The Black Path

Can. You. Feel.
No you can?t it?s black
Where will you go
If you can?t turn back
Step. By. Step.
Walk towards a dark gate
Just. One. Step.
And you?ve sealed your fate

(brige riff)
Satan will stalk
But only when you walk

Started walking on the black path
You will struggle you will feel the wrath
When you walk on the black path
You will hope but you Will. Not. Pass.
And when you walk on the black path
There is no turning back

Left. Right Left.
All alone in the dark
Fall from the weight of you sinful heart
Lost. And. Damned.
Walk the path and fall
Put your hands upon your ears
You will hear him call



You had your chances
Plenty for the taking
But u always turned away
You were always faking
So now you?re imprisoned
On a Dead. End. Path.
Oh how you wish you had your chances back


Say. Your. Prayers.
But they fall on deaf ears
Crawl on the path of your truest fears
See. The. Truth.
You brought yourself here
You turned away when hope was there
By. Your. Will
You walk further away
Sin after sin on the path you fade

Good dark lyrics.

But certain parts it sounds corny.

Like :

"Satan will stalk
But only when you walk"

It personally makes no sense and is really corny. The rest is good though.

Realy good chorus and interlude in particular.

But ye, Imo you should make It less corny in certain parts. Keet It up,wicked stuff.
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