ok, this girl stood me up today (we were gonna go golfing but she never showed) and i feel like crap. therefore, i have a ton of song ideas for a sad song, but i need help with a chord progression. can someone give me a really sad chord progression i can follow or just a chord progression for a sad song or a love song (with sad lyrics). thanks a lot for the help.
ohhhhh ****...I remember that girl I was supposed to be golfing with and she never showed
seriously? or are you making fun of me? also, i was wondering if anyone has an lyric ideas for the song? thanks again.
i dont see whats wrong with it. this is the songwriting and lyrics thread and i need help WRITING a SONG and some possibly help with LYRICS. yeah, it looks like im fine.

If you read the FAQ, the posts here represent ORIGINAL works from the users. We established a separate thread for people like you who have questions on how to write and such.
Can You Fill In The Blanks?
well hey, im not sure if this is a chord progressoin or what ever but i used it on my soneg "insane" and it sounds really sad when you play it clean it goes like this....i dont want you to use it how i have it....but you can change it up a little to make it your own


and for the lyrics, dont be a b**** about it k? just wright something thats gonna show peopl how you feel...dont make it sound like your mad at her...make it sound like your really sad....that way its gonna make her sad and feel the as you.....but then she wont be able to go to her friends and say "he is such a jerk! he does all this mean $h!+ to me!" stuff like that...then you go out with her friends and she will get what she had comeing to her! but you know what...listen to her side of the story man....maybe her dad just died or soemthing...maybe she had a reason not to show......
good luck
peace out