I have no idea what I'm doing right now. I think I'm posting a thread.....but whatever. I just recently started playing guitar. Currently I have a washburn.....right now its missing a 6th string because a friend broke it. I really want a new guitar and was hopeing someone could give me some advice on what kind are really nice to play and not waaaay to expensive. I have no idea because Ive only been playing for a few months. Plus any tips on playing a guitar well would be just WONDERFUL!!!!

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im nto sure what your budget is but considering 400-600 is pretty low for a guitar thast actually good quality...epiphone les paul standard...wokrs good for me
Why not just replace the string...It'll cost like 5 dollars for a whole new set...

If you really want a new guitar, Knowing what wayy to expensive is would be good.
Im going to make an ass out of you and me and assume that you mean less then 500 dollars.
So Schecter c1 series is great. Best for your money in the price range.
A fat strat is very versetile.
An Ibanez artcore is pretty nice, especially the double cut.

As for tips.
Change your strings atleast once every two weeks.
Stay away from floyd roses unless your comfortable with them or have a lot of time to learn how to manage one.
Get a tube amp as soon as you can.
Play alot.
Learn to read music.
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Change your strings atleast once every two weeks. <---- You really don't need to change them that often unless you're gigging alot, which it doesn't sound like.
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If you dont have treated strings. and you play often. You need to change your strings that much.
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I play anywhere between a half hour and 10+ a day, but regardless. Bad strings = bad tone. Period.
Ernie balls are like 3.99.
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The #1 member of the club that isn't terribly predjudiced against emo. Get over yourselves.
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ok well. I don't play very much. At least not as much as I'd like to. So I don't change strings often. We're in the process of moving. I will change my string soon though. But I just want another guitar. Im in love with them. Ive heard that fender is the best brand but I just wanted some opinions. The other ones that Ive heard about are Ibanez, Jackson, Epiphone but I have no idea on what sets them apart. I don't even know how to change strings yet.....yikes!
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Have a look at some Fender MiM guitars good quality and pretty cheap. Or you could just buy some new strings that's way cheaper.
Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
ya change ur strings and maybe go to a guitar store and play some of the guitars? and wats ur price range but ya go to a guitar store to play around cuz everyone has different oppinions
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If you dont know how to change strings yet, I'm guessing you just started playing, IMO I suggest you stay w/ ur washburn until u get some more experience.
I will get some strings. Im not really sure of a price range.....I should probably get a job. Maybeeee 400-500? Depends on the guitar too.
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DO NOT buy a new guitar until you're comfortable and learn the basics with the one you have. It would just be a waste of money if you bought a new one just for the heck of it, and then got bored later or something.
i 2nd Inahrima

just learn to play before you get a new one
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You could try changing the string first before buying a new guitar. But if you really do want a new guitar... Just go to the shop and play the guitars man... It's not what is the best guitar on the market, it's what fits you and what your comfortable with. Your the warrior... Choose your weapon.
yep if the washburn is a good model just replace the strings. otherwise ts what music do you play? what amp do you use?
Like all the others said, just replace the strings. If it's a good Washburn model, you'll be able to make it sound like an Ibanez (which my friend can do). There is absolute no point in wasting a few hundred bucks getting new guitar if you ain't gonna use it, eh? I currently have a Golden Age brand Stratocaster which I purchased very cheaply as a package with an amp etc. off eBay for about $200 AUD. The reasons I didn't just go ahead and purchase an expensive good-quality Fender Stratocaster is that:

a. It'd set me back a grand.
b. I've only just started, but I want to learn guitar and at the same time I want to give myself time to decide whether or not I like it.
c. My brother would probably fight me for the guitar.

By the end of the year, if I do like guitaring, I intend to have a Fender Stratocaster Fat Strat from the Deluxe Series. In my opinion, just take things slowly.
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