goes..

I started at 16 as a singer in a punk/rock/hair/Rock a'billy band... Really messed up i know.
I was there for only a year because we broke up when drummer got bored with teaching bassist and 2nd guitarist.

So we started a new band at the age of 17.. really bad line up sang there also btw.. bassist went to the military and we had only a drummer and a lead guitarist who rock.

So now at 18 i picked up bass and I'm yet to find a band.. Sucks but i still make music with my old drummer, but he performes with his band and i roll over like a biatch

Anyway nice talking.. any one near Loviisa Finland who wants a mediocore bassist message me
First off; this is wicked cool and I intend to read everyones posts.

Here we go.
10 - Started writing in my "book". I have about 12 notebooks full of poems, one liners, and random thoughts. I to this day look back on the FIRST one and use some of its material.
16 - Got my first guitar when i was 16. It was an acoustic Hohner. After I played for a few days I put it in the corner of my room and didnt touch it for 3 years. Haha. No joke. It sat there for 3 Years; never moved.
18- Moved off to college. My neighbor had been playing guitaar for awhile and after we hung out more i realized that I need to play my guitar. So i went home and got the damn thing... it hadnt moved and brought it back. He showed me 2 chords my first day; and when i could strum a pattern with those 2 chords he showed me 5 more. After i got those chords he showed me how to play Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd. After that he didnt help me anymore. We Discussed music theory and what not, but if i asked him how to hold this chord he would jsut not answer. When i asked why he jsut told me that he tought me the way he was taught. I respect him so much for that.
19 - Ok so by now ive still got my little crappy Hohner, a Wal-Mart special Fender Strat Electric that someone jsut left at my apartment, and my baby... my acoustic Alvarez. So about 3 times a week me and my neighbor (the guy who taught me how to play; Ben) would jam out in my apartment with Dumas and usualy one other "nonregulr". I would usualy play rythum guitar, Ben would do the fancies, Dumas was a mad man on bass, and we had a few "nonregulars" that played the piano, drums, and saxophone. Now these jam session happened randomly at about 3 a.m. when we all got back form the bars, parties or smoking pot, but it is by far the funnest thing i have and ever will do. i loved jamin out with those guys.
Few months later - I got my first little 8 track recorder and recorded anyone who wanted to record.
20 - Found my sisters keyboard in the closet so ive been playing that for a-while. I own a jimbe and it helps me get through the day.I can play plenty of songs and have no problem doing so infront of people. I enjoy it. Mostly play acoustic. I now have a real nice Fender Stratocaster, Taylor Acoustic, and still have the Alvarez, Wal - Mart special, and the Hohner; which usualy jsut rides around in my guitar. Im almost ashamed to say that I have yet to write a whole song. I jsut cant do it.
I'll try to make it an interesting story. Alot happened since I've started playing, in fact, there seems to be more happening in each progressive year. This will be long (a 2-parter), and I understand if nobody reads it.

The beginning

Got a little keyboard from a pawn shop when I was about 9 and learned absolutely nothing. Year 9 at High School we all started learning keyboard in music class and in the second semester we turned the class into a band, in which I did tambourine and shaker for one song. In the end, I learned little about playing keyboard, but still wanted to learn an instrument.

A new beginning (2001)

Next year, I took music again, knowing I would get the chance to actually learn an instrument. In the end I was kind of pushed into bass, because there were about 7 guitarists, keyboard was too hard, and someone already chose drums.

Year 1 (2002)

I am taken into the back room, given a Fender bullet bass, and a tab of 'Stand by Me'. I do not understand that 0 means play open, and have no real concept of the not values represented on the sheet music above. After being set straight, I proceed to play the opening few bars (although I never actually had to play the song, and didn't learn it until about a year later). After a few weeks of playing bass for 1 1/2 hours a day I was playing along with the band to Emma Bunton's 'What Took yo so Long' (don't blame me for song choice). Soon, I started taking the bass home for weekends, and the next song on the list was Van Morrison's song 'Brown Eyed Girl' (although up 2 1/2 tones to accomodate the sucky female singers). I look back now and think how that was probably a difficult song for someone's 2nd song, but I played an awful lot.

My first performance was a showcase for the whole Performing Arts department, so there was acting, dancing, and the like, as well. We played the 2 songs learnt and I was nervous as hell (even though we were in the dark and I was sitting in a corner). The little bass breakdown in 'Brown Eyed Girl' was probably the most nerve-racking experience of my musical life. I have not been nervous since then. Second semester we learned some Shakira song and did a reworking of Savage Garden's 'Truly, Madly, Deeply' from a slow, piano based ballad, to an upbeat pop-punk tune with my own Chili Peppers influenced bassline. At this stage, I was improvising random flurries, and picking up a decent musical ear. I believe it was at this stage that I was given an Epiphone acoustic with a fixed headstock by my grandfather. I started learning that by playing my bass songs on guitar, then learning basic chords. I wasn't really that good at guitar at that point.

Year 2 (2003)

By now I was the best bass player in the school (also the only serious musician, although not remotely interested in theory). I was picked as the bassist for the schools original production, and went about learning the songs. Among these were - 'I See Red' and 'History Never Repeats' by Split Enz, 'Devil Inside' by INXS, and the piece de resistance, 'The Impression that I get" by Mighty, Mighty Bosstones.

Of course, ever since I picked bass up I was learning other songs by Blink 182 (explains my username), and writing a whole bunch of basslines (although not really forming full songs until this point in time of the story). At this point in time I was all consumed by music. I spent most lunchtimes in the music room playing, and dreamed of starting a band. All of this was seriously affecting my school (I almost wasn't allowed to play in the production because of my grades).

It was also around then that I really started getting into the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I bought a copy of Californication off a friend for $10 and the title song had a skip in the first bridge. Then I got Blood Sugar, then One Hot Minute, then all of the previous albums. To this day I have never owned By the Way (had two burned copies, but one got ruined and the other is lying, unlabelled, in a CD spindle somewhere in my house).

Dreams of the band were ever-present, and my younger brother started writing songs together, however, most importantly, I had a production to play for. The whole week was great, and I did great, but man was I messed up after, what with early mornings, late nights, endless rehearsal, and behind the scenes shenanigans. It was ultimately a rewarding experience.

I also got my first electric guitar and amp, which inspired much development. I was also still borrowing the bass from school whenever I could. I was trusted enough to be loaned the bass over school holidays, and even end of year breaks. At the end of the school year, I started playing in a little extra-curricular project with some singers from the production, me on bass, and the music teacher on acoustic guitar (actually they had all been doing it befor me, they just wanted bass and I provided it).

Year 3 (2004)

Final year of High School, and there is a production being organized to tour Albany (Western Australia's deep south), promoting cultural diversity to primary school kids. I am again enlisted to play bass, but have to convince my parents I can keep up with the workload at school. I organise a grades based incentive program (good grades = get to tour, bad grades = I kill you). I did well enough to get on the tour, and had a blast (actually was asked by kids for autographs- one kid got in trouble because I signed his shirt). I actually had my first bass by then- Ibanez SR200 promptly covered with stickers, most of which are still there, although sweat-worn.

Albany was freezing in the morning shows, and I learned a valuable lesson: Early mornings + bloody cold weather = can't play very fast... WARM UP FIRST! The other acoustic project continued, and we played various school assemblies, and other schools, and even a local employment expo.

In the end, I passed High School (barely in some classes), and didn't sit the uni entrance exams, knowing I wouldn't pass (plus I didn't want to go, anyway).

Continued writing songs and getting better, learning more chords on guitar, and even starting to write rootsy/folky songs.

Year 4 (2005)

The year started off with a bang, playing a tsunami benefit with the acoustic group, and recording a drumless demo EP with my brother as a birthday present from my uncle. We were now officially a band, we just didn't have a drummer. We were tied to the name "Smell the Sideburns".

During my 'gap' year, i 'decided' to go to an adult college to continue my 'education'. In the end I only did two things of use. I started getting interested in film, and I joined a beginners drama class for fun. It was there I met Owen. He was a typical artsy performer type, and after a while, found out he played the drums (also is a very good singer). Eventually we started talking about jamming but nothing eventuated for a while. Mainly because I didn't have a bass amp.

Year 5 (2006)

Early in the year, I finally teed up a jam with Owen and managed toscam the High School's bass rig for the weekednd (although I hadn't been a student for more than a year, but I was still playing with the music teacher). We clicked instantly as a musical unit, and he seemed to tolerate our sick humour (even joining in, despite the fact he didn't look like he would). More jams followed sans bass amp. This is where I had to start to use my stereo to play bass. It distorted like hell, barely got loud enough for Owen to hear, and seemed utterly inconsistent, but it didn't blow.

I was also convinced to go to uni, and this is where my film course came in handy. I enrolled in the Bachelor of Communications, majoring in Film, and Creative Technologies. This is where I have started to learn the art of recording and producing.

Anyway, after a few months, we go and do some recording as a band at my old High School, the acoustic cover group starts getting a semi-regular paid gig in an alfresco bar playing Sunday sessions, and my band (now known as 'Seedy and the Buns') get their first gig at my uni tavern. All goes reasonably well, although not many people pay attention to any of what's going on (but hell, we had fun).

Next, the acoustic band goes on hiatus (assumed a dead project), and Seedy play their second gig at the same venue for the National Campus Band Comp initial heats. We closed the day and ended up placing 2nd, losing by 5 points out of a 100 point grid. We left that day on a high note, after solid crowd reaction after the set (getting a chant of "Op Shop, Op Shop" going with regards to our costumes), and being mentioned for our high score in the originality section of the marking.

Our next gig was our first paid gig, and shall forever be remembered in my mind for 2 reasons. Firstly, we were paid a total of $17 between the 3 of us. Secondly, we were completely mis-booked for the show (playing with emo songwriter types and an alt country band when we are funk/punk rockers).

There were other random recordings throughout the year (our entire first gig was recorded by me on camera), and a few more gigs, but not huge amounts to write home about.

Now (2007)

The AWOL acoustic group is restarting, the band is starting to branch out into other acoustic projects and occasional busking, I still have no bass amp, I have yet to play a gig with my band where the foldback was working properly, Owen is still our drummer, and we have a stylist that I know from school and is studying fashion.

My main influences through this whole period have been:

Joe Bonini, my High School music teacher, fo giving me the freedom to develop my abilities and assisting my progress beyond the role of a school teacher.

Blink 182 - for starting me on ear training and giving me hours of joy playing and singing along to their songs and laughing.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Flea, for inspiring me to improve my bass playing constantly, John, for showing me how a visceral, raw song can be beautiful (and introducing me to the diminished 7 chord), Anthony, for giving me Scar Tissue to read and showing how a singer can develop, and Chad, for giving me Readymade (and countless others) to air drum to (plus the Red Hot Rhythym tape).

My brother Cayle - He has been there with me every step of the way in developing as a musician, and I believe that has created a musical bond and chemistry that will lead us to great things. We learned both guitar and bass, and have learned to offset each other with different techniques. Every day we discover new things in our music and every day we get better.
Played the recorder at school and after hearing a guy playing the chanter at school thought "I could do that". So I learnt the bagpipes.

I ended up doing that at school for exams and can play glockenspiel/xylophone too. Some friends were learning to play bass and guitar and that and since I played the bagpipes ( good breathing technique ) and was good at impressions I offered to do vocals.

Ended up learning drums with this guy at a local music programme cause he wasn't too keen at being the only shit guy there. Sadly that band idea fell apart and I tried to salvage a band outta what remained. That didn't work.

I learnt a bit of guitar in school of a friend and ended up getting one just over a year ago. I've always been good at English and I come up with good lyrics, learnt to sing better on UG and am waiting to start a band that covers a lot of genres. ( Could possibly get a jazz guitarist, know a trumpeter, and know other people who are open minded enough ).

I'm still not in a band per se but have played gigs with original material myself that has went down quite well. I can't play guitar well and then I have to try and do that whilst singing so I'm kinda limited.

I've achieved a lot with the bagpipes but won't go into detail. I've played to sold out stadiums, at the SECC ( Tool/Robbie Williams/Marilyn Manson have all played there amongst others ) and travelled to Norway and Hungary with my bagpipes. It's alright and you tend to pull in a kilt too
Well music and the guitarists are what really got me into playing instruments.

5 - Went camping and my dad pulled out ACDC- Back In Black and I used to play air drums and air guitar or whatever for like the whole month to that album
6 - My dad gave me Zeppelin/Eagles - Greatest Hits and a Rolling stones live album and fell in love with Under My THumb and Hotek California
7 - Spent most my time playing hockey and skateboarding until I was about 9
9 - Started playing Soccer, wanted to play ice hockey or ball hockey with a friend
10 - Started listening to Rap and was loosing my rock n' roll roots
11 - Still listening to rap and hip hop....
12- My dad gives me and my brother a Black Sabbath album to listen to and tells us to listen to Iron Man. I instantly loose all intrest for Rap and tried to get as many Sabbath songs as possibly could.
13- My brother starts to play bass and starts a band with his friends and becomes a Motley Crue cover band. I also listen to Sweet Child O' Mine, and Welcome To The Jungle, and my brother buys Appetite for destruction.
14- I fall in love GN'R and find everything I can about the roots of Slash being Zeppelin/Clapton/Alice Cooper/etc... Want to buy guitar but didnt have enough money. MY friend teaches me Dont Cry on acoustic guitar.
15- Finally saved up enough for some cop Les Paul and a 50W Marshall MG for rent. Took 2 lessons and then finally quit. Was stuck in a room for guitar for a year, and grades dropped and I did enough work to keep passing marks.
16- I learn scales and listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan and learn some songs.. Scuttle Buttin, Texas Flood, etc..
I later ask my friend who has been playing since he was 5 if he wanted to jam and another friend and it worked out great. So right now we are a 3 guitar peice Blues Jam Band. And we have 2 up coming school gigs...
I know bought a Epi Les Paul Elitist Custom, and Crybaby Classic, and a Crate GT212.

I play Lead/Rythme
My friend Lead/RYthme
and the other Rythme/Vocals

I still have more to learn to be a better guitar player ex. harder scales more chords etc.

Main Influences: Slash/GN'R, Tony Iommi, Joe Perry, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Angus Young.
Epiphone Elitist Les Paul Custom WCR and Dimarzio equipped
Marshall 2266 Vintage Modern
Marshall 1960TV
Dunlop Crybaby From Hell
2 - Learnt the words to the song "Daniel" by Elton John and sang it all them time.

8 - Got my first 3/4 length acoustic, was taught things I didn't like so I quit (I didn't know any better).

10 - Bought "Dookie" by Green Day, thaught it was the pwn.

12 - Got my first electric. Literally played til my fingers bled.

13 - Got my first bass.

14 - Went to see Placebo live, when I went home that night I knew I had to be a rock star.

15 - My first real band

16 - First gig (well, in a month or two)

Main influences: Placebo, John Frusciante, Sonic Youth, P J Harvey, Pixies, Muse, Jeff Buckley, RHCP, and Hole.
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My musical career really started when I was 12 (nearly 11 years ago), before it was just playing the recorder and barely learning violin (I learned how to pluck and hold the damn thing, my elementary school music teacher. Did not know how to teach).

Fast forward to me being 11 // 12, I picked up the trumpet. As my first "real" instrument training I learned very quickly. Was in a beginner's music class for only 6 months untill I exceeded the rest of the class and was placed into Junior High orcestra.

I continued with the trumpet. In 8th grade (I was 13, yes...I was the young one in school) I was promoted to First Chair, lead trumpet. As well as being 1st chair in the Jazz band (which promptly ended my jazz career: The school lacked funding to continue the jazz band).

14 came and I was already 3rd chair in the Highschool lead orcestra, Being the higest chair underclass man. By this time I was in privet lessons for trumpet, nearly 2 years now.

Continued developing my trumpet skills, went to comps. for solo and ensamble peices. And gained first chair again in my 11th and 12th grade years. About the age of 15 though, I got into metal and decided to pick up my frist guitar at the age of 16.

Started to really get into the guitar and after my frist year out of high school I droped the trumpet to dedicate myself to the guitar.

When I was 18 I formed my first band. Named, Fornicating Monk. This was a black metal band that I devoted most of my writing towards. At this time I also began taking up synths. Mostly though fruity loops where I wrote my drums and other synths. As well as randomly playing the organ (my family has a Hammon C3 which was my great uncels before he died).

At the Age of 19 I droped out of college, I knew music was the life I had to lead for my self. I decided to become a Audio Engineer. I went to school for it, got a 2nd engineer job for a mobile studio. Recorded a bunch of band.

At the age of 20 I reformed my band, now with the entent of finding other musicians, I teamed up with Sean (spike from UG) who was going to the same Audio Engineering School I did. We formed Baal Merodach, which did not get off to a fast start because of how hetic our lives are.

Fast forward 2 years. We now have a studio together and currently are finishing up our first album to be released by the Hydra record label. Though not being baal merodach, it combines all of our talents. Baal Merodach is currently put on hold, untill the finish of the Ich Hatt' Einen Kameraden Album (see my signature).

In the years to come, we hope to have 3 bands together between the two of us, Baal Merodach, Ich Hatt' Einen Kameraden, and Quoth the Raven. All of which are unique musical platforms and geners. While Increasing our writing skill.
I thought I'd give my two cents. Probably not gonna be as extravagant as others but meh.

Year 1

Got my guitar due to hearing One by metallica. I thought I'd be able to play within three months (I can't even play it now!). Anyways, I had a book that taught me some riffs and due to frustration and exams and stuff, my guitar was unplayed for about 8 months. All I knew was a start of master of puppets and some of the riffs from Ride the lightning. I was big into metallica at this point.

This all changed when my brother came back from Uni that Christmas. He brought a metallica tab download home for me (we had no internet at the time, I think). I was actually able to learn these riffs easily. And that was the start of it.

I guess thats the only year thats worth mentioning in my guitar. Obviously, I got into other bands after that. I'm about 4 years into learning and I only started learning to play full songs last year. I'm improvising a bit (terribly) and I'm starting to learn scales. I'm not what you would call gifted at learning things (I'm very casual, you see). I've probably learned about 30 songs but forgotten almost half of them. I have terrible memory and concentration. But its fun. Theres probably people playing for one year who play me into the ground, but who cares?

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Well, my story's kinda short:
Started playing last Febuary when I decided it would be cool to be able to play my favorite songs. Luckily for me my birthday was coming up so I asked my mum for an electric to learn to play.

I tried teaching myself for about 5-6 months but didn't really get very far, I could only play a few very simple things from a teach yourself theory book I had gotten along with my guitar. It was then I decided to start getting lessons. The shop where I got my guitar also gave lessons but they had a waiting list of people also looking for lessons (it was a small shop so I guess they could only accommodate so many people at a time), still the guy there directed me to a music school just a few blocks away from my house that I never even new existed! I was stocked after my first lesson because the teacher I had (& still have) wasn't one of those guys whop just gives you a stack of boring stuff to learn, he teaches according to your interests. Since I'm into metal he helps me learn the songs I like & when he gives me excersises to learn like scales etc. it actually benefits my playing because it is relevant.

So come mid Feb I will have been playing guitar for a full year, it's become a passion for me, I guess I only regret not tacking it up during high school (I had just started uni at 18 when I began playing) because I would have been able to take music classes while there. I can play a couple songs in full, currently learning to play 'Rose of Sharyn' by Killswitch Engage which is coming along nicely, should have it in the bag by the end of the month.
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Hmmm. Where to start...

When I was in elementary school I konw how to play some melodies in my dad's Casio organ. Tunes like Greenesleeves, Swanee River, usual folk stuff. I grew up listening to the Beatles and other 60's bands. I also joined a very short-lived church choir. After that, my soul went looking for musical nirvana...

When i entered high school (high school here in the Philippines is only made up of 4 years) I went into diffrent stages. When I was in first year, I listened to hiphop and RnB. When I entered second year I was reviving the Beatlemania of my younger years and am listening to GNR, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. Upon entering third year I discovered NU 107, a local radio station playing underground rock. That's when I chose to be punk.

Upon reaching fourth year I decided I'm going to front my own band. Covering songs, we started practising and playing whenever we wanted. January 2006, I picked up a freind's acoustic and learned my first chord, the very complicated acoustic E. After a year of non-stop playing, my freinds say that I have improved a lot.

That's about it, I think...
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started at 17 ('96) because of Metallica, Master of puppets and Black Sabbath.

after a while some friends and I started bringing our instruments to keg parties and jamming.

just played around with it as a hobby until 2000.

Started Phatsack in 2000 playing at keggers and bars.

now (11 years later), I still play in Phatsack - and it just keeps getting better

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Pre-Guitar Years (approx. Age 4-11)

The first instrument I ever tried to play was the drums. My dad bought me a small drum set when I was about 5 which I never really learned how to use. My dad always used to play his Beatles records all the time, and I used to try to imitate Ringo Starr on the drums.

When I was around 7 my mom asked my older cousin to teach me how to play the piano. I never wanted to learn the piano because I was preoccupied with video games at the time. My time with the piano only lasted 2 months but the music theory I learned from that time has stuck with me. I also still remember which keys correspond to certain notes.

My Bass Era (Age 12 - Sept.-Dec. 2002)

Around my 8th grade year I got the game Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the GameCube. The game had a nice soundtrack which I got into. It really hooked me into music and sparked my interest in the guitar. I asked my dad to teach me the guitar we only had one lesson.

At school we had a Christmas Program in which everyone participated in by either singing or playing an instrument. Pretty much all of my friends joined the music group because they knew how to play instruments. I felt left out so I decided to join. I immediately decided to try out the bass because it seemed easier to learn within 4 months. So, I began learning which note was which on the bass in September. I grew very committed to the instrument that I played it at least 3 hours a day. I quickly improved, and by December I played a solo at the program. Many of my friends told me that I was really good and were surprised at how fast I learned.

During this time, I picked up my dad's Beatles records and started playing along. I bought some tab books and studied them like crazy until I could play the songs perfectly.

Guitar, Year 1 (Age 13 - 2003)

After the Christmas program, my dad bought me an Ibanez electric guitar. When I wasn't playing bass I would practice the guitar and get used to the chords. Within a few weeks I had the basics down and I had built up a pretty solid rhythm. My dad bought me some Beatles guitar books with a play-along CD which I played every single day over and over again. I soon abandoned the bass and devoted myself to the guitar. I practiced hours each day with the Beatles. Soon enough I had a perfect rhythm, a good musical ear, and a good knowledge of music theory.

I perfected my rhythm and sight reading when I joined the music group at my church. Since all we played were chords I grew to know a big variety of chords and got that perfect rhythm and timing essential to all guitarists. And so the year ended with all the basics down and with a new Epiphone electric.

Guitar, Year 2 (Age 14- 2004)

I was a freshman in high school by now and I had met some people who played instruments. I was invited into a punk rock band to play bass but somehow that never happened. Then one day, my friend Jake got the idea to form a band. He decided to learn the drums and we recruited another guitarist, Adam (R.I.P.), and a learning-bassist, John. We went through many different names beginning with No Contest, then 32 Evening, and then finally settling on Tragic Twilight. We were basically a classic rock/band. We eventually fell apart because we never got anything accomplished and Jake couldn't play the drums very well. Adam deciede to leave the band to continue with his other band, Better Than Ever, with his friend Brandon on drums. He invited John from our band to play bass and so Tragic Twilight was over. Jake and I went to play with another guitarist named Drew but that lasted only for a day.

As for my musical development, I finally learned some scales including the essential Pentatonic scale. During the previous year I was introduced to Led Zeppelin. I grew in love with the lead guitar and Jimmy Page became my idol. So I decided to pursue the job of lead guitarist. I also recieved my Gibson Les Paul during this time.

Near the end of Tragic Twilight I was introduced to Metallica. I didn't really like them at the time but that would change the next year.

Guitar, Year 3 (Age 15 - 2005)

One day during my sophomore year of high school, John, the bass player from Tragic Twilight, came to me and told me that Adam and Brandon kicked him out because he wasn't able to make many of the practices. So with both John and I being band-less, we were reunited and formed a partnership in music. We hooked up with a guitarist named Harvey whom we didn't really connect with because he had bad rhythm and could not stay in tune.

Because John was a big Metallica fan I soon became one too. I grew in love with the band so much that they became my reason and inspiration for playing music. This transition also propelled me into the world of metal. Being a metalhead now, I received my first metal guitar, my Jackson DKMG.

John and I met this girl named Christi who played the drums. Since we needed a drummer more that anything else we asked her to be in our band and she accepted. We had one practice which was so much fun. Sadly, the trio with her lasted only pne practice for she decided to stick with her other band.

Later in the year, I tried out for the music ministry at my school. After the first audition I was afraid I wasn't going to make it because there were some guys in there who were mad shredders and I wasn't. I was surprised when I got the position after my music leader and friend Mike asked me to join. I learned here that rhythm was more important than speed. In this music ministry I learned how to improvise and I was even recognized my the principal and the entire student body for a solo I improvised on the spot during mass one day.

During those auditions we met another Metallica-crazy guitarist named Ryan. John and I decided to invite him in. We also got another drummer named Jeremy but he didn't fit in so our relationship with him ended after one practice. I began growing uncomfortable with Ryan because even though he was really good, he didn't have any rhythm or timing and I wanted to be the lead guitarist.

Guitar, Year 4 (Age 16 - 2006)

One day, our good friend Adam from Tragic Twilight was killed in a car accident. John and I left Ryan and formed a band with our friend Patrick to honor Adam's memory. We left metal behind for a bit and decided to pursue our punk influences. John and I eventually left Patrick because he was trying to take over the band that John and I had led together for nearly 4 years already. We also decided that metal was our true calling.

Our happiest day came when the greatest drummer at our school agreed to join our band. His name is Gabe and he is our current drummer. John was also accepted into the music ministry that Gabe and I were already in so we all really connected together. Previously, John and I were the only ones that connected together really well. No one else seemed to fit in with us. With Gabe's inlcusion to the band we finally found someone else we connected with.

During this time, I got really into Metallica's Kill 'Em All album. I would play the entire album twice everyday after school. I developed a great alternate picking rhythm and really established myself as a metal guitarist. I also began learning how to shred by learning some of Kirk Hammett's solos such as "Battery" and "Master of Puppets". I also discovered four of my other musical influences: Eric Johnson, Evanescence, Lamb of God, and Children of Bodom.

The year ended great with the aquisition of my ESP LTD Alexi-600. I had also accomplished one of my greatest feats at learning Eric Johnson's "Cliffs of Dover" and playing it in front of an audience.

Guitar, Year 5 (Age 17 - 2007)

So it is now 2007. I managed to improvise some shred licks during some of our songs at mass. I managed to form one of my church songs into an instrumental thrash metal song. I managed to learn how to harmonize two guitars. John, Gabe, and I are currently still together. We are now trying to decide on a band name so that we can form a myspace page and begin to record some demos. We plan to play our first live show together at our school talent show with Children of Bodom's "Are You Dead Yet?"

So as the year unwraps itself, we will see how I develop as a guitarist and musician...
I come from a musical family. My dad plays practically ever stringed instrument although he's best on the banjo. That's his favorite. He's even made a few. They're awesome. He's made some ukeleles too and is probably going to make an archtop jazz box next. All of his siblings, my aunts and uncles, play guitar too. My mom used to play piano but she quit years ago and she's wanting to take up the drums. My sister now plays piano and a bit of accordian. This may sound like I'm digressing but this is to show that music is an important and constant part of my upbringing. If my dad wasn't playing an instrument himself, a record or CD would usually be playing. I didn't seriously want to start playing guitar until I was around 14 though. This was 1999. The desire was partially because of my dad and partially because of The Beatles, the first band I became obsessed with. I got one of those crappy Crate Tour Packs on Christmas. I still use the practice amp that came with that guitar from time to time. I like the distortion I get from it when I turn it up loud. The guitar is now in pieces and I'm keeping the body and getting a new neck and new electronics. I took lessons off and on throughout high school. The last teacher I had taught my theory. I think creatively so theory was kind of difficult for me because of it's mathematical nature. I'm still not the world's greatest soloist but I do think these lessons improved my playing. Oddly enough, I've never really wanted to be a lead guitar player. This was around the time I had my funk and Motown phase. My musical tastes broadened a lot in high school. The second band I became obsessed with was The Smashing Pumpkins. Another obsession was/is The White Stripes. But really, I began listening to everything and I became known as the guy with the endless knowledge of musical trivia...and that's only grown by now. I wrote for the school paper and some of my fellow writers asked me a lot where I found all the obscure music I wrote about. I say all this because my broad listening range I think has shaped how I approach the guitar and my actual playing style. I'm not a guitar-centric music listener much of the time and I think that's partially why I've never desired to be a blistering lead player. I like to play parts that would suit a song. Riffs and rhythms are more my forte and style. The second guitar I got was a sunburst Epiphone G-400. I got this when I was 15 or 16 I think. I still have it and have thought about selling it but I don't think I could part with it. The pickups aren't the greatest and the neck is heavy as hell but I'm emotionally attached to it. I started a short-lived band that didn't even really have a name when I was 15 or 16 as well. It comprised of my friend who was a fantastic lead player even then. I can only imagine what he's like now. My girlfriend at the time played bass. I played rhythm guitar and sang, although I never actually sang a word. I was too nervous. Our friend who couldn't play the drums played the drums...and he didn't have a drum set. Looking back it was pretty pitiful but it was fun...for awhile. Differing skill levels ended that band. In my senior year of high school I bought my Telecaster. I played in two bands for the senior talent show. One sucked. The other was alright. I played some texture parts in one performance and acoustic rhythm in the other. When I started college I decided to really try to improve my playing and I looked back on the lessons in theory I had and began to develop a lead guitar style. I can't shred, nor do I want to but I can play some lead blues pretty well. In college I've really delved into the blues, especially delta blues and in the past few months I've been teaching myself slide. I had a brief period where I became obsessed with drop D and everything I played was in drop D but I think that's passing. The blues definitely colors my style but there's also an element to my playing that incorporates an old-timey vibe as seen in music by Flogging Molly, Tom Waits and The Decemberists. I also sometimes find my playing to have a fair amount of space between the notes, which I equate with Cat Power and Jolie Holland. And lastly, I'm glad my parents played classic rock around me at an early age. It gave me a good foundation to spring from. I wasn't like most kids who really only knew the new bands in that godawful early era of post-grunge that spawned bands like Third Eye Blind, Eve 6, Semisonic and such. I haven't been in a band since I started college. I haven't found the right people or the right people haven't found me. I know anything I'd end up doing would have to be pretty unique because that's just the way I operate. I'd like to start a band with an electric violin player in it. But I'd want them to act as a second guitarist, maybe even the lead guitarist so to speak. Anyway, I'll stop rambling.
3-got my first guitar
3 and one day later, it broke
4-started really enjoying the sound of music
5-started listning to rock
10-got another acoustic
10 and a few months later babysitter broke it
11- started producing music like techno and hip hop on reason and cubase-still do today
grade 8 got my first electric and played it for a year, it sucked
grade 9 got my new guitar
grade 10-Im playing my guitar lots and lots
and now in present days im makin a band, hopefully pursue what iv always wanted producing music, and playing guitar.
Im gonna write my own little biography. Mainly cos im very bored at work, and also because it would be interesting for me to relive the past.

I had always been interested in the guitar, ever since I was very young. Although I never really did anything about it. No one around me played, so i guess i never had any inspiration. I was into football and sports, playing an instrument never really crossed my mind.

However, playing air guitar on a snooker cue took its toll and I decided it was time to try the real thing. This was when I was about 16. I had a big decision to make about whether or not I should play left handed, because I'm ambidextrous. I went for a left hander and I'm glad I did, although the choice of guitars is pretty slim.

I picked it up pretty fast, as I already had a general idea of what to do. I did make some mistakes though, some for a couple of years that learners with teachers probably dont make. I used to hold the pick wrongly, which didnt enable me to play pinch harmonics. Now being a huge Bon Jovi/Richie Sambora fan this really frustrated me.

So about 2 years down the line I decided I would hold it differently, which took time. I was also learnin to alternate pick at the same time, as I had previously only downpicked.

After about 3 years I was considering myself to be very good. I could play fast solos and rhythms. However speed is not that important to me. Accuracy is, and I feel this is what most learners lack. If I play something and its a bit off, I'll practise it until it sounds good.

My practise time took a beating though, when World of Warcraft came out. I got way too addicted to it, and hardly played my guitar. I only recently quit it, but I wish I had played more moderatly or not at all as I feel I would be even better on guitar had I put the hours into practising rather than playing a compute game.

Now at 20, I'm trying to get back to practising a lot more. I still only manage around an hour a night, mainly cos im working all day 5 days a week now.

I still dream of guitar playing being my career, but who doesnt?

Anyway theres my story. Kind of made me realise my love for my guitar is still strong.
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