does anyone know if they make a headphone that hooks up to the input jack on a guitar amp so i can practice w/o everyone else hearing me? if so does anyone know where i could get one and for about how much? im also lookiing for a website that has a lot of Band guitar picks....im looking for the right one to make a necklace out of.

thanks to everyone that replies!!!!

Well, my 10 watt Crate amp (not sure what model, I would have to go check) has another input jack for headphones, in which you can plug this little piece into, which allows it to connect with the headphones. Although my knowledge of amps is rather limited, I would venture to guess that other models of amps would have these as well. Hope that helps.
just buy a 1/4 inch to 1/8 inch adapter, radio shacks sells them for cheap
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