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i have alwayed liked rock music (i didnt know what was metal back then) when i was a kid and when i was 11 i went to this gig of unknown bands and decided i have to learn the guitar.

so i told my parents and my mom said she wouldn't let me learn unless i learn the piano too. i agreed and so i started the guitar. but i have never practiced the piano and skived all the lessons hehe.
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Year 1 - Age 10
Started playing snare drum in school. Didnt really listen to much music yet.
Year 3 - Age 13
Got onto the drum set and got into classic rock.
Year 4 - Age 14
Got into my first band.
Year 5 - Age 15
Joined another band (on drums), started playing guitar.
Thats basically it.
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Year 1- I think my first musical memory is when I was maybe 6, I was trying to take a nap on the living room couch and my dad was listening to Knockin' on Heaven's Door. He likes classical, but he always gets those dumb free sample things from Borders that have random songs on them.

Year 2- I was about 8 in 2nd grade when I started piano. Not to brag, but I found that I have an ear for music and I really liked it.

Year 3- Age 9....more piano.

Year 4- Age 10, more piano.

Year 5- Age 11, starting to get bored with classical piano, started doing more ragtime stuff.

Year 6- Age 12, quit piano in November due to uber-stress from boxing, SciOly, etc. etc.
That summer, I was bored as hell and needed something to do. My best friend had started taking acoustic guitar lessons about 4 weeks before and said "Hey, why don't you start guitar?" So I met her teacher and started with him a couple weeks later.

I had been using a borrowed acoustic from my teacher, but that December I got my first electric, my Strat. I started getting more serious about guitar.

I don't remember exactly when, but I started getting into punk and ska.

Year 7- Age 13. Here I am now. I'm pretty serious about guitar. I'm also pretty obsessed with punk and ska; buying albums, going to shows, etc.
My best friend and I also got a band started this summer.
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Well I'll start by saying I'm 16 now to give you guys a barometer of when this is all happening.

Well, my sister started playing piano when I was about 5, so not to be outdone, I got a junior acoustic and begged my parents for lessons when i was about 7. Ironically enough I've remembered that little guy and am now trying to figure out what to do with that here if you guys wanna get an idea of where i started. Haha sorry didnt mean to spam. But anyways. So I took lessons for about half a year and quit. I was sobbing when I told my teacher I wanted to quit. Why? Probably a little bit cuz I was a huge pussy and a little bit because I had big rockstar dreams. So that chapter was closed.

I had always played that same junior acoustic verrry on and off for until around August 2004. I picked it up a lot then. I don't know why. I just remembered all these old books I had and started learning. For a good part of the rest of that year, I spent time playing that guitar and learning the majority of that book. Now my parents were freaked out because I had never done anything with that much passion. This seemed to be sticking and they could tell I really enjoyed it. So December rolled around and I was seriously considering buying an electric. Now there also happens to be that special holiday where glorious gifts are handed to young prodigies such as myself. So my parents sat me down mid month. And we had a good long talk. They obviously wanted to make sure this wasn't a fluke. And in the end they told me not to buy one and we spent the rest of the month researching (my dad is big into research.... not fun really when you just have and impulse buy and he says ".....well did you look into this?") But anyways. So I got an Ibanez RG120. Now I had been looking at an even lower ibanez, GRX I think, well gc didnt have that so I guess I got lucky and i was very excited to see something better than what I expected. And I got a Marshall MG10 ( I know lucky me), but they got the job done nonetheless. So I of course started playing the old Green Day Dookie riffs and whatnot, and I think the first semi-difficult song I learned was Purple Haze. Then of course Stairway. But I really played at least an hour every day, even in the school year. And that got tough. Especially with my parents. and we've had our battles. Although they've always said , they would never take it away. Which I appreciate greatly, guitar always seems to take the blame for any problem.

So that developed. And I should mention, most of my friends were getting into guitar at the same time which sort of helped fuel me too. We've always seemed to have a bit of competition going on, but I think we all have a certain amount of respect for each other.

Wow this is getting long and off topic....

So I really picked it up, and have had a great teacher since a few months after starting. I then got a Digitech RP80 for my birthday in March. As much crap as people give the pedal, it's helped mold me as a guitarist. It became a great exploring tool, and I think a multi effects pedal is great for people like me that cant afford to buy a million different pedals . But I explored new sounds, modeled a lot of my favorite bands, I.E. Floyd, Rage, etc. And I still use many of them to this day. I owe a lot to that thing and would be horrible if it was just me and my marshall.

so my first real band experience came later last year. My friend Jeff and I started a band and I dubbed the name Mojave Suicide (I know god awful). So we shopped around for some new guys and sorted through a slew of drumners, in true spinal tap fashion, as well as guitarists. And we actually developed a decent fanbase. Now my friends ragged on us because of the number of name changes and because Jeff wasn't a spectacular singer. So our name changed from Mojave to Seventh Story Fire to Antenora to Letteromantic and finalyl Last Flight Out. That name stuck for a while. So with the name, our style changed as well. We went from sort of an indie/alternative sound to like, screamo / hardcore. And I was starting to get irritated. As people would tell me to write more ****. And I would but they would never listen. And so I was basically on the chopping block the whole time, and I what no one seemed to understand was I was doing a favor for them in compromising because I was always branching out of my style and not really enjoying myself. So super bowl sunday this year, as the Seahawks are getting their asses kicked, I quit the group for good. I had been out of the loop for a while and didnt know about practices or anything for a while. So they went on started playing shows, played a couple pretty big ones in the area and eventually broke up a couple weeks ago.

Now the Hollywood ending. I grew more this year when I got a gorgeous koa washburn acoustic for christmas, I know thank god for christmas. But really I wouldve bought everything anyways, but it is nice to have someone else pay for it. So I've started doing acoustic stuff with my friends a lot more (sig) and it sort of helps me cool down a lot and is much easier to write lyrics to, I feel. I still do prefer electric though and appreciate the variety of sounds you can expand into. And I get gratification from everything, a new catchy riff, a new lyrical piece, and from others. Recently, a friend of told me he thought I was the best guitarist in town. Now in a town with zillions of excellent guitarists and a huge thickly settled town, that meant a lot to me. This was not just any friend, too. This was a friend who just a few months before that, made fun of me constantly and told me I sucked, the whole shebang. I also admired this kid as a guitarist. I actually used to think he was best in town. So needless to say, it felt great.

So that's pretty much my story. As I'm going to be a junior next year, it's geting into college time now. And my heart is set on music as my future. We'll see where my path takes me. I still play every day. And continue to improve. I look back on the past two years playing guitar and I can honestly say I am proud of what I've done.

Wow I honestly apologize. I have wicked bad ADD and I may come back and cut this down. But ya sorry haha.

P.S. If it makes you guys feel any better about me getting all this stuff for my birthday and christmas....... this year for my birthday I got a couple packs of Fatties strings and a bottle of body wash.

Edit: Cool triple post too.
Originally Posted by Dr. Gonzo Slash
I masturbate with a Metronome

Listen to better stuff

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dum phrase here
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ok, when i was four, my father bought me i guitar, which i barely touched till i was 14, when i was grounded from watching tv for a week,

year 1, played crap, which is what it was crap

year 2, played crappy rythum for the first half, im just starting to get the hang of it now,

beginning of year 3: started a band, named prollynot, still need a lead and drums though...

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NEW MUSIC UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

leave messages, add as friends, crit, plz, ect

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As i hit age 12 i had an sudden interest in music but not music making yet, i was listening to more metal and some strange yngwiee (sp?) malmsteen stuff.
When was 13 years and 6 days old, my friend came to visit me and we were talking, he was bragging how he threw like 6 baskets from 5m without missing, and i was thinking how to compensate it, i took out the 25 year old russian acoustic piece of **** that was overally horrible, and i had seen Kirk Hammett play guitar, and i fretted very slowly and very hard, and my friend said: "whoah, you can play, i think i know this song" turns out i was kinda meddling seven nation army. That was my first drive.
From the moment talked in part 2, i immediatly started learning the acoustic guitar, i went to the internet, and found this site on a gaming messageboard, i immediatly went to the lessons place, and from the few moments ownwards i knew how to read tablature and play by tablature.
Now i was already playing acoustic for 2 months, and really being sloppy because of the very bad guitar, then one time my uncle who also plays guitar came to visit us and then said that this guitar sucks hard, and that he can borrow me one of his old electric guitars, my eyes immediatly lit up and i got the guitar. Musima 25k Deluxe, i still remember how shiny the pickguard was, it was just been cleaned, i also bought my first strings,strap and cable. My uncle also gave me an solidstate 150 watt amp and an huge speaker.
Around christmas i bought my first pedal Zoom505 I I it is pretty kickass, for the price, if you turn the gain low you can get this nice cutting distortion.
Well, here i am now, playing a lot of metallica, learning to play faster and soloing. I have now played 1 full year, and i will most definetly will be playing the guitar all my life.

So yeah this is my biography now I am 14 years old and will hope to soon make a band.
Originally Posted by roast
Cool, thanks Lagrance.

Randall Rx15
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Zoom 505 II
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okay here it goes...

Year 1, Age 8
I was in the car, driving home from somewhere and i heard my Dad playing some crazy music. so i asked him what he was playing he said it was crossfire, from SRV. I decided i would play guitar then and there, and nothing would change my mind. So i got a guitar and went to my uncle for lessons. I starded with power chords, songs like Redemption song, Day tripper, Iron Man, And Smoke on the Water. I thought was great, but i got bored very quickly because the car ride to the lesson was so long and i was starting to learn the pentatonic and barre chords. I didnt like this, so i quit. i didnt play for a bout a year and a half after that.

Year 2, Age 10
One day when i came home from school and i noticed a guitar on a stand in my room, and reaLIZED it was mine. so i picked it u and started messing around with, after a short while i relearned iron man and was hooked again. i got this book that showed everything and for about a year ii taught myself. i learned the most basic music theory, learned a few major chords, and got tabs and lessons off of this very website. i was on the right track.

Year 3, Age 11
At this pint i was getting serious about guitar. i got lessons from a couple different people for a while, then got lessons with a really good teacher. i learned simle techniques klike hammer-ons and pulloffs, i learned most chords and the pentatonic scale. but some how i took a wrong turn and got into pop punk and emo music!!! GASP! i learned those kind of song for a while. and although i was learning that kind of garbage, i began realizing i had potential.

Year 4, age 12
Now i was really into guitar. i started learned major scales, advanced barre chords, and the greatest thing, classic rock was slowly eased into my musical tastes untiil all traces of emo-ness dissapeared. i got into an amazing band called the red hot chili peppers and learned all the song i knew from them. i was become one with my guitar. i started to exxpress myself through it.

Year 5, Age 13 - Now
Now i am learning advanced technioques likedifferent bends, phrasing, fretting/muting with my thumb, overtones, slide guitar, creative and advanced palm muting, and i have almost mastered all of them. i have broaden my musical tastes with Blues, Classic Rock, Psychedelic rock, Funk-Rock, Jazz and other genres. I feel every note i play and do alot of blues improv. i am starting to write and record songs, and am going ****ing insane because i broke my arm and can barely play.
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wow...okay...Mines really short...

Part One : Aged 7

Was into Guitars after picking up my uncles guitar..played it around for ahwile..and thought (hey,easy)....Damn was I wrong..Being spoilt by a psychotic aunt who wanted to claim me as her real son(damn, that scares me) they picked up a begginers guitarfor me...Having no interest quite shortly later...The Guitar did nothing but collect dust...but I always wanted to start a band

Part Two : Aged 8

I was offered a place in a rap group(before rocking and singing,I did lots of rapping,and hates it now) but eventually was broken up for certain reasons..Then Begins the depressing part of my life...My aunt went completely nuts and kidnapped me for half a year..began brainwashing me into thinking shes my real mom...but thankfully my dad came to take me back..he loves rock (Pink Floyd,GnR,Metallica,Bon Jove were the first rock songs he introduced to me) and he turned up some rock songs for me,beacause I was Partly brainwashed,I was scared and stuff,he cheered me up with those rock songs...Rock then became the most important part of my life.

Part three : Aged 10

As My Knowledge In Rock increased,I remembered the guitar and thought "I wanna rock,get a guitar"..Soon later,I got a Starsun Acoustic...Which didnt do much,but is my most cherished guitar..cuz its my first...I didnt like it that much cuz I wanted electrics..But when I started playin Greenday In acoustic..It wasnt so bad,I thought...but I didnt exactly "take it up" yet...

Part Four : Aged 12
I started taking guitar up more seriously,it eventually grew up to be the most important part in my life...I have imnsomnia cuz I play guitar..eventually became better...

Currently : Aged 13

When Secondary School Started,my friends and I had enough skills to launch the band(It was started a year ago but I didnt launch the band cuz everyone sucked)...one more guitarist tagged in and currently were jamming and discussing about our band...Nothing to me is more important than my band..Cuz im the dubbed leader of the band...I manage the band and **** studies,I love my band more than that. Bad Grades,Good Progress in Guitar and Band..
No rly?

Ya rly.
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Story time!

From listening to Brittany Spears to Avenged Sevenfold - How the hell?

Okay, way way back in the day, when I was a little ankle biter, I used to listen to Brittany Spears, Christina Agulara, and all those other poopy bands (oops, did I say poopy? I meant poppy, really I did). Anyway, at the time, my oldest sister would lock herself in her room and listen to a metal and kinds of stuff I thought was satanic. She was gothic. She scard the sh*t out of me (but seeing as how I was quite young, I sh*t myself fairly regullarly anyways). So years later, I turn 14, and I hear my sister (who had now grown out of the gothic stage and was just really happy and nice all the time... kinda crazy) playing "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness. I really liked the song, so I asked if I could borrow her CD and she let me. Anyways, the next day I asked her what else she had that she thought I'd like. So, after she showed me a few CDs, she showed me some Iron Maiden. I was hooked! I'd never heard anything like it. I thought everything she had been listening to all these years was sreaming, kitten sacrificing bands, but no, there was some good stuff! After I burned all of the Iron Maiden CDs she had (almost all they made, I think she just didn't have the live albums), I started getting into all of the other good music she had (Edguy, Hammerfall, Bad Religion, GNR, Cans, mostly European metal stuff). Well, there's how I got into good music.

"You're gonna play guitar? Ha, you won't get far..."

That's what my friend said when I said I wanted to play. That bastard. He said I wouldn't play longer than four months... But, more on that later. It was the beginning of my 8th grade year, and 2 of my best friends played guitar. One day we had to do some report for our music class, and they ended up playing Hotel California in class which I thought was just out of this world. At the time, I had never even thought about guitar. Nor had I realized that there was at least one in almost every band. Ya see, I had never really thought about how music was made, I just listened to it, so it was at this time that a new door opened in my life. I went home and asked my mom about guitar and me playing. She went and got her Taylor from when she used to play (ya right, it was some $10 guitar at most with plastic strings..). My mom handed me a guitar book, and she said good luck.

Actually Starting

Umm... I sucked. I could't hit the right string, I play anything but on the first string, and I pretty much, well, sucked. It didn't help that the guitar wasn't in tune either... We tried to tune it to our piano which worked, but it didn't help because as luck would have it, our piano was probably even further out of tune than the guitar. So after about a month of trying to pretend to play on this peice of wood with plastic attached to it, I decided I wanted an electric like my friends. My parents where weary about letting me get something that was going to be so expensive when I had only been trying for about a month. Heck, my gothic sister used to play acoustic, and they wouldn't let her get an electric until she was done with a year of acustic and lessons. But, my parents ended up letting me, so we went to Guitar Center to check things out. I Didn't know anything about what was good in a guitar, so we pretty much were just like "Can you show me something for $150, that's um, good?". Anyways, the guy showed us some guitar packages, but we ended up buying a used Behringer 15 watt amp, and a Squire Bullet guitar.

The beginning, end, beginning again, and present

I started out not being able to play power chords, not being able to hit the correct string, and not being able to use a pick. Again, I sucked, but my mom was always telling me how good I was (to be nice I hope, if not, man she'd better go have her ears checked...). While my mom was telling me I was great, my brother was always telling me I sucked and that I should learn something good. When I tried to learn the song he wanted me to play, he'd still say it sucked and didn't sound anything like the real thing (half of it was bad playing, okay 98%, but the other 2% was I didn't have good equipment). So I pretty much just stopped playing for about a month. But then, my brother went back to colledge, and I started playing again now that I didn't have anyone to tell me that I sucked. After just a few short months of playing, I was already better than one of my other friends who had been playing for about a year.


I'm still playing, and learning new songs. It's been nearly a year since I started. I'm planning on getting a new guitar, so be expecting a new thread in a day or two asking for help on choosing.

Final words

Remember that kid who said I wouldn't play for more than 4 months? He started playing... than quit after about 2 months.

-"Son, hurry up, it's almost time to go!"

-"Okay daddy, almost ready."

-"Got your pads son?"

-"Yes dad."

-"Have your helmet?"

-"Yes dad, I do."

-"Good, your bus should be here any minute now..."
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I started playing Guitar at age 11...

So, first year:

I learned the basics and a few songs, but I never really got good cause I wouldnt practice.

At this point I began playing classical, rather than electric, mostly because I took a class in school. I actually got pretty damn good at classical too, learned Fur Elise, Maleguena, Allegro, etc.

Third year.

Ah, eighth grade. I still played classical, but towards the end of the year, me and my friend started a band, thus, I picked up my electric and am really happy I did. I am now pretty good, getting better, plus, I like it more than when I started... I have a few songs jotted down on ptab... At the moment though, I'm learning The Leper Affinity on my own and I'm learning different arppegios with my teacher.
Originally Posted by MoogleRancha
It's like Fenriz and J. Read

"I'm so happy to love metal and stuff"

"I AM metal"
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At First

When I was five, I loved listening to my Dad play his Acoustic (Palmer Nylon Acoustic - Still has it, but broken), so I decided that for Christmas I wanted to get a guitar.

When Christmas came, I got an kiddy size cheap nylon string guitar with a chord book and a song book. I kept getting annoyed trying to learn chords after about two month, and packed it up.

October 2005 - Me and my Cousin are ran over. I almost die, but survive.
Near the end of October 2005 - I sit at home, doing nothing, lay out on my bed in the living room (Could not get up stairs) with a cast all the way up my leg. My Dad buys a Electric Guitar and amp, and starts rocking away. He then plays local Hero - The song that Newcastle United (My favourite Football Team) always come on the pitch to. I think to myself "That could be me rockin' away". A few days later, I tell my Dad I wanna learn Guitar, then he takes me to the local store in the wheel chair I had to use to get around, and I purchase a DVD. I kept watching the DVD and used my Dads Electro-Acoustic (Ovation) to practice the chords to Wild Thing.

On November 1st 2005 me and my Dad go to the local Guitar store, and enquire about a Guitar. The guy in the store tells us he has a cheap Second Hand electric for sale, and so I purchase it. From then, I started playing very seriously.

Two Month Later
After playing for two month, I tried learning Purple Haze from my DVD, and I got inspired by that song a lot. I soon learned my favourite chord - E7#9. I also then started listening to Rock - Mainly Guns N' Roses, Hendrix, Greenday, etc.

After playing six months
I decided to start playing Guns N' Roses. I thought it'd be too hard, but I quickly picked up the intro, and the chorus Lead parts to Sweet Child O' Mine, and the Intro to Knocking on Heavens Door. From then on, I became obsessed with GnR, Slash, and the newer GnR band. I also then started learning the ScOM solo and KOHD first solo.

After playing seven months
I learned more GnR, mainly the rest of Knocking on Heavens Door, and also started learning little bits of Surfin with the Aliens, and Far Beyond the Sun.

After playing eight months...
I learned more GnR - A lot of Paradise City, the November Rain solo's (First and Second, not outro), and started learning the rhyhtm Guitar part to ScOM, and pretty much lots of other rock.

And now...
I'm rocking away after playing ten months, progressing very well, learning tons of rock, and also forming a band when I go back to school.

More stuff happend, but I can't be bothered to write a essay of a post on how I learned scales and improvised, etc.

Anyway that's the basic story of mine.
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Well i started guitar way back in sixth grade, and im still not exactly sure what pushed me into it...call it fate :P. Was living in norway at the time, and took lessons from an excellent teacher at the local music conservatory. Mostly was easy classical stuff, and some rock classics by dylan, beatles etc. After leaving norway, i just dropped out of it and took up drumming.

Then in ninth grade, for some reason i picked up my guitar and started messing around again. a friend of mine directed me to sites like mxtabs and cyberfret. after a while i began taking formal lessons with a spanish/classical teacher.
After about 6 months, i quite with that teacher and decided i wanted to do electric. i went to the house of guitars in rochester new york, which has got to be the biggest and best guitar store in the world, with more than 14,000 guitars, thousands of amps, effects..etc. i tried about 450 guitars, before settling on an Ibanez S470.

after a while i hooked up with an excellent teacher, who had managed to find the perfect balance between theory and just learning songs. he was hopelessly addicted to dreamtheater, ensuring taht i would get a good technical grounding. at this point in time, i was playing a lot of maiden, ozzy, death, metallica, and of course dreamtheater...

in tenth grade, i met a friend from india, who introduced me to shred guitar. i began playing yngwie, vai, satch, MAB, becker....basically what everyone plays when they discover "hey! i can play really fast! wow! now THIS is gonna impress people!" a phase im happy to say, i grew out of pretty quickly... it was around this time that i formed my band "Nocturnum". it was made up from my friend from india who had a killer voice, a bassist ive known for a while, and a drummer who was...well, hes our comic relief. isnt it funny how that role is always filled by the drummer? we played a lot of 80's metal, mostly at school gigs.

that was a year ago, and my playing has now evolved back towards artists like hendrix, randy rhoads, srv, alice cooper, zeppelin, etc. at this point, i like to consider myself a "mature" player...but ill probably laugh at that thought in ten years :P.

good thread btw...
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Year 1 Of School

My teacher always listened to music and she always put it on for us when we were doing our work and just sometimes she would let us have breaks and "rock out". Everyone was having great fun and I really enjoyed it.

Year 3 Of School

2 of my friends started to play guitar and get lessons. We were all good friends and always hung out and stuff and they always talked about guitar stuff and I always felt left out. So I thought yeh, why not I haven't ever been a big music fan but I'll give it a go. I started begging my parents for a drum set as I thought being a drummer would be the coolest thing ever.

Year 4 Of School

My friends started to get me into more music like the pop/punk Good Charlotte kind of stuff.

Year 5 Of School

Suffering with being alerigc to over 100 things my whole life, I get very sick very easy. Year 5 was a very bad schooling year for me and I'd be lucky if I made it atleast once a week. I started watching T.V channels like MTV and Channel V for hours on end no matter what music was on. In year 5 my brother had been playing Keyboard for a bit and he always got a hell load of attention and everyone worshiped him for it and I was stuck in the nose bleeds.

Year 6 Of School

I was hoping that if I did learn guitar I would start to get the attention I deserved.
My parents finally said they would get me and instrument but they said no way drums because they would be too loud. So my dad took me to a local music shop and I tried out a few guitar ( not knowing anything about them at all ). We walked out with a handful of picks, a Strat copy and a small 10 Watt Leem amplifier. In the Christmas holidays of year 6 I started to really start playing my guitar after ignoring it for so long. I started going on Taborama and trying to play Blink 182 songs as my friends got me into Blink 182 that year. I started getting fairly good and got better than my friend that had been playing guitar for 3 years in just 2 months. I liked what I was doing so I continued expanding to more punk/pop/rock bands and playing their music. Picked up my dad's bass that had been lying around and learning a couple of songs ( this helped me with notes and building up beat/speed ). Me and my brother used to sit down and he showed me to lots of music and we'd just listen to it for ages.

Year 7 Of School

Year 7 is really where it all started. Having music become my favourite subject and everyone else hating it I studied for it and practiced. I started to become to teach my teacher instead of her teaching me. She started getting me to teach the whole class of 30 people at one time. I continued doing that for a while and just kept practicing. Pritty much threw my life away and played guitar atleast 4-5 hours a day. I started getting into more heavier upbeat music and I loved it. I said to myself this is what I want to do. Having friends telling you you're going to be something you're going to go far is something uplifting and encouraging which you don't get every day. Keeping their words in mind continued with guitar.

Year 8 Of School

Now pritty much everyone thought I was the best and could play any song. I bought a Gibson SG and never let it go. Had been buying/downloading/listening to music forever and nonstop. Really expanded the genres I'd been listening to. Started playing more metalish songs which built up the lead guitar sides of things for me. I decided this is what I want to do for the rest of my life and never stopped playing guitar. I started writing guitar/lyrics/bass/drums for songs. Everyone enjoyed them and said they were excellent and couldn't believe that I did it.

I'm still in year 8 right now I'm 14 years old and have been buying loads of equiptment ( pedals, tuner, capos, leads, strings etc ) and I continue to. I have a concert coming up at my school which I'm playing at that will kind of be my second gig sort of thing. Never had lessons yet come so far for self teaching. Planning to get singing lessons soon and to buy new amp with new effects and recording studio equiptment. My whole life revolves around music now, you may say it's sad but ti's what I enjoy doing and it's what I'm good at. Still no attention from family but too bad, old fogies just won't understand.
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Alright, I have only played for a year so. I'm currently 17

August 2005
- My friend and I went to a System of a Down concert, although I have always loved music, classical, metal, rock and so on, I never really felt it. After that concert, and seeing the energy and hearing what I consider beauty (some people dislike System) I wanted to play guitar. I went home, borrowed my little sisters guitar that she never touched ($40 secondhand guitar) It had 4 strings, it was out of tune, no amp, and no picks. For an entire month, I played a 4 stringed guitar with no picks, using soda can tops as picks. I would play Aerials horribly wrong, in a tuning that was ******ed.

Fall 05 - I got an amp, a wire, strings, and had a friend tune my guitar.

Winter 05 - Started taking lessons, started getting a little better, learned how to play the Fade to Black intro solo, and thought I was awesome (not bad for 4 months though eh?)

2006 - I really took off this year

Winter 06 - Still taking lessons, began to learn theory and how to apply it, my teacher is amazing and I've been learning at a very quick rate since I met him.

March 22 06
- I got my first real guitar, my Ibanez Iceman ICX120, I loved it, I played it for over 12 hours the day I got it, my fingers were literally bleeding at the end of the day.

Spring 06 (Month 6)- I started playing massive amounts of time, 4-7 hours per day. I started to try and learn some more difficult things, such as Master of Puppets. I made a huge amount of progress from March 22 - June.

Summer - I had now been taking lessons for a little while, I had learned major, minor, blues, minor harmonic scales, major, major 7, minor, dominant 7 arpegios, a large amount of chords and could play them all with relative ease. I could play a good amount of arpeggios, scales, and modes for all notes etc. I could play all of Master of Puppets almost spot on, minus the second solo. I worked non stop at McDonalds to save up $850 to buy a Fender Deville Hotrod 410 amp, which sounds beautiful. People started complimenting me on my playing, I started realizing I was much better than the kids who played guitar at my school, even though they have played for twice or thrice as long as I have.

Now - Same as summer, except now I'm learning classical guitar and currently working on Bach. I'm in a band with some great musicans, including my pianist who is so good, he can't take lessons around here anymore, as he has already learned everything local teachers have to offer. I write my own music, I practice theory non stop, and I love it. I am already 17, but I am going to go to college for music. I will be applying at many schools, one of which will be Berklee if all goes well. I know it seems absurd for someone who has only played for one year, to want to go to Berklee, but I feel that if I really work my ass off like I have been since I started, and continue to do so, I might have a chance. If not, there is always next year. I will be going to Berklees open house on the 23rd, so I will know more then. Anyway, sorry for how long this is. Hah

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1980 - hell was born

1994 - i picked up a guitar and started playing, didn't have the internet or a teacher just some tab books i borrowed from friends for songs i never heard..... a couple of months later i got the cd's and started catching on to the flow

1996 - slowly got better but not too much, i think this was when a friend of mine showed me how to palm mute.....learned ever so slowly, my fingers were fat and didn't wanna cooperate

1997 - started doing lsd..... which for whatever reason helped my playing 10 fold, started doing lots of trem picking type stuff

1998 - more lsd, got the speed chugging down pretty tight, triplets quads and all, quite proud of myself

1999 - too much LSD on several occasions , started trying to do leads without any proper instruction, just basic theory and scale knowledge

2000 - more drugs and starting reading up on more indepth theory

2001 - more drugs and theory, leads starting getting smoother and having non pentatonic characteristics, rhythm was growing by leaps and bounds

2002 - read a college level music theory book that covered everything music theory I-IV and counterpoint, re-read several times to make sure i understood everything

i got continually better over the years

2005 - quit doing drugs, leads starting improving greatly in the timing dept

now - still practicing to get the cleanest possible sound, tweaking with sound effect to make my guitar sound like other instruments
41 songs in my profile, click "view all mp3's" all sorts of variety
Check out my new Industrial side project Penis Christ
Cover of the NIN classic Head like a hole.
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got a guitar for christmas one year (squire) and i messed around a little bit and then freshamn year came around and my friend asked if i played guitar so i said sure and me him and another friend started a punk band( i dont like punk but wut the hell) so we jamed had a few originals then another kid came in to play and they gave him the lead spot within the end of the summer i had taken his spot at lead then a few months after that he wanted to sing then sophmore year i bounced from band to band tryin to find a band that played exactly what i wanted or that i could push to do so(failed misserably) so i decided to take the rest of the year off to learn and get better now i just got back intouch with an old friend who plays guitar and me and him are starting a band

i started out with a fender squire and now i have some bad-ass gear cuz my stepdad is in the bussiness so i play and collect now

some advice i got sidetracked by the drums and bass i play both good enough to play in a band with but it took time away from playing guitar
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started when transferred to my new school i was 16 i locked myself in my basement with my electric till i turned seventeen
17 - i managed to worm my way in to the school jazz group as their guitarist.
Got my ibanez masa commenrative(electric acoustic)
Formed Nowhere Slowly(a pop rock group), which in turn disintegrated into UberMcShnaz (a swing/ska group) and played first shows within my city.
Took a bunch of guitar seminars.
The schools jazz band went to St.Louis-- we got a sidegig to play on a river boat on the mississippi.
first played piano for more than just tuning....XD
18. UberMcShnaz fell apart so the other guitarist and i started 9th Avenue (our own side project) and played about 15 shows that year --- i was drafted into the local Swingers a jazz group that plays around here and in other bordering cities, its pretty sweet.
Played far more piano.
- Played For Festival in The Parks this year with the school band in Chicago
i just recently started the next musical jaunt and started a Post Hardcore/ metal Band- SacroSanct

Thats About it, ive been featured on four local artists cd's
Did a show with a couple other acoustic acts For one of the SPCA Fundraisers
and im midway through recording my cd. (think Prize Fighter Inferno)
and now im a tutor in our advanced guitar class ( i came back to school after grade 12 to take the two vocal classes i hadn't taken and i got the offer so i jumped on it-- the best way to further your learning is to teach someone else).

Im currently applying to Atlanta Musical Institute ( to be a studio musician), and Cambridge- (to take classical music i wish to be a concert master)

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13- started playing on my dad's classical. Got lessons (only if I'd 'keep at it'). What I learned in lessons- some chords, pull offs, hammer ons. Nothing else

13-15- taught self.

16- reputation for a huge knowledge of songs, first band, Stone Carpenter, playing Pearl Jam/Neil Young covers.

17- No more band, started jamming with a friend, nothing came out of it. More learning...started getting into jazz.

18-19- New band, Blackstar- Radiohead/Stone Roses covers. In the middle of this came another band, Marble Bell. Recorded a demo. Hugely successful. Went down the drain. And then yet another band playing Stevie Wonder/James Brown and much much jazz. Growing reputation as skilled player with excellent rhythm and creativity.

19, now. Nothing much now. Keeping the same flow.
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Year One: I was 12 years old, I see a Clash DVD, decide to take up guitar. Join band with no actual musical knowledge, but no one else in band has any musical knowledge either, so all's good. Learn Clash and Ramones songs.

Year Two: 13 years old. Start learning more leads from Tom Petty and Rolling Stones records. Implement that style into current punk band. Play a couple of gigs. Get studio time. Good reception.

Year Three: Quit punk band. Start another band, this time a psychedelic/blues/garage band. Fall in love with minimalist melodic approach of George Harrison, The Edge, James Honeyman-Scott, and Mike Campbell.
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When I was younger about 10(I?ve already told this story in another thread) I heard slipknot which was totally different then what I was used to. As I was growing up I heard mostly stuff like the Beatles, Bread, Bee Gees, 10CC, Cheap Trick, ect. My dad is really into that kind of Rock, because he grew up in the 70?s and is an amazing musician. My cousin who was living with me at the time had a boyfriend who was absolutely obsessed with Slipknot (from the 1st CD). All I ever hear is about how great they were and all and finally I just listened to the song ?Wait and Bleed? and I just got hooked to it for some reason. It was just so loud and just crazy (I don?t know about it now; I was 10 years old then). So basically I went on listening to that and Mushroomhead and other stuff like that when I used to rip things from the internet. My best friend Robin then had a Metallica C.D. that he had bought from Wal-Mart and I listened to it and just kept on and on listening to it. I was already inspired to song-write because of Slipknot but Metallica got me really into guitar. I had already tried to learn guitar many times before but couldn?t really get it. Finally I dedicated myself to learning the basics (I didn?t have a teacher or anything like that so I learned the real theory later). I kept playing and my first major song by Metallica was ?Fade to Black? which really just hit me pretty hard in the guitar area.
I kept going into that area and learning more and more about the stuff, constantly practicing and all. Then what happened was I had some more stuff come to me. I was in Wal-mart one day and I saw a Megadeth C.D. and had heard of them but never actually got to hear then because I still had dial-up and nobody is really into Metal or Thrash here. I listened to the solo from ?Kick the Chair? and ?Blackmail the Universe? and it just got me hooked in that area. So I started learning more and more areas. New composers just kept coming in like Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Jimmy Page, ect. I became more and more inspired by every artist I heard on guitar just all this really amazing compositions they made so I just kept going with that area. I tried to make a lot of bands, but all of them failed because of lack of talent, people, dedication by other people. I then decided to become a solo composer making my own guitar songs and all with many different styles included.
I then met a guy that was from around here who was a very good guitar player, really big on Lynard Skynard and other types like that. He also played really good songs on keyboard that he had made. He taught me a simple riff on piano as backtracking for his song (Am, G, F forwards and backwards) along with a few other diminished notes and other things like that. I then just kept going with keyboard feeling out the chords and all of that and making a few keyboard songs. Then my uncle got a 12-string Alvarez acoustic that I played and made some songs on that. Went into a guitar shop and learned to play Bass guitar. Just kept on and on learning anything I could find and trying to conquer everything in every type of music.
That?s basically it, just kept going on and on. I left out some details but I don?t want to write a whole novel on here.

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