I've narrowed my search of a new guitar to a Dean Z79 or an Epiphone explorer. I play metal of all kinds, and I want to know what other people think on these two guitars. I have a set of EMGs so the pickups may not be as big of an issue to me. Currently I'm using a Dean ZX and the Z79 would be a step up (in price range) and the Epi is close to the same price. What are some of the things that you like and dislike about each, like feel, durability, etc...
I like the Epi because it looks more like a genuine explorer, the Dean would be fine if it had a tailpiece and had a different headstock.

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those are the things i don't like on the dean, the epi only comes in black and i'm trying to go for a white one.
GO with the Epi, even though I like the dean headstock, the Epi I know has a better tone.
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i have a dean 79 v, and it's awesome, the z is also great
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