I need some info about stuff that i should know/learn to become a better player.
stuff like chords, maybe reading notes, and so on....
If you want to help me on this please make some list like this:

1. (thing to learn)
2. (...

and maybe something how to practice aswell please.
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1.double picking(obviously)
2.finger picking(the right way to do it)
3.power chords
4.basic chords

those are just basic stuff.
Jesus Rules

1. Chords (basic chords)
2. Reading Tableture
3. Strumming coordination and picking coordination
4. Alternate picking

theres a start...and for practice just try and learn some of your favorite songs, then play them 'till you've got them down.
1~ Basic Chords and Chord Changing
2~ Reading Tabs
3~ Playing In Key
4~ Alternate Picking
5~ Using Your little finger flexibly( Note: VERY Important)
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1. Chords
2. Songs
3. Power Chords
4. Songs
5. Barre Chords
6. Songs
7. Picking
8. Songs
9. Pentatonic Scale
10. Songs
11. Legato
12. Songs
13. Modes
14. Songs

Learning songs is very important for practicing so everytime you learn something find a song that needs that technique to be played. PATIENCE AND PRACTICE are really needed, you wont learn all of this in a month....
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your basic techniques:
hammer on's
pull off's
Bends(how to correctly bend to pitch, not just wildly bending the string)
Learn all the chords you can(this includes your basic easy struming chords to power chords, to barre chords and more advanced chords(chords are to guitarists as colors are to painters)
Alternate and/or economy picking(some like one, some like the other, and some pick and choose between the two depending on the situation)
Learn the Major scale(in all traditional music theory the major scale is the building block)
Learn your pentatonic patterns(not just the primary pattern but the rest up and down the neck, this will help with working one the modes of the major scale as you will be adding notes to these patterns)

Advanced Techniques(optional depending on how far you want to go)
Two handed tapping
Sweep Picking
Sweep Tapping

Music Theory
Knowing the notes on the Fretboard(you would be amazed how many do not know this and it makes things so much easier)
Chord Construction
Key Signatures
using a metronome and learing how to stay in time.
Chord Substitions
Scale construction
Modal Harmony
Relative minors

when dealing with theory it is best to take everything into small bits and work on select things at a time, making sure you have the basics or fundementals down, so you do not get lost as you dive deeper in it.
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Cheers Sinister that was really helpful a Dime-point to you!

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^what he said, but I would put relative minor in front of some of the other stuff since its ecential to the circle of fifths....
as much theory as possibeLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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as much theory as possibeLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I agree in theory being an important aspect of guitar, you dont want to end up knowing how to do everything but not being physically able too.
2.TECHNIQUES (Hammer ons, Pull offs etc )
3.POWER CHORDS (The back bone of most metal and rock)
do you guys know a good site or something to learn barre chords? like the names of them and all that? thanks.