ok well i made a thread on this a few days ago i didnt get an answer cuz someone said it was to confusing...so yeah i play bass AND guitar but i run my guitar through my bass amp cuz i dont have enough money for a real guitar amp. what my friend suggested was since i can get good clean sound that i should just get a distortion pedal to use with my guitar so i can save for a better bass amp cuz thats what i play in my band right now. i play any kind of rock really, mostly stuff like blink 182, alkaline trio, sum 41, motion city soundtrack, stuff like that so which pedal should i get?
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Boss DS-1 Distortion
screamin' blues. it acts almost like an amp and even if you dont play blues it should work for just about any style providing that its not nu metal or something like that.
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no no NO gte a BOSS DS-2!!!!!
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I suggest that you not get a DS-1. Of all the people I know who have them, none are happy with the distortion it puts out. I've never gotten a sound I'm happy with out of it either.
ds1 sounds all fuzzy and muddy and you cant even make out what notes your playing....TURBO SETTING!!! clear distortion with bite! good for punk! i play punk! take it from me!
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