So I looked around for some used amps in my area, and I came across this amp. 40 Watts tube. I read a bunch of reviews and stuff and it sounds like a great amp. and its only 375$ canadian, in perfect condition he says. The only problem is that i play Metal/Hardrock and I don't think this amp would get me enough distortion. So my question is....

would it ruin the amps tone if i put a good overdrive to it? Or do you suggest a distortion pedal?


Would i use the pedal on the clean channel or the dirty channel to give it that extra distortion boost?

I'm kinda a newb to amps in general so ya, all info is appreciated.
375cad? at that price you should go ahead and get it anyway. Then use the rest of the money to get a very good boost pedal.
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Thats a killer deal. Brand new these things go for osmething like 720 CAD I beleive last time I check. I recently got a YCV50 (Model Up), and it is great.

You definately won't ruin the amp with an overdrive, an overdrive is meant for use on tube amps, and it is mostly to push the tubes at lower levels. You can use it on either channel, you can use it on either cahnnel it depends what you are after. If you are using a distortion pedal however put it on the clean channel however all natural overdrive sounds better. Use an overdrive on the clean channel for a bit more classic rock sound, and use it on the dirty channel for more of a modern high gain sound.
which over-drive do you suggest? tubescreamer? looking for a metallica realted tone. I heard Kirk uses tubescreamers
Yah Tube Screamer definately from what I hear. I'm currently in the process of building one, so I can't really tell you how well it works with the amp at the moment.