im thinking of gettin an epiphone les paul custom, and i want good distortion should i get EMG's or are the pickups on that good enough?
i only have a fender frontman 15 watt now, but im gettting a marshall soon
what marshall are you looking at.? Dont go for an mg.. Also, what tpye of distortion? high gain, go for emgs, if not, the standard pups in epi lp customs are ok
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yeh emgs will be able to handle the higher gain distortion but yeh its mostly dependant on your amp
Save up an get a Tube Amp. trust me don't get a solid state.

When you go to your guitar store ask them to show you their lower end tube amps.

Believe me the difference between tube amps and absolute s*** like marshalls under 1000$ (mgs and avts) is NIGHT AND DAY.

Definetly go for tube.