So I actually applied myself tonight and went ahead and put together a pedalboard. It is the basic set up. I still need to do velcro, Onespot and 1/4 inch couplers which I will pick up within the next week. Other than that, I am pretty satisfied with the build. I figured I would save myself some money and just make my own. So here we are:

1 Old Laptop case - Free
1 Old cabinet door - Free
1 Old Surge protector - Free
4 Feet of velcro - $5
1 Power adaptor - $30
2 1/4" couplers - $13

B-52 Amp Footpedal
Planet Waves Tuner Pedal
Boss SD-1 Overdrive
Rocktron Hush

There is enough room for either 2 more Boss sized pedals or a wah pedal.

So that is my new pedalboard. I basically needed it to bring pedals to practice and my first show that is coming up a week from tomorow.
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ghetto to the max, yo

but hey, whatever works I guess!

It was either that or I pay another $40 for a pedalboard. I don't really even have the money for the cables and adaptors for this. I think this came out pretty good considering what I have currently took absolutely no money. All I need is power adaptor and some cables.
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It was either that or I pay another $40 for a pedalboard.

But you said you paid near $50 for the stuff.
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But you said you paid near $50 for the stuff.

Near $50 for cables and such... which I need even if I dont have a pedal board. The $40 more I am talking about would be for just a pedal board. No power supply and no cables. I will eventually invest in a pedalboard but there is no need for it now. That is a $40 savings.

I am really only using the case most likely for traveling from place to place and then just using a onepost and taking it out for the floor.
Lookin good dude.
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Hey. don't invest in a pedalboard- theres no point! Mine looks like that, it works and it looks cool.

Trust me, That'll lasy you a long time.
OK, I will do that. I'll use this as long as I can until it fall apart of my pedals outgrow it.
Nice and compact!

Mine only cost me...*thinks*... £2 actually (it's in my sig)
But I didn't buy the wood, I "found" it.
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dude, thats pretty cool, how well does it travel?

Pretty good. There is a big pocket on the outside of the case that can carry probably every cable that I need for gigs. It all stays pretty safe in there. I am pretty happy with the outcome. It cost me basically no money for the actual pedalboard and it took me about 15 minutes to find all of the stuff around my house and put it all together.