is it possibleto make a mini attentuator with just one resistor? i was thinking of finding a good value for a not too loud volume. I thought i would just wire it to two female jacks.

Will that work?
good question, IF you crank you're amp really loud, that'll resistor will overheat and that will cause more problems. Don't most attenuators have some sort of heatsink or fan or something, im no expert.
most attenuators use high wattage resistors. When you push your amp's output, then the resistor'll heat up. (Which I notice quite often in my attenuator).

the cost of high wattage resistors is fairly high compared to normal resistors (they're about $1.50 USD, not that much but when 1 regular 1/2 or 1/4 watt resistor costs you $0.01, you like to think it's costing you)

also: weber sells an 200w attenuator kit for $125, not impressive seeing as you can buy an attenuator in smaller wattages for less, but they do have schematics online, which might help you in any attenuator building endeavor you'd like to explore

it's one of the first items on their amp kits page.

edit edit: make sure you get a rheostat that can handle the wattage. rheostats are typically pots that are designed to handle a heavier load
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