I have a B52 212 100 watt all tube amp. Recently i was playing on the clean channel with some reverb and the sound just stopped alltogether. It seems that about 4 tubes are glowing blue(on standby they are not blue) and the one farthest to the left still has its normal glow.What could be my problem and do i need new tubes?
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That would be the first thing I would do. i would buy all new tubes, then take it to an amp tech and have him install the new tubes and give the amp a once over in general, tell him about the problem
ii think that is a sign that your tubes have lost there vacuum, i aint sure though, or they aint inserted probably.
sounds like replacement time it's real easy you just pull em out and put in new ones just unplug it first
I dont think it is the tubes. It's natural for them to have a slight blue tint, but if it's alot then your tubes have a leak. I would check everything else before the tubes, like your cables, your fuse, etc.