So I have 150 bucks to spend, and I'm trying to decide whether to get a humbucker or a distortion pedal. Either way I desperately need help with my metal setup.


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Rather than dropping more money into a new guitar, I figured I could just buy a humbucker and install it myself, or perhaps buy a distortion pedal.

The pedal I'm looking at is a: Maxon 0d-9, and I"m not sure what humbucker I want.

Which is more important at this point to get?


I'm also looking into a Jekyll and Hyde Overdrive Pedal. I'm not sure which one to get, between the maxon or the jekyll (or something else if recommended). I want to play metal, but other tones would be nice too. I just don't want to buy the j/h and have it be a wide variety with ****ty metal distortion
The J&H will give you a very generic metal tone. Dont get it if you want to use it just for metal. New pickups will help out a lot if you have a decent amp. If you've got a cheap amp, you'll hardly notice a difference on it.
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ya sorry, it's late :P

Peavey rage 158 is my amp, Peavey Raptor Plus is my guitar

What do you guys think of my current pedal? I mean, i've only owned one in my entire life, so tell me, is the difference in quality between that of a danelectro and that of a maxon/jekyll and hyde huge?
shutdown, if I have a ****ty amp will I notice a difference with a new pedal?

and what exactly does a humbucker do?
Quote by gardon
shutdown, if I have a ****ty amp will I notice a difference with a new pedal?

and what exactly does a humbucker do?

1) Not really.

2) It amplifies the signal of your strings.

Buying a new humbucker can get you in a sticky situation. My motto is: Don't tinker with your gear. I'd get a new guitar as soon as humanly possible, before getting any more toys.
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last question, I promise.

Ok so I'm a hobbyist player. I've dabbled for the past couple of years, but never really got anywhere. Now I'm getting heavily into it, and want to get really good.

So I'm on kind of a budget. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment, but I don't want to spend 10 bucks either. My sister currently has an amp I can use (a good one) so I'm fine there, and I have at least A distortion pedal.

How much would you figure on a new guitar? I don't know what's high and what's not, and what kind of guitar you can get for your buck. I'm obviously into metal (and hard rock), so is there any sort of guitar I should buy for that, or any certain pricerange I should be looking into?

Thanks bud,

There are TONS of guitars you could buy for that. Pricerange? I'd say under $700 usually. Do some research. There are too many metal guitars flooding into my mind to type em. Schecter I'm the proud owner of a Schecter.
Ibanez RG pops into my mind. A lot of people seem to be satisfied with them. I'm thinking of getting one soon. Go to your local guitar shop.

EDIT: I like the RG because the frets seem to be much bigger than an ESP/LTD or a Schecter. They have smaller necks or something. I have bigger hands. But that's just a personal thing.
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Whoa... I'd rather upgrade my amp first.
Seriously, in the my school's talent show there was this guy with a C-1 Classic and a Marshall MG. Guess what his tone sounded like; pure sweaty, squeally fart.

EDIT: what is your sister's amp?
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You can get a stock custom Carvin for around $800 and they're amazing but you have to order directly from their site. You can't buy them from retailers.
forget my sister's amp, it's for bass, so there's no help there.

I just don't know what to do. I play for a hobby, but want to get better, only I don't want to drop a ton of money only to realize that I still suck and it sounds no different (or would it?)

Maybe after college I can spend some money, but for right now Ithink I'm stuck!

I was only looking into gear because I found 134 bucks saved up for credit on a website, and wanted to use it for a new pedal or something. I still can't figure out what to buy with it.