im going to my guitar lesson soon and i was supposed to practice a solo over the past week to show him today. but i had so much stuff to do i didnt have time. since he usually forgets unless i bring it up...i plan on asking to learn something else...any ideas?
i like metal, metalcore, etc.
what are some good techniques i should ask about?
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I would ask him to teach as many techniques as possible, seeing as i dont know what level you are at i would start with basics- hammer-on, pull offs. then to make sure you have alternate picking down pretty well(or which ever picking technique you use). I think the order of these next things is best, sweep picking, legato, tapping. this way you can get sweep picking down but then when u learn legato you can mix it in and then if your really good add in tapping at the end of ure sweeps. hope this helped.
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A key metalcore technique is creating an Artificial Harmonic/Pinch Harmonic.

Ask him that.
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