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when I was 13 I wanted to play music in a band, I didn't know anything about guitar and I didn't know it was hard to play metal,... me and my friend went to the music store for some information about guitars and amps.
A few months later my friend has is own guitar and started playing guitar, and started taking lessons in P&R music store.
Then it was my turn to pick up a guitar, (I was 14 back then) I bought a cheap akoestiek guitar and started playing like a maniak, I practiced every day for hours without knowing what I was doing. After a month I went to the musicstore for lessons and I even practised more.
After 9 months playing guitar I decided to play bass, it was christmas so I had money for the bass and the amp. My guitar teacher learned me the basics of bass.
and then I met kristof he played bass like a maniak, I had never seen someone play better than him and he offered me lessons.
After a few months I played bas for 6 months and I decided to quit bass lessons and go back to guitar. I played for almost 6 months guitar without lessons and then it happened...
Someone ansked me to play in his band for 1 gig, I said yes but I didn’t know I had to play bass. After the gig I became adicted to my bass, now it is a month later and still playing bass....

probably spelling faults, but I'm from belgium and I can't write english very good
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ye man.. i started playing 6 string guitar in grade 9 high school.. i sucked balls worse then my gf did, so i droped guitar..a year later i leanrned that there was an instrument called a bass guitar with only 4 strings instead of 6! so i figured it would be i picked up a bass at a local guitar shop and started learning some easy shit like seven nation army, silver and cold (afi), some howthorne heights..then i started getting better and faster and more creative.. i started soloing but the solos sucked alot. i began learning tougher shit like avenged sevenfold, some AFI, and other things.. i got serious about my bass playing. so i got together a drummer, 2 guitarists, and a vocalist and now today were gigging in canada from B.C. all the way to ottawa. More liek a nationwide tour and were pretty good. we stil have not yet released an EP but we are currently recording one.. and ya i dunno shit all about chords and riffs and music theory... i just plug my bass into the amp, and play what sounds best and now were quite successful i might add... this goes to prove u dont have to know dick all about anything, except how to hold the damn instrument and think outside the box
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Age 7- I took piano lessons for about 5 months. I never practiced, piano bored me, and i quit.

Age 8- My dad was a bassist and guitarist and I always was interested in guitar, and i guess i inherited that from him. My parents bought me this little kiddie Hohner acoustic guitar, and i took classical guitar lessons. My teacher had a speech impediment, i couldnt understand a word he was saying, and again, i quit. I unsuccessfully tried to teach myself, and got discouraged. My Hohner sat under med bed for two years.

Age 10- I found a new interest in guitar. I tried to learn again, and somehow managed to break the guitar. My dad agreed to buy me another guitar if i showed i was truly dedicated to it. I got lessons at a music store in Hawaii (where we lived at the time) and i learned all the basics of guitar again. I actually learned from the teacher this time.

Age 11- After about six months of lessons, my parents split Me my mom and sister moved from Hawaii. I was sad, and didnt pick up the guitar for awhile.

Age 12- I got into guitar once more. I played and learned about tabs. I decided i wanted an electric to better suit my style.

Age 13- I joined the middle school band, and I play the baritone. This also is when i really began to learn about guitar. I got my electric and learned advanced theory, scales, and more techniques, playing all the tabs i could. And getting into making my own songs and soloing.
I am now pretty much at an intermediate level in guitar, and am about to join a band.
In regards to my guitar playing, it has been patchy.

At the age of 8, i discovered hendrix through my father who found a bunch of his old cds and was playing them full volume through the cd player. I became interested and researched him, and at the same time developed the passion to want to play guitar.

For christmas 2000, when i was 9, my parents got me my first guitar - an epiphone les paul, with a marhsall 10w amp. By this point in time, i was a huge metallica, pantera, and RHCP fan as well as all the pioneers of their respective genre, as well as a fan of the newly formed trivium.

The guitar lay dormant for about 6 months, until i actively engaged in guitar lessons. My teacher began to teach me theory, but i was not interested and only wanted to be able to play the songs i knew so well, and having no guitar experience, was unimpressed i could not play impossible songs for a beginner, and i quit lessons and playing altogether.

The guitar sat for another year doing nothing - occasionaly i would pick it up and strum meaningless chords and melodies.

I then moved to high school in 2003, and met one of my now best friends, who ecouraged me to start playing again, as he played and was enticed by the same kind of music. The passion for being able to play still burning strong, he introduced me to tablature, and i spent endless hours playing and learning my favourite tunes.

With each year I exceeded expectations and my knowledge of everything expanded vastly.

And now, in 2007, i am 15, and able to play all the timeless classics, master techniques and write music, although i am still trying to form a band.

Through this i have learnt not to give up , and i know i probably sound like your parents or whatever, but for me it was the best method and has paid out dividends.
Age 7-10...ish: Forced into taking piano lessons. Family buys a nice upright and gets lessons from a music major at the local university. Becomes obsessed with jazz and blues music. Spends the last year or so of lessons learning jazz piano. Sees violin prodigy Midori play at the local symphony.

Age 11: Moves away. Piano sold and electric keyboard bought for the move. Love for classical music is deeply ingrained while visiting uncle, a classical music purist. Piano skills continue to deteriorate as the electric keyboard clearly cannot duplicate the sound or action of an acoustic piano.

Age 12: Decides a mobile instrument is a superior choice after previous experience. Persuaded into buying an electric guitar buy salesman. Begins guitar lessons with jazz teacher instead of buying a new piano and continuing lessons.

Age 13: Quits guitar due to massive homework load and other extra-curricular activities.

Age 14: Overhears drummer friend and bassist friend talking about jamming and needing a guitarist to complete the package. Starts teaching self guitar from old lesson notes and online lessons.

Age 15: Falls in love with classic rock.

Age 16: Finds UG while looking for more tabs and lessons. Joins forum and asks advice on new guitar. Finds harmony central and looks up reviews on guitars suggested. Buys Gibson SG. Church starts a second worship band to play when the primary band cannot. Invited to play as an electric guitarist.

Age 17: Musical tastes diversify greatly. Starts listening to Prince, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and more. Band leader starts giving more and more room for electric guitar fills and parts as talents improve. Band plays more and more often for church services and song repertoire grows. Experiments with effects for fills. Gets first true solo part.

It's a biography folks. You can't use pronouns like "I"; then it's an autobiography. I chose to ditch pronouns all together so that this is even more difficult to read.
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My names Nick, and here is my story.

The year was 2000, the snow fell hard outside of my vacant house. I ran out of bed, excited. Thinking "Yes, I can't wait! It's christmas morning!" I quickly pulled on some pants, threw on a shirt and went and sat down, where right before my vivid eyes, layed mountains high of presents! I went, grabbed my powerful flashlight as I always did, rushed into my parents bedroom, jumped onto their bed. I sent their blankets flying as I shone the uber bright flashlight in their eyes. I screamed "Get up, get up! It's christmas!"

Back to the story *Ahem*

My eyes shone bright as I opened the present marked "To:Nick - From:Santa" I knew what it was, atleast I wanted to know what it was, maybe, it was just something telling me what it was. Yes! It was, but it couldn't be. Oh my, it was! It was those walkie talkies i've been wanting forever! They went for over 5 miles. So after some very grim glancing, I picked them up and tried them out. They worked great! And they proved to be great, for the next... Month or so I had them? Yes, that's right. They were dropped a few times, by close relatives.

So by then, it was just after christmas of 2000, as we were speeding along the Number one Trans Canada highway my dad looked over to me and said "Those walkie talkies were 100 dollars, and saying that, is there anything you would like to replace those?"

It must have just been peer luck by then, but I replied to him by saying "I would like to learn guitar!" So off we went, the a music store, tried out a few, and after picking a minature acoustic fit for an 8 year old, we walked up the counter and I was asked. "Would you like Steel strings, or nylon" Sounding tough, well... Atleast trying to sound tough, of course I said "I want steel strings" So then they gave me a few free picks, and my strap, and I was set to rock.

The very next day we went out and bought one of those "Learn how to play guitar" books, so all went swell. Until about the tenth page. Where it said chords. Now by then, I didn't even know what chords were, so just that was a mystery. But I was just befumbled when I tried playing one of them. My dad asked me if I wanted lessons so I said "Sure"

My dad hooked me up with guitar lessons because he was close to a guitar player that he had been playing with for many, many, many years. So there I was, just shy enough to hide behind my dad as he led me into the building for a free first guitar lesson. You know, the ones you get to see if you like the instrument. So I took that, had a blast and off I was!

After slaving away for approximately two years of guitars lessons, it was finally time to move up to a full size acoustic, (I still play the same one from back then) Three or four years of guitar lessons, my dad came up to me and said, I will be playing a Street Concert in about a week, and hey, if you want to come that would be great! And the guitar player was wondering if he could try out your acoustic, and look at it. So I said sure, why not. My dad had been telling me to practise for that week before standing up with a strap on. And telling me to go over my blues riffs. So I did all that. Then the week came up, I went and watched them play some pretty neat stuff, then they announced that they would be bringing up a "Special Guest" on stage with them. And I knew at that moment when the guitar player at the mic winked at me. That that Special Guest was me. I quivered with butterflies, I didn't know what to do! I felt like I was just freezing up. But hey, it's all good. So when I got up on stage, everyone was awfully nice to me. I grabbed my acoustic, and played a blues in G, had a solo. It was much fun.

Nothing really happened for the next 2 years really. Just regular guitar lessons, my birthday of 2004, I got to pick out a new amp for my beaten up Vantage electric, I chose a Randall RG75 G2 Series and 2005 though was really something special. I had been asking for a guitar for my birthday. (Which truthfully I didn't think I would get.) Upon seeing all my presents I realized my hope for a guitar was just a shattered dream. I opened them, still curious to see what might be lurking behind in those boxes. It was a Fender strap, a few other funny looking things which I did not know what the purpose was for them until later, and a few dozen picks. My mom then looked at me and said "Hey, what were you asking for for your birthday because we were thinking of going shopping and we didn't really know what to get you, so if you wanted to pick it out that would be fine." I said sure, that would be cool! Then my brother and my dad walked into my parents bedroom, yes, the forbidden room. Heaven forbid that I go in there hey!

They walked out carrying an oddly shaped rectangle wrapped in a sandy coloured blanket. My eyes grew big, as I quietly said "No way..." Hey, I didn't know what kind of guitar it was, and I didn't have any clue on anything, all I knew was, that I got a guitar for my birthday! HECK YES!!!

I opened the case with my eyes closed, opened them, and soon realized that it was a 2005 Fender Strat, those "Unidentified objects" Were really strap locks and a few other things. I quickly jumped up, and hugged my parents, picked up the guitar and started playing away.

Remember that guitarist from the band my dad was in, well he was pretty excited to hear I got a Strat, so my dad brought it to one of the jams they play at. The guy played it, and I hear he really liked it. Too bad it was a bar, I couldn't go to watch them. Well another year passed, another birthday. This time I got a few picks, and some money. But that guitarist returned to my story, and he brought a 20 year old Levi's strap with a lightning bolt on it with him, one that he had been using for 20 years. I grabbed that strap, put my straplocks on it, and haven't taken them off since.

Nothing huge has happened since then, well. I played another street party with Sassy Jack again just last year, in 2006. But this time I got to play an exciting 5 songs with them, and I had a solo in each. It was really amazing because, it was all improvisation, they didn't tell me what the songs were, how to play them, or anything like this. The guitarist just told me what key they were in and the rest was for me to figure out, however the rest was a huge success. I seemed to get the hang of it extremely quickly, and I learned alot. Heck, I even earned 20 bucks and a few cans of coke.

Since then, I have been brining my acoustic guitar to school daily, lugging it from home and back, playing outside at lunches drawing crowds, heck one lunch I even made an exciting 8 dollars, which I thought was quite cool at the time.

Then something pretty neat happened, yup, I learned how to sing. My friend really inspired me. No, actually, apparently he has been singing for a while, heck he even had about 15 songs hes wrote. But no, he didn't tell no-one, he made sure he kept this to himself. Well, after hearing a few, I started writing my own, and to this day I have close to eight, fully finished songs.

We played our schools talent show, each playing one of our own songs and Brown Eyed Girl which turned out to be a huge success. We had Encores, but no time to do them unfortunately. Having the great friends that I do, I ended up carrying to my truck two guitars, one electric, one acoustic, my amp, a 3 guitar stand, and a bad full of cords. As well as carrying down a flight of stairs my friends guitar amp, his guitar as well as two mic stands and a few mics. Needless to say, he played amazingly, so I guess he deserved me being his roady for a day or two.

Since then, we play daily in the halls for our friends and for ourselves, continue to write songs, and just have fun with it. No amazing shows, none of that. But for our next talent show, I am thinking of playing drums, with him on guitar and vocals, and me on drums and vocals.

Thanks for listening, next up, my short but lengthy biography as Nick: The Drummer.

My names Nick, and this is my second story...

Ahh, how my life begun as a drummer. Well, first of all, I'd like to start by telling you all, actually... I don't really know how it all started, but my dad had been a drummer for alot of his life. From when I was just an itsy bitsy kid, he started me off with the snare, getting and teaching me new rhythms. And I guess from there, you could always say, the rhythm was in me. Whenever I could, I would sneak into my basement and bang on my dads blue metallic amazingly coloured drums.

No, I guess, I never really felt the need to take lessons on drums. Seeing as how, well, I didn't really feel like I was in the position to really go anywhere with a career as a drummer. So hey, learning at my own speed was just fine with me. He rarely had this blue drumkit set up as it, was very old, and well. I actually don't think he had the parts necessary to put it all together as a full kit. So for now it just stayed as a kick drum, a snare and a ride cymbal. Nothing really, exciting happened with me and my drums. I played for myself, my dad taught me a few things here and there. All was swell. Well, a few years ago my dad went out and bought himself a fairly big Pearl drumkit for 1,000$ used. Gloss black, pretty nice. Sounds amazing too, I play it daily to this day. No, I haven't played drums live with anyone yet, but I do jam with my bud here and there. I guess, I might play my dads drumset infront of my school for the next talent show, it's totally up to my friend though. But that's all that's happened with my and my drums.

Thanks for listening, next up, my short but lengthy story as Nick: The Bass Player.
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My names Nick, and here is my third story

Yes, so what if i've only been playing for three years, time can't tell anything.

Okay, okay, so I only play jazz, what's wrong with that?

It all started when I moved up to Junior High School, the big 7...

All the teachers knew who I was, yes, my brother. The smart kid, but he was in art. He wasn't interested in music, but then there was me, I wanted to join band. My band teacher made a little deal with me. If I joined band, he would teach me bass, and I would join Jazz Band, hopefully to replace the little showoff bass player that they had at the moment. So I said "Sure, why not. I was going to join band anyways"

So there I was, shy little Nick walking into the biggest school he's seen in his LIFE. I walked into the band room with my head held low and picked up my blinding bright red Fender Jazz bass that I had to play. (The other bass player got a purple Cort, that I play now) But that's for another day. As I plugged in, not quite sure how I was supposed to play this contraption, the other bass player whaled away on Camelion, yup, just trying to show off some more. I thought to myself, boy, i'm stuck here for the rest of the year, practising every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at lunch?

He taught me how to read bass notes, how to walk a bassline, and the rest was up to me. For the next few shows our jazz band did, I sat in the back. Being the newcomer, I thought I would let the bands "real" or so I had thought, bass player do the show. I messed up so many times it wasn't even funny, my face turned bright pink, and I was so fed up I just turned my volume off and pretended to play.

Soon I got the hang of it and just before grade 8, I was doing just fine. Getting a grasp of the songs. And hey, with grade 8 just around the corner, and the current bass player leaving, that means I got the nice purple Cort in my feeble hands. Yes, he was finally gone! But so was my band teacher, he went to teach at a high school. But that's okay, because he gave me a 100$ scholarship to a 350$ Jazz Camp program at the U of M, and he just so happened to be a teacher there, and he made sure I was in his class. So now moving on to the newest, biggest school I have ever seen, I was on the borderline of loosing it. As soon as my mom left I knew I was hopeless, walking into 3 wrong classes. It took a good 2-3 days of the week long program to get the hang of where to go each day. Meaning a new teacher had to come in. For the audition to this Jazz Camp, they asked you to play a peice of your own, you can choose, and then they asked you to walk a blues in Bb. Well, I had a very beginner simple peice of music for bass, and I didn't know how to walk a blues. But that's okay, because I learned how to do that plus more in just 2 days! I made a few new friends, and I had alot of fun that week. By the end I didn't want it to end, but all good things come to an end at some point in time. *cough* back to the story of my new band teacher...

So in she came, most people didn't like her at first sight, most were scared, some didn't really care. I happened to be one that didn't really care. She taught me quite a few new things on bass, and so I was a happy little camper.

After getting to know her a little better, I introduced her to that scholarship that my old teacher gave me.. Yes it was time, and yes, I really asked her for a 100$ scholarship. But by the end of the year, I know she felt that I deserved it.

So off I went to Jazz Camp again, finally getting the grasp of where to go, this time flowed like butter, I even knew how to walk a blues in Bb! Needless to say, i've learned more about music than i've learned anywhere else, well, maybe not the hundreds of hours I spent practising guitar.

Which brings me to my third and final year at my junior high school, yes, technically i'm supposed to be in grade 9, which is high school. But i'm still stuck in a junior high environment. But that's okay, it's all the friendlier.

Here is my jazz band, getting all the less experienced, full of people who aren't willing to simply bring their instruments home to practise, and who honestly, don't care too much. But i'm still here. Although no matter how much I change the music, and try to spice it up, it's just really easy, and there is nothing I can do about that. It's not really fun anymore, but I still like to support my band, I know the people in it who have potentiel.

Which really brings me to a halt, for now. Until next time, maybe next year when I go to a new school.

New people
New teachers
New band
New bass guitar
New music

Ahh, yes! A new life.

And well, I can surely tell you all want to hear about learning my trumpet and harmonica. But I will leave those for tomorrow.
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I thought it was illegal for women to use the internet.
yeah, Im Nick and this is my two year story:

so i got this crappy guitar for christmas 2004 and never learned to play it until 2005 where i worked on simple stuff that i could actually play. before i got serious about guitar, i ditched it for cds and musician biography stuff. along my journeys through the internet airwaves of launch cast, i heard Ozzy Osbounre's "crazy train" Randy Rhoads guitar masterwork inspired me to study his methods and save up for an electric guitar. so i did. the influence Randy Rhoads had on my life as a guitar player will always stay and what i consider to be my reason for playing guitar. I soon drifted into Ozzy's diffrent eras such as the Jake E. Lee era and Zakk Wylde era.

In reading through websites i found out that Zakk Wylde was in a band called, Black Label Society. after discovering the society, my life as a musician and my life itself would never be diffrent. from there I slided into bands like Pantera, Slayer, and Metallica.

One of the three large influences which i can totally credit my guitar playing to is Dimebag Darrell. One morning on the radio all i can remeber to this day was "...the guitarist of Damageplan has been shot." I didnt know what Damageplan was let alone Pantera in 2004. The first song i ever heard by Black Label Society was, "In This River" I did have some knowledge it was Dimebag Darrell who was shot after radio DJs talking about Cross Canadian Ragweed's song, "Dimebag" which came out before BLS' "Mafia" Dime would later become one of the largest influences in my life for his chainsaw tone, brewtall squeels, and shredding riffs but the most important, his bad ass texas attitude.

So far I have been through two bands, one a hair metal/redneck band called Dark Fallen Shadow and consisted of a vocal/bassist, two guitarist, and a drummer but never wrote original songs and got a single gig; the second never had a name and conisted of a vocalist and two guitars. two practices playing non original materal was left alone for almost one year.

my newest band, which consists of vocalist/guitar/keys, bassist, and a drummer has enough demos recorded to go record in studio and summit them to record companies and we are planning to gig soon and set up a summer tour with two other band in texas
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Well i must have the shortest

Late starter, suddenly got an urge for music at 16 and started playing piano and singing, then saw matt bellamy do thaT AND play a guitar 50 gazillion times better than me, so i stole sisters classical guitar and learned some basics, then got a strat for my birthday learnt every muse song i could, and then i realised just how good other "classic" rock guitarists were even compared to "the god" of matt bellamy, so learnt some led zeppelin and floyd, especially the dazed and confused solo the most incredible solo ever and im 18 and now still going 4 months later and impressed a few people and myself
Kinda short, but hey.

Heard some vivaldi sometime when i was knee high to a grasshopper, and started the violin at the age of 4 and a half. Spent the years learning to play, with highs and lows. I picked up viola at 13, and have never looked back since, i just love the warm tone. So then I found the viola d'amore, this funky bowed instrument with 14 strings, and i still play today. At 14 and a bit i finally started guitar, and with the aid of my musical background im now at the same standard as many people i know who've played for five years plus.
So here I am at 16, playing viola in a couple of orchestras, playing violin on the side, planning something big with my viola d'amore and playing guitar because of the music i like and the range of tone it gives me.

Have a nice life

Band forming. Drummer and bassist needed, pos backing vocalist. Based near Richmond, Surrey (UK). Pm if interested.
Well...where to start?

I picked up the trombone in 6th grade and I stayed on that till 8th grade. When 8th grade rolled around I picked up the guitar. I fell in love with the instrument. I started learning Metallica, Maiden, Pantera, Alice in Chains and Soundgarden. I've been playing since 8th grade and I'm a senior going into my freshman year of college.

That's the overview of everything though. Hadn't it been for Pantera and my brother who got me into Metal and guitar, I probably wouldn't be here right now. I'd probably either be in jail or dead...but thank god I'm not..right?

Anyways, I have a band now named Darkley. We play everything from Grunge, Hard Rock to Progressive and Acoustic Rock. We finally have a recording deal and plan to go into the studio soon to record our first cd. We've covered songs from RHCP, Danzig, White Stripes, Toadies, Alice in Chains, Thornley and Soundgarden. We've lined up gigs this month in support of releasing our cd and plan to tour with some local bands soon.

That's pretty much it.
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was brought up listening to music, my dad bought me a £60 acoustic when i was 8, never really started playing properly until i got my electric when i was 11, started getting lessons when i was 13 and passed grade within a few months of starting the lessons, now doing my grade 7 and playing in a kick ass band
My dad used to play guitar when he was younger but gradually stopped when he got married and had me I don't really remember ever being very interested in guitar. I just remember my dad bought me this pretty cheep acoustic from a friend and one day i just picked it up and started messing with it. That was almost 3 years ago. I learned my basic chords and started playing in my youth groups worship band. That only lasted a couple months though. I kinda took a break from guitar after that. I didn't know much, my mom wouldn't let me take lessons and I just didn't have a passion for it. So after a few months I decided to pick it back up. My dad took me to Guitar Center and bought me a really nice acoustic. Since then I've learned numerous chords, taught myself to read a tab (it took me a long time to finally understand it haha) and now I play for atleast 2 hours a day. I love a wide vareity of music from stuff like Blink 182, to Contemporary Christian, to Country. I've always played acoustic but my best friend has inspired me to start electric. I've had a Squire sitting in my room for months but never thought a girl like me could play electric. I'm starting to think differently now. <3
^ You should try to get back in your youth group's band. I'm in one and I've seen my playing progress a lot.
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I've had a Squire sitting in my room for months but never thought a girl like me could play electric. I'm starting to think differently now. <3

Hey don't think you can't play guitar just because you are a girl/woman, there are plenty of great female musicians.

The rock gods know no discrimination when it comes to gender, so rock on!
I figure I'll throw my musical biography on here.

I played percussion instruments, snare drum and bass drum in elementary school 4th and 5th grade. I quit because I didn't make it into the middle school band program, and I was pretty dormant with music until the 8th grade. My dad taught me House of the Rising Sun on the guitar and I played off and on throughout highschool. I went through the drums and bass (and I still love to wail on a drum kit when I get the chance) but I ended up playing the guitar as my main instrument in my junior year of high school. I played in a cover band for a battle of the bands, and then joined the band that I currently play with at the end of my senior year in highschool.

In my sophomore year of college I took guitar lessons and wow! What a change, I've really come along as a musician and guitar player ever since I started taking lessons. And now I still play with the same band acoustic and electric, and I hope to learn the Violin someday soon. So I'm a junior in college now and I've been playing the guitar since 8th grade, so its been a while! I look at it as a journey, I'm always learning and growing as a musician and guitar player.
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^ You should try to get back in your youth group's band. I'm in one and I've seen my playing progress a lot.

Definitely. I am playing every 2 weeks for a worship service with the youth and its awesome. Its getting out and playing with a band, and you know the songs so well that its not hard. Just a really good learning experience.
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justin, that was easily the most inspiring, helpful piece of advice anyone has ever given me in regards to my musical pursuits.

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I'm sure my story will be a bit boring... but here it is, play by play for all you who really dont care about my story

Age: 10
I start Playing the Violin, and taking classical lessons. I soon fell in love with the whole concept of music, and began to listen to nothing but classical music, I enjoyed it so much. After two years of playing the violin, I was able to improvise, listen to something and play it, all that jazz. However, due to peer pressure, and my parents trying to force me to get better, I was discouraged. BIGGEST mistake ever.

Age: 12-16
Nothing in particular, I just played random instruments here and there, didn't ever really get too into anything, due to school, Star Wars Galaxies, and other issues ( I know i know, excuses excuses...)

Age: 16
Okay! Here we go... I finally got a girlfriend now that I had quit that awesome game Star Wars Galaxies, and she introduced me to actual bands, as before this point, I listened to nothing but Classical... not necessarily a bad thing, in my eyes. I got really heavily into 80's rock and metal, and all of a sudden, the insane craving for music came back to me, in the form of guitar. So... after months of waiting, and all this good stuff, mostly reading lessons here on the UG, so I could actually know some stuff when time came so I could get a guitar. April 1st... the day I took my SAT, 11th grade. At noon, when the test was over, I went on over to my local(pshh... more like in downtown richmond) music store, and got a strat beginners pack... And the day I got my guitar, spent from 3pm to 5am playing nonstop, learning Kryptonite.
To make this section slightly shorter... I spent the next few months learning things here and there, little songs... up until my best friend introduced me to metal, and it was like that moment in your life when you all of a sudden realise what you want to do for a living is right in front of you. I made the decision that I want to play metal for my life. To shorten the story again... I kept on going, and started learning music theory heavily when i was about 17.5.

Age: 18
Now, Almost graduating High School, have refined my musical tastes, and have gotten decades better at the guitar. I'm often told that I'm far better than certain guitarists at my school who've been playing for up to 4 times longer than I have. I still practice 2-6 hours a day... depending on how busy I am, or tired. Looking for a band to play with, Hopefully will happen soon.

Until then, I'm in love... with MUSIC! (how cheesy :p

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Letters to Zaya
i was about 16, and i already loved music, i listened to it all the time, but i listened to nothing but rap, the first CD that i remember buying was an eminem CD, w/e, today i'm a huge tupac fan, but anyways, back to the story, i was about 16 walking to my bus stop, listening to some tupac songs my uncle had given me for me to try out and i heard "i ain't mad atcha" from then on i wanted to get into the piano, i picked up pianos for dummies from my uncle and would play on his keyboard or a piano at my church, i learned classical stuff, to coldplay to alicia keys, the workds, i taught myself how to play and i learned how to read music and learned a lot of theory like that, then i heard appetite for destruction and i fell in love with rock n' roll and the blues, i had been playing the piano for a few months by new and had really taken off with it...but suddenly after a couple months of listening to guns n' roses i got into guitar, my first guitar was an old beat up BC Rich mockingbird, action high as hell and piece of shit EMG pickups, of course naturally the first riff i learned was sweet child o' mine, but w/e i have learned about 80% of there songs by tab and ear, and i've gotten into all kinds of classic and 80's rock bands, zeppelin, pink floyd, ACDC aerosmith, the scorpions, skid row, so on and so forth, it's been only about one and a half years, crazy how much has happened with music and i in such a short amount of time, but i'm still learning, and i want to get in i guess stay tuned for the next chapters, lol
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Year 1 - Mum bought me an acoustic for christmas when I was 10. Learnt A and C chords.. gave up.
Year 2 - Nothing at all.
Year 3 - Nothing at all.
Year 4 - Started to learn bass on my acoustic, basically just by learning songs I knew.
Year 5 - Got better and better, branched out very briefly into drums and then got told today that I should try singing. What the heck, I'll give it a shot.
Year 1- I was 11 or 12... I pick up the guitar i've owned since i was 8 but never touched and got a book from the library to learn basic guitar chords and notes In that year i figured out Chord formulas and major scale, minor scale, major and minor pentatonics, blues scale, hormonic minor, and tried at accending and decending melodics (didn't quite get why they were different back then)
Year 2- Started learning music theory, joined a band but got irritated because they didn't like my playing, also got more into blues than anything
Year 3- Stopped playing to spend time with my girlfriend
Year 4- My experimental year, tried at classical, flamenco, speed metal, mimiced some classic rock, ended up playing my own style, which is kind of a mix of blues and metal, hints of pink floyd and classical
Year 5- Im 16 now, I write music and trying to find people to start a band with, but so far no dice
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Year 1-Picked up guitar and got to the stage when i was about to learn Harmonic Minor
Year 2-Picked up bass and became half decent at that while staying at basically the same stage on the guitar
Year 3-Bass playing moulds into many different styles from Thrash Metal to Brazilian Grooves while Guitaring goes to a sort of Blues mixed with Metal shredding-ish kind of thing
Currently-16 Years old, writing material on Guitar and bass for band and exploring different world styles

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I was never a fan of music in the first half of secondary school (highschool) due to the growing stereotypes, like the chavs, the gangstas, the punks and the goths. Me being the person i am didnt want to get stereotyped so i wouldnt settle on a music taste. Till one week in year 9, this was 5 years ago, i started skateboarding, now with this came the whole lets watch Jackass and CKY, then eventually i had these songs from the bands CKY and HIM always going off in my head. So i went out and bought my first CD, 'HIM - ...And Love Said No' I liked the album at first but now i cant stand the band or the songs, but then i was bought 'CKY - Volume One' and i loved it some of the guitar in it was awesome. This fuelled me to skate more, then it all kicked in, i went up to North England (lake district) to visit family and my cousin decided to teach me to play guitar. On my first day i learnt:

Seven Nation Army - White Strips
Metallica - One (the clean intro thats all)

Then i decided i wanna play guitar, so my dad took my cousin to a guitar shop to buy a high e string for his guitar and he said to me, do you want a guitar, and i was drooling at all these shining instruments saying yes yes yes haha I ended up with a Westfield Stratocaster, the typical starter guitar. I got back to my home in London after my week in the district. Then from there i started scanning tab sites and looking up songs that my dad liked so he would let me keep the guitar. the deal was that if i didnt show interest and if i let guitar fade away like i did with many hobbies then he would keep the guitar for himself. So i went off and learnt to play chords and the odd song. at this time my music taste was growing with bands like: Chili Peppers, Green Day, Blink 182, Nickelback. I remember learning to play american idiot whilst standing up, which i found hard at the time and i remember learning all the small things. Then my taste spread to bands like Nirvana, Guns n Roses and Foo Fighters and i remember downloading a video of Foo fighters all my life and i learnt it from a wack tab which until a year later i realised was a lil bit wrong :P. Then i learn the typical nirvana songs like Smells like teen spirit and In bloom. I then learnt to sing along with about a girl and play.

Now i have been playing Almost 3 years and im a heavy metal fan. Influenced by Metallica Megadeth Alter Bridge, Machine Head etc etc. and i have a nice little Ibanez GRG170DX and a nice line 6 II 212 amp but i want to upgrade my kit soon. I wanna buy a White ESP EX and a decent half stack and get my self a Boss MT-2 pedal or something i played one and they are brilliant. I am currently singing lead vocals and playing lead guitar, mainly playing kirk hammett styled solos, but im trying to learn more and more as i go along.

My Gear!
Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Alpine White
Line 6 Spider II 212
Dunlop Zakk Wylde Crybaby

Fender DG-5 Black Acoustic
Axl AG-659 Acoustic
I started playing classical guitar when I was 7 or 8... Got lessons from one teacher for about a year, then had to switch to a new teacher. In that time, I never really got very good... and with the new teacher, I just started to get better...then they moved away when I was 12. Heh.
I picked up and played occasionally, but never seriously.

Got a new teacher aged 13. Started to really improve my classical quickly, and, encouraged by them, I bought an electric guitar.
Best move of my life ^.^

I'm 15 now, and I'm quite a proficient classical player...
And recently I've improved to quite a kick-ass stage with the electric.
I can play most stuff, but there is some stuff that I just refuse to play.

My current annoyance? I can't sweep pick well. Apart from that, I'm getting better every day
i first got into guitar when i was 7 it was a cheap classical guitar from argos but it didn't last i learned a few chords and my major scale shape and then gave up.

years later when i was 14 i got asked to start a band by my then best friend the only problem being he needed a bassist not a guitarist. so i grabbed my cheapo classical and started practicing bass lines on it, after 3 months of this and using the schools bass for our band practices i had saved up £150 for my first bass, it was and still is the cheapest piece of tat ever shaped into a bass but i loved it. It didn't bother me that the action was huge or the frets were rough as a dogs arse. so i kept at it playing in my band covering songs (mostly Green Day) i developed a playing style very similar to Mike Dirnt's and that held me up for two years.

After about a year I traded my shit bass for the school's marlin sota bass, which lasted me around 3 months before i inherited £300 and bought myself what i considered to be the holy grail of basses at the time. i bought a Maverick Nemesis B2 it kept me going for about a year until i hade a revelation and my playing style changed drastically. The bass no longer cut it for me so i scraped together some cash, sold my maverick and bought a squier standard jazz bass.

2 month later i quit my band because the frontman was being a jackass and kept trying to change the direction of the band. by this point i was in college on a music practice course so had no time for the band anyway. i learned all sorts from the guys in college from simple things like new bands to more complex things like the modes. My influences changed drastically i was no longer impressed by the likes of green day or rancid i started to build feel into my playing i got into reggae and prog rock and funk all of these had an effect on my playing however small.
Reggae taught me the value of the offbeat while i learned more about melody from prog and i learned slap from funk

a month later my girlfriend of 1 year left me and i fell into a rutt where i stopped living and just existed, going to college and such. This reflected in my music it stopped being creative and varied and became dull and depressing always repeating the one idea that i had nothing to live for.

With the help of my friends i got out of the rutt and joined a band called Bay Of Pigs. I had my first practice with them 2 days ago, it kicked arse and i'm glad i'm back. i learned a lot about myself when i hit that low which has made me into a better person and a better musician.

At the moment i regret nothing because all this has shaped my playing and my musical atitude into what it is today.

These days i have given up on the pick and on green day and have moved onto a wider variety of music ranging from Neil Young to Dream Theater.

to be continued..............
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Well, I might as well contribute to this. Apologies for the length of it:

First musical memory is being ‘forced’ to take piano lessons at age 6. I say forced, because while I did enjoy them, I didn’t really have any say in the matter. In any case, it’s one of my primary instruments now, and I’m glad I’ve started and stuck with it. The amount of theory I’ve learned from playing the piano has helped me tremendously.

Really, I don’t remember much musically. I have vivid memory’s of my dad playing a lot of Crowded House and Bruce Springsteen, and my mother’s a huge fan of The Police and Queen, but other than I’d mostly listen and in my little high pitched way sing along to the shitty R&B and pop songs and the local radio. My first knock in confidence came when I was coming down stairs (I was about 9) singing ‘Under The Bridge’ and my older laughed, telling me I was a shit singer and that song sucked. Shows how much he knew, eh?

In Year 7, I’ve no idea why I did at that stage, I picked up the saxophone. The teacher was quite good, but the music department in my middle school was terrible, and there was very little in the way of motivation and inspiration. Finding the instrument difficult to play I decided – in one the biggest mistakes of my life and one that I still regret to this day – to give it up.

I carried on on the piano in much the same vein until I got to Year 9 (about age 13). I’d listened to almost exclusively to the shit on the radio and the classic rock albums my dad played, mainly I remember Pink Floyd, Crowded House and Bruce Springsteen, but there most definitely others.
It was around this time me and my mates started talking about music a lot. One of my best friends, who I’ve known since I was about 4, didn’t listen at all to music, and still doesn’t. The other two guys I hung around with a lot, whom I’d known for about two years, both had similar tastes. One, Turner (surname, not first name) had picked up from what his dad listened to, which was a lot of Yes, Dire Straits, Rush and Pink Floyd. The other one, Glen, loved dance music but was also very much into Metallica, Jimi Hendrix and Queen. It was around this time I decided I ought to really start developing my own taste in music, and, rifling through my dad’s CD collection I pulled out the most rebellious album I could find, namely Appetite For Destruction. It fucking blew me away and the CD didn’t leave my room for a long time. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for it to be joined by the two Use Your Illusion albums.

Around about the same time, my brother was really big into Pink Floyd, and he pretty much forced me to listen to Dark Side Of The Moon. It was, as they say, love at first sight. As I started listening almost exclusively to Crowded House, Pink Floyd and Guns ‘n’ Roses, I realised that as enjoyable as the piano was, learning classical music wasn’t at all fitting into my current musical interest, and so I decided I was going to learn a rock and roll instrument.
After watching ‘Pink Floyd Live In Pompeii’ for the first time, after finding it weird and hilarious, I fell in love with that version of Echoes, and, in particular Nick Mason’s drumming. So that effectively decided it for me and I begged my parents to let me start learning the drums. They, to my surprise after the saxophone stint, agreed and I started taking lessons through the school. The day I had my first lesson, my dad took me out after school and bought a drum kit there and then. We’re not a rich family, never have been, but he was really happy about the fact I’d started playing drums and encouraged me greatly.
After practicing the basics of rock n roll for a couple of weeks at home and skipping lessons, I started going to them again and practicing the pieces from the book. They were quite uninteresting, and I did show a lot of promise at the instrument. About three weeks into starting, I could play ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ and Bon Jovi’s ‘Keep The Faith’. Was very happy with how I was progressing, and at the end of the first year I took my Grade 3 in drums and passed which was a huge boost in confidence.

Then, in June of 2004, my life was flipped upside down and I got a guitar. My brother had been plucking around for quite a bit on an old nylon strung classical guitar for a couple of years, before getting a paper round to pay half his way for an electric bass. I started plucking around on the same guitar, and my brother was actually quite encouraging this time. I feel in love with the instrument and managed to persuade my dad to go halves with me on a guitar pack for my 14th birthday. I was suckered into buying a black and white Samick Malibu Stratocaster, simply because I knew nothing about guitars, and thought it was the same one the David Gilmour played in the ‘Live In Pompeii’ DVD.
I’d already learned the notes and how to hold a pick etc. from practicing on the classical guitar, so really, the first thing I did was jam over the song Echoes. Fun stuff.

It was around the same time I got heavily into listening to music as well: the first CD I bought was Avril Lavigne’s debut, and while I’m not proud of it, it showed me what I didn’t want to be listening to. Straight after that, I continued in the same vein as music I’d been listening to before and bought Guns ‘n’ Roses ‘Live Era: 1987 – 1994’ album, which blew me away.
At around the same time, my friend Glen started taking guitar lessons and my friend Turner had started playing piano. Myself and Turner in Year 10 started doing Music GSCE and we hooked up with a drummer called Luke. At home, considering how quickly and easily I was picking up guitar, I started playing my brothers electric bass as and when he’d let me – which wasn’t very often. By now, Pink Floyd was the biggest influence on my music, and I figured I had all the right ingredients for a band, so I put it together. The line-up consisted of myself on bass and vocals, Glen on guitar, Turner on piano and Luke on drums. Of course, the important thing that I’d hadn’t factored in, was that Glen couldn’t really play the guitar that well as he’d only just started playing a couple of weeks ago, Turner wasn’t great at piano chords and improvising, and none of us knew any songs. So we all crowded into the school’s ‘Live Lounge’ and talked and plucked randomly for about three weeks before Luke announced he didn’t want to do it anymore and Turner announced he was taking up bass.

That really settled it for that; I moved back to guitar and Turner took over bass duties. He managed to pick up the basics really quite quickly, and we’d spend once a week him playing a bass-line and me improvising a solo over the top. Then it got to the point where we both decided we were going to have to write some songs, so I went home that night and noodled around for a chord sequence. I couldn’t write lyrics and didn’t try, but Turner came up with them. As in the vein as all first songs, it sucked, but at the time we both thought it was good and started working on it. Luke came in one practice and played with us, but by now he was in the school band with three other kids in our music class, who played shi[/btty pop-punk covers but kissed-ass to the teacher, so he loved them and they were the first chosen for everything musical. But nevermind my bitterness for now.

For my next birthday, I got a distortion pedal and started exploring a lot more musically. We started playing with another drummer in our music class, Hubert, who is still the best drummer I’ve ever played with.
We kept jamming around with nothing ever really coming from it but it was fun so we didn’t really mind. That, and the huge ego of both myself and the even bigger ego of the guitarist for the school band made for a lot of healthy competition.
At around this time, Glen introduced me to Jimi Hendrix’s music, and while I didn’t like it at first and couldn’t understand why everyone thought so highly of him, I eventually fell in love with him and became immersed in his style of egotistical guitar wankery in every song.

Eventually Hubert left to pursue playing with another group of guys from our music class, these guys playing nothing but Green Day and Red Hot Chili Peppers covers. Finally, we got our first show; an in-school expressive arts showcase. Turner and I entered ourselves with Hubert agreeing to play drums if we hadn’t found anyone else within a week. We had no idea what we were going to play – what we could play – but eventually while Turner and I were at my house just faffing around on Wish You Were Here, my brother came in suggested we play ‘Rockin’ In The Free World’, and he’d happily come in and play drums for us. So that settled that dilemma.
Come the actual event and we’re the penultimate act on. There’s a couple of drama acts, a guy called Philip does a violin solo, one of the other school bands plays ‘Holiday’, another drama thing and then we’re up. I forget to turn the amp on, and spend a minute trying to figure out why I can’t hear the guitar. Yeah… In any case, we eventually get sorted and blast into it. Fear and nerves rooted both me and Turner to the spot so we didn’t move around much and thus had no stage presence at all. I improvised some long solos in the designated spots; we finish the song eventually and take our leave to some health applause.
We didn’t finish in the top 3, but I didn’t give a damn; if felt great to get up there and play, and a couple of ladies I was friends with said I was – quote – a ‘guitar God’. Yeah, that made me feel good inside.
It was around here that I started getting very much into Bob Dylan and electric blues music. SRV fuelled my guitar heroics, and Dylan made me want to write lyrics that meant something. Turner and I started playing with a drummer called Danny who lived around the corner from me. The guy listened to a lot of metalcore, but hey, we could work through that right? Well, no, it turns out the guy sucked and couldn’t keep time at all. I persisted because there weren’t any other drummers, and he came round a couple of times for to teach him some bits and bobs on the drums, but it just didn’t work out.

As far as other instruments go, at this stage (late-2005) I’d passed my Grade 5 piano, had started learning some tuned percussion, failed my Grade 4 drums and dropped the lessons, confident that I was good enough to play in a rock band on kit if I found one.

Things carried on for a while really, and eventually the band Hubert was in broke up, and he came back to play with Turner and I. We booked the music room after school to record a few covers on a crappy tape recorder I had, and listening back I realised that not only was our huge jam in All Along The Watchtower boring to listen to, but despite my place in the band I couldn’t sing. Instead of actually learning, I merely blamed the volume of the microphone requiring me to shout and the bad recording quality. Oh boy.

My then near-obsession with Bob Dylan led me to buy a harmonica and a stand, and as we tightened up as a band, I started playing harmonica a bit more. Finally, towards the end of Year 11, I tried to organize alongside our music teacher a Battle Of The Bands. It was finally my chance to – in front of a decent sized audience – show up the school band and gratify my ego. Our band settled on playing ‘Couldn’t Stand The Weather’, ‘Time’ and ‘Tattoo’d Lady’. We were all set to go, but the event got called off the morning of it, which pissed me and a lot of people off big-time, but hey, it’s just one of those things.

The band by now had a good assortment of covers, but we were not good for originals. We had two full songs, and the rest were just mish-mash jams of bits we had. I found out that there was a Jesus Centre nearby that had open-mic nights once a month, and while I don’t like what they do, I figured well hey, an audience is an audience, right? Me and Turner enlisted a bloke called Lee – who was in another band but is a good friend of ours – to play with us as Hubert couldn’t make it. Lee and Turner, neither of whom could play drums very well, decided that on the night they would alternate between drums and bass to make for an interesting show. We practiced ‘Hey Joe’ inside out ready for the night, and turned up ready to go.
When we first got up and plugged in, the guys noticed – by my Dark Side… shirt – that we were Pink Floyd fans, and requested we play Comfortably Numb. Lee doesn’t like Pink Floyd, but hey, it’s an easy bassline so I run it past him and we play through the song. Needless to say, it was a train-wreck of a performance. Then we played Time, again one Lee didn’t know, but he picked it up easy enough. Half way through, the amp I had borrowed cuts, and I finish the song playing the chords on the keyboard. It turns out the power to the amp was cut by the theatre next door because we were being too loud so we moved the instruments along a bit. We start playing through Hey Joe, I play the solo behind my head, and at the end of the song I improvise a solo around for a bit while introducing the other two who are swapping instruments every twelve bars. It’s pretty fun.
The next month, we turn up to play again, this time with my own amp, and Hubert on drums. We play three original songs, but completely insecure about my vocals from comments my parents made after the last open-mic night, I shy away from the mic and they turn into three instrumental songs. Dad tells me as good as we are, we need a singer because just us jamming gets boring. Fair point, I guess.

We’re generally quite happy, and keep playing together, until we decide to boot out Hubert for being unreliable as he never turned up for practices any more. After a long and fruitless search, we found a drummer called Rory, and I’d written a number of songs. We jammed, and he was pretty damn good.
At this time, however, Turner was asked and agreed to play bass for a band called The Naishon, the one who the afore-mentioned Lee played guitar for. I was a bit annoyed, but he assured me he wouldn’t quit my band. After a couple of practices, Rory started demanding we play all day, and while I was happy, Turner didn’t want to (and couldn’t afford it). Eventually Rory quit and told us that band was over. This was early 2006. Having been dicked around for about two years in terms of bands, I spoke to Turner about it and decided to just give it up. I couldn’t find musicians with similar ideas and influences, and I couldn’t be bothered to put the effort in to make it work.

It was around October last year when our new music teacher asked if I’d give him a hand to sort some stuff out for the prospective parents evening that night. I asked if I could come down and play, he said yes. So I grabbed my guitar, pedals (now consisting of a distortion, flange and wah-wah), my dad’s acoustic guitar, harmonica’s and called Turner up. We both turned up and busked in the corridor acoustically – with him playing xylophone and bongos – and jammed electrically in the Live Lounge. It was a fun time, and there was a second parents evening two days later. So three guesses what happened? We go back purely acoustic, only this time I invited our friend Peter along – who plays guitar – and Philip, the much-earlier mentioned violinist. We busk for a good two and half hours a load of covers, and some random jams. Had a great time, and I discovered something; Phil loved folk and was a great musician. Well… it doesn’t really take a genius to figure the next part out does it?

The next day I asked Phil if he’d be interested in forming a folk duo with me, and to my surprise – as although he likes folk, he can’t stand guitars and is a complete classical nut – he said yes. We booked the music room for after school the following week, and we get together to practice. Neither of us has anything to work with, but Phil brings a book full of jigs and hornpipes, and we work through two of them. I come up with a chord sequence, and Phil, although terrible and afraid of improvising, comes with a pretty groovy violin part over the top. I go home and over the next week, having not thought up any lyrics, revive and old song from my days of electric playing, and somehow it fits the new chords. Problem solved really.
Phil and I practiced week in, week out, and our music teacher who loves folk really encourages us and helps us. I start working weekends at Morrisons in order to finance an electro-acoustic guitar (which I got a month and a half ago).
Our music teacher got us to play in a folk-festival/pub-crawl in January called ‘Night Of The Plough’ in a village just outside of Cambridge. We enjoyed it, and inspired by Turner’s ‘emo-hat’ (he’s not emo, and it’s not an emo hat (do they even exist?) but it got the nickname) we decide to call ourselves ‘Johnny’s Hat’. We get asked to play for two evenings at another expressive arts showcase the school has, and my harmonica playing is improving a lot, as well as getting some respect as a lead guitarist in the school swing band.
Then the clincher came: I wanted to gig and a pub in town was advertising for any old musicians to come and play, and if they were good enough they’d get called booked regularly. I told them we could play for two hours; me and Phil had about half an hour tops of material.
So we had a week to learn two hours of cover songs. We did manage to pull if off, how I’m not sure, but we did. It was highly enjoyable, albeit a bit there was hardly anyone around, but it was fun nonetheless, which is what matters.
It was at this time too that Phil – through Django Reinhardt – got me into jazz music. Playing with him also gave me a new respect for the violin and a rebirth of interest in classical music, for which to him I’m very grateful.

Finally, about two weeks ago we were asked to play at school charity function, which went amazingly well. Very fun.

As of this moment in time, I’m preparing for my Grade 5 theory exam, and straight after that I’ll be doing my Grade 6 piano exam. I’ve opened my mind to a lot of different styles of music, and quit working at Morrisons for want of keeping my sanity and happiness. My song-writing has improved, my harmonica playing has gotten very good and I’m only now starting to stop blaming outside factors and actually work on singing well. Phil and I have written about 8 songs together, and it’s the first time I’m actually really quite excited about where I’m going musically; Phil and I are combining folk, blues and jazz in a way I haven’t heard done before, and we’re both talented musicians and writers with a lot of support. Things are looking up.

EDIT: On top of the guitar/vocals/harmonica in the Johnny's Hat duo, I play drums for the Sixth Form Rock Group as well as lead guitar for the school swing band.
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Year 1 - I was 7 and got an electric guitar for Christmas (Epiphone Jr. LP), but couldn't play it. It was too complicated for me.
Years 2-4 - I did absolutely nothing, seeing as how I couldn't play it.
Year 5 - Got taught by my step brother to play Iron Man. Got a bit more interested. Started practicin.
Year 6 - Learned Slipknot's "Duality". Started a band.
Year 7 - Learned a lot of stuff, began working heavily on the band. Joined UG
Year 8 - I'm now 13 (almost 14), and I'm still learnin stuff about guitar.
1990 - My friend (Rob) volunteers me to play bass in his band. I have no prior knowledge of music.
My Rob takes lessons, so he teaches me the Modes in F.

1991 - Learned a bunch of Metallica songs and Rob's orignals, recorded an EP with my metal band Xanthus.
1992 - Rob volunteers me to sing for the band. Learned more Metallica songs, discovered punk from my skater friends, re-recorded original Xanthus songs. The day of the Battle of the Bands, I get in a (minor) car accident and we lose.
1993 - Xanthus breaks up, so Rob and I write new songs and look for a drummer.
1994 - I take lessons for two months, then quit. Recorded EP with new band, The Other End.
1995 - Rob's guitar gets stolen at a show, decides he is going to quit playing rock/punk to play jazz. The Other End breaks up.
1996 - Bought a cheap Drum Kit and Guitar. Recorded a few songs on a four track as Twenty Weiner. Breifly form the a band called Twenty Weiner from former members of Xanthus, The Other End and a guy named Ray. I break up the band when drummer goes back to school.
1997 - Join Lot5 (Ray's band), write originals, record EP.
1998 - Lot5 breaks up and I form Tag You're It with ex-Lot5 Drummer George.
1999 - Finally get a bassist, Jennifer. Write all new songs.
2000 - Record and release 1st Tag You're It EP, titled "Your Mom". Played a small club in Roselle Park, NJ called The Cove every other Week for a full year. Band wins two awards from the club, "Song of the Year" and "Best Pop-Punk Band".
2001 - Record and release 2nd Tag You're It EP, titled "Your Dad". Continued playing at the Cove and some other NJ venues, but mostly at the Cove. We get three awards this year, "Most BOTB wins, Best Pop Punk Band, and a third. Opened up for Shades Apart at Birch Hill.
2002 - Cove closes, we begin writing for a full lengh which we record on a computer.
2003 - Everyone gets bored and we scrap the entire album's worth of material and start writing new songs.
2004 - We play a couple shows here and there and people start calling us Emo.
2005 - This year was pretty much a total loss
2006 - Record EP and post on Myspace, Jen picks up the guitar and George's brother Brian plays bass
2007 - Planning on recording a full lengh.
Age 9: Got my first acoustic guitar and lessons as a birthday present. Not too happy for it, because i was 9. I believe I spent my days pretending I was a superhero and wondering when my favorite cartoons were on. Yet, I pressed on, practicing the times I was told to practice, and that's about it. This went on til age 12. I was progressing, but at a very slow pace. Got an electric somewhere in the mix.

Age 12: I moved to a new town, a town devoid of music and sunshine. I had to travel to Dodge City to get lessons and the guy was a real nuthead, yes a nuthead. So guitar was still just a thing i kind of did, not important at all.

Age 13: My nuthead teacher dropped me for some very b.s. reasons. I wasn't too torn up, but I don't think I touched a guitar for around 6 months. I was a hip-hopper back in those days.

Age 14: My drummer friend, bass friend, and I formed a cover band. We pretty much just sat around in the bass player's grandpa's basement doing Blink-182 and Simple Plan. Complicated stuff, I'm tellin ya. We stopped because school was getting in the way, and once again, guitar is just a thing I do, I never had any real passion.

Age 16: Now we've started a new band, and things are going a lot better. I'm starting to take guitar seriously, and I'm starting to get into the theory thing. Too bad my school has 80 students and I'm the only one with any interest in any kind of theory. I'm starting to learn some technically difficult things, but all in all, I'd say i'm around where a 2-3 mediocre player is. So I'm trying to get better, and tryin to rock the world.
well when i was 7 i began to take piano lessons. I cant remember if it was me who wanted to play at first or if my dad wanted me to play. but anyway i started piano when i was 7 and took lessons from a pretty good teacher. i played until i was 14. but when i was about 10 i also picked up violin for the orchestra in my school. i remember i kinda liked them both but i was forced to practice each for 30 minutes a day. when you're a kid that sucks wiener. so when i turned 14 in freshman year i dropped both of them. it was a combination of not having the time, not having any good music to play, and hating being made to practice. plus i determined that violin is for asians. i then was sucked into the hell of rap music for a few years. don't know how it happened, but it did. about senior year i began to hate the ignorant s***heads that think that they are artists when they have no talent at all. I slowly started listening to rock. now in my freshman year of college i have become an all out rock music fan. i mean i don't go crazy or anything like that and i despise metal more than anything. i am mostly a blues rock/ classic rock purist. i went to an incubus concert and really felt their music. something about eric clapton really struck me too. then john mayer, who i thought was a fag for so long, did the same thing as clapton. so now i am learning to play on a brand new american strat. i hope to be in a band soon, but playing pure good rock music. not some homo crap or metal crap.
From the womb to late 12: Always heard some form of music at home, mainly Classic Rock. Started watching some of the old clips of AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, Thin Lizzy, The Who, Led Zep and expressed an interest. Got a Gibson SG and tried to play basslines, doh! Learned to read tabs and played the SG and a Squier Strat properly, as a guitar. Replaced the nut on the Squier and re-strung it as a Lefty ... play Blues Lefty and Rock as a Righty More focused on surfing and grappling (Judo) and girls though. Focused on Judo state championship and won.

13: More surfing and grappling (Judo and BJJ and Wrestling) but also more serious on Guitar. Started practicing at least 2 hours/day. Got a Washburn 6-string Bass and a cheap Behringer amp and messed with basslines a bit (John Entwistle and John Paul Jones). Still focused on Judo state comps and winning

14 to the present: Practice guitar at least 3 hours/day and Bass about 1 hour every other day. Bass is so hard! I can hear and feel the groove but can't let it out, yet. Congrats to competent bassists BTW.

I also discovered modding guitars ... painting mostly, upgrading PUs, assembling superior parts bought cheap, painting rich friends' guitars and charging them obscene amounts, got a job as a gofer for a rich friend's dad's construction company on weekends, formed/joined 2 bands, as a lead and/or rhythm for one and as a bassist for the other. We play Blues and mostly Classic Rock (good for Bar Mitzbahs and rich friends' Bdays and parties). We still don't have the skills to compose our own. Beginning to learn shred. Getting so frustrated by how difficult it is to be a decent Bassist.
Pre guitar

i learned keyboard for 3-4 years but quit due to lack of interest, it just didnt seem right.

Guitar Year 1 (still remeber the date 3 dec 2003 ... sad i know)

i pestered my parents to get me a guitar but they doubted my commitment however on the date in question i had academic review day,(basicly a parent teacher meeting) my dad and i went. My report was not bad but my dad was really happy with it so he said lets go look at some guitars. Once i went into my local shop and after nearly three hours of looking at guitars i bought a metalic, marine blue stagg strat copy and a 16W amp. Over the moon i started to practise getting simple riffs off this site for nearly a year.
not really acomplishing anything i contiued to play guitar, then i learnt my first song smells like teen spirt by nirvana. This suden outburst convinced me to purchase a new 'better' guitar. Intersest in the lp shape i pestered my parents again to get me a new guitar

Year Two
In jan i finally got a lp copy. A matt black finish and tribal inlays i was inlove with that guitar. However during the process of looking at guitars i found out how bad i really was consistanly playing rape me lick by nirvana or the intro to gasoline by seether i felt embarrased at being so bad. From hearing other guitarists at the shop i found the way and it was called METAL. the fast licks and brutal rhythm excited me and i vowed to become a better guiatr play with my new axe. I the turend to taking lessons hoping that soloing will come to me easier ... And it did. I breezed past the pentatoic scales and touched on modes along with learning pinch harmonics and some speedy scales. I felt like i was finally going somewhere.

Year three

Now lessons where getting boring pointless techniques were thrown at me with no solid explanation. I was pretending to be happy with the lessons but i just wasnt. I started to use 'total guitar magazines' to try to teach myself guitar again and quit lessons. I purchased seethers 'karma and effect' tab book and have learnt nearly all the songs. at 15 Here i am now withe a hand full of songs by seether, nirvana, broken and walk by pantera - the solos, hand of blood by BFMV. I love playing guitar, i want a band i have a drummer n am just looking for a bassist to start a three piece with me on vocals.
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I was given a guitar when i was four, didn't start playing it really until i was 12. Mostly bluesy rock stuff (lot of barre chords and pentatonic stuff). Started taking it seriously when i was about 17 and set about learning modal theory, more advanced chords and what not. I picked up the drums when i was 13... spurred by a challenge from some arrogant little turd in my 8th grade English class, And i just recently got interested in double bass again... so i have a second bass drum now. I joined my first band in 2003, it was a hardcore punk band. Didn't last very long, and the guitar player and i reformed it as an alternative rock band, then..... after losing interest in that... as well as some clashes with our lead guitarists ego, we formed a ska group. Following the break up of that.... i was in a progressive rock/thrash metal band (picture king crimson playing metallica), lost a guitar player and we reformed as what is called (in the 80s at least) a Neo-Prog band. I suffered about a year of inactivity following my evacuation from Hurricane Katrina, but then joined up with my former band again... this time as more of a progressive/alternative group... sort of in the vein of Coheed and Cambria. Then, Ian (the one i had clashed with before because of his ego) and I formed a Technical Metal band. I was recently "fired" from both groups because after a comment ("we need to get a real drummer in here to put you in your place"), i put Ian in his place. I'm currently looking into getting into college (i'm about to be 22, so i think it's about time), and also seeking to form a new band (another prog band, i'm not contending with big headed heavy metal guitarists ever again.. unless i'm doing a session and making Bozzio type wages, which isn't gonna happen any time soon)

Drums: 9 Years
2002 Tama Rockstar drums (6 Toms, 2 Bass Drums)
1968 5x14 Ludwig Maple Snare (with fiberglass coated interior)

Guitar: Seriously, for 5 years
Charvel Model 6 (currently in the process of redoing it)
Crate GLX 212 amp
Dan Electro "Backtalk" reverse delay pedal
this is long but ill probably forget stuff.

year 1. ( around 2000/ 5 or 6 years old)

i would go to my grandma's house and play on her piano so she started to teach me little stuff but i didnt learn anything. she then started me with this piano teacher who i still have.
i learned beginers theory and some easy piano.

year 2. still playing piano and starting to not like it as much. ( not practicing alot because i didnt like the music)

year 3. i start getting into rap music like eminem witch i hate now but i started drums and i realy liked that for a while and i got a drum set and some lessons from a highschooler that my mom is friends with her mom. i practiced the set alot and got good with keepign beats and this helped me with piano and rythem. At this time i was hateing piano and not wanting to learn theory and i wanted to quit but i stuck with it.

year 4. im in 5th grade at this time and this is when you can start playing band instruments for the school band. alraedy playing drums i decided to play a different instrument so i chose trombone and after about a month of that i hated it but i kept with it and i am starting to like it more and more everyday as i get better. at this time im still playing drums but not as much and my piano teacher is teaching me songs like kiss songs and bon jovi and greenday ( wich i liked at the time). so i get more interested in that but i still dont practice very much.

year 5. 6th grade and we have band at school everyday so i start to not like trombone very much. i think about quiting then stay with it. my drum teacher does track and field so i stop drum lessons and stop playing very much. i practice drums at this time about once every 1 month. me and some of the kids in my neighborhood try to start a band but its dum because the guitarist has never played guitar and has a walmart guitar witch he leaves at my house. then there was a saxaphone and a person who has never sung before and i was drummer.. i get into rock like GNR, Led zeppelin, iron maiden. and metal bands like Pantera and COB

year 6. 7th grade and i still play trombone and piano. and i play drums about once a week. and i like trombone and piano alot but i am getting into the rock even more. i start to realy want to play guitar so i pick up my friends acoustic from that band i said about in year 5 that he left at my house. i start to strum on it with pennys and stuff. ( it is a realy bad guitar, the strings are about an inch off the fretboard.) my piano teachers son has played guitar for about 4 years so he started teaching me the basics and how to read notes.the first week he taught me smoke on the water and i played it on the guitar and it was so hard to push down the strings that my fingers were bleeding. i then get an old acoustic from a guy at my moms work for free. we get it re-stringed at a music strore but the gear was rusted so it broke. so when we went to pick it up we bout a pretty good takamine acoustic. i practice with this for about 2 months playing all kinds of stuff. about two weeks after i start playing i find this website and use it for tabs. 4 months after that i registered and i love this site. on christmas i get a fender american deluxe and i play it as much as i can and i have inproved so much by teaching myself because my teach he does alot of school plays and stuff like that so i get a lesson about every month or 2 but i dont need it because i teach my self stuff and i have advanced thoery books to teacht me that. im better than ll my friedns and theyve been playing for 4 years and ive been playing for 6 months. i still play drums piano trombone and GUITAR!! i love music!
My Music
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my gear:
fender stratocaster american deluxe SSS(s1)
G-DEC 30W amp
custom carrying case
jasmine by takamine acoustic
silvertone acoustic

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when i was 3...a kid in my preschool brought in a 1/2 size guitar for show n tell. me being the sly little bastard i was took it from him and just strumed away. I begged my mommy to get me the same guitar and she agreed. so for 3 years...almost once a day for an hour....i would sit in my room singing eagles songs that my dad listined to...strummin the open notes on my guitar.
when i was 6, for christmas my mom and dad got me a 3/4 size nylon acoustic. Then for christmas when i was 8 signed me up for lessons.
my guitar teacher, tought me slide guitar first. so for 2 years i learned slide in open E. at this time my friend Ryan decided to pick up i dropped slide and learned normal guitar. So at 10 years old, i begain learning basic guitar. At around this time, for Christmas, my mom and dad got me a Fender Stratocaster with a cheap 15 watt amp. But i loved it and expressed even more intrest in guitar. At this time...i wanted a Artcore....i was givin it and i learned jazz.
i now have a band that plays main axe is a gibson reisue 61 Sg....i &heart my guitar. our band has one album out and we love it...i am 17 years old playing for 9 years and still loving it!

Year 0 - (8) Eighth Birthday, got a guitar.
Year 1 - (9) Playing simple stuff I made up
Year 2 - (10) Making more simple things
Year 3 - (11) I'm still simple
Year 4 - (12) Simply Simple
Year 5 - (13) Get the picture?
Year 6 - (14) Jammed with a keyboardist
Year 7 - (15) Went through a stage of drugs and alcomoholism... not a good year
Year 8 - (16) Guitaring helped me back on track... Discovered UG, learnt how to shred
Year 9 - (17) Getting better every single day, playing at least 10 hours a day
Year 10 - (18) Dunno, its my 18th birthday in 15 days, got in a band a couple of months ago. WE KICK ASS!

Enjoy my guitar story
1 st time playing guitar - liked rap
- Horribble
- Many of my friends were better
- Parents kept telling me i was horrible at it

Summer - liked metal/classic rock and rap
- Practiced like hell
- lernt the blues
- didin't come in contact with another guitarist in a while

Back in school - liked classic rock blues, some rap
- kept playin
- got better at blues

After a while - still liked classic rock and blues
- Now better than my freinds (yeah ya!)
- thinkin of startin a band

Now - almost summer agian - idols: hendrix, page and angus
- Added a lot a speed to my blues playing
- still thinking about starting a band after jamming with a few people

its insane how good i got in 2 years, i've better than most people thats been playing for 5 years. Practicing is awesome...
Got given a nylon stringed acoustic guitar at the age of 7
A year later started having lessons with a metal head
Influenced by heavy rock, got first electric guitar
Teacher didn’t teach me much but compelled my interest, left town when I was 12
Took a break from guitar for nine months, became influenced by rock (The Beatles mainly)
Joined a band (rock at the time)
Got a new teacher, who taught theory and grades.
Improvisation vastly improved, scales and theory developed.
That rock band had several comings and goings, became funk orientated
Recorded live album, sold locally very well
Done 22 gigs so far, ¾ paid.
Picked up a rig, got a Vintage TS100, new amp
Currently preparing for professional recording