Guess what its about an amp

anyhow, the Laney LC-30II -

would it be any good for metal e.g metallica, seether, bullit for my valentine (the heveyr stuff like just another star and hand of blood) Earshot , LACUNA COIL, some korn, rammstein, saliva, some slipknot.

not giging with it (yet) but will be jamming with some drums (i dont think volume is gonna be a problem)

i was thinking about using it with an overdrive pedal to get some of the hevey stuff
again i dont know anything really about what sort of sound differnt OD's give so some help on that aswell would be nice.

i dont want some crapy "nice , mellow" sound (unless thats good for pushing the valves?) so through some help my way ?

i shall be very greatfull

tahnx - Alex
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Nope, it won't do metal. It'll do great cleans, crunch and medium-gain tones (think 70's hard rock), but it'll struggle to do a good metal tone, even with an EQ pedal and a OD pedal. Look into a GH or VH series Laney if you want a metal tone
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