i am 13 and i have been playing guitar for about 2 years now and i have been told several times that i have talent but i have wondered for a while now wouldent it be fun to play bass? so i was thinking of buying for so i was wondering would a guitar amp work for a bass guitar i know the input is the same but will a guitar amp able to handle the low ones of a bass
Bass through guitar amp will blow the speaker if you play it too loud (I'm not sure how loud that is though) because the guitar amp was designed for higher frequency sounds and basses deliver low frequency sounds.
yeah, dont do it, you will blow the speakers, get a real crappy bass amp.

EDIT: you can use an electric on a bass amp though.
save your money and get a bass amp, u can use ur guitar amp for some practice at a quiet volume, but im having the same problem too
what's the deal, who cares if you have talent, that's why many threads are closed,

by the way, one of my friends, bought a bass, then, he use his guitar amp, and, the result, a blowed speaker
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I let my friend play his bass on my old crappy fender frontman cause its fun and if it does blow well oh well I dont use it anyway
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since you're just starting, you could probably get away with a bass beginners pack with an amp. it won't kill you.
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