That's right, folks! I've got a whole album's worth of music (10 finished tracks and 3 soon to be finished), of which six songs will need vocals. I myself am no vocalist, so I'm inviting the vocally-talented of UG to help out with recording vocals for these tracks.

Now, if you want to have your vocals featured throughout the entire album, that's cool. Even if you only want to contribute to one or two tracks that you especially feel comfortable with, that's also cool. Basically, I need as much vocal contribtion as possible

So, if you're interested, pm me.

Hopefully this will yield some sweet results

(btw, the lyrics for these songs are already written, so don't worry about that)
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hey, i don't know if i've heard your stuff, but i probably have. judging by your grammar, you must be a decent composer. i too am no vocalist but would like to contribute anyway. i'm pretty keen on falsetto type back ups. take a listen here: www.myspace.com/spasmband to see what i mean. i'd be up for doing some of those for your album if need be. i'll be getting a nice vocal mic in the near future. when do you hope to have this done by?
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'm pretty keen on falsetto type back ups.
Falsetto? Man, awesome! =D

Well, I gave the song a listen and your voice is pretty good. I have a few songs that I think your voice would fit well in; do you have an email adress or sn through which I can send the songs?

Also, I see that you like Muse. Very cool - I've got a Muse-influenced "half-cover" song that your falsetto would go exquisitely with

I plan on having the whole album compiled by late August.
hopefully you figured out that i'm the back up vocalist, not the lead one. the lead vocalist could manage some falsetto too which might be good for adding more than one voice to your songs if you're into that. you can e-mail the songs to hthedinga@hotmail.com. can't wait to hear them. yeah, muse is rad. what is this half-cover you're talking about? i'll hopefully have the mic within a week or two. sweet, i'm stoked.
I'd love to sing on one or two tracks...
I could try to record some samples of my singing for around wednesday... I haven't heard your music except for the soad cover , are you looking for something in particular?
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^ Haha, my SoaD cover - how embarassing!

Anyways, I'm not looking for anything particular except for a good voice.
Got that and your set.

I'll wait till Wednesday to hear your samplings. I look forward to 'em