hey people,

I made myself a practice schedule that consists of:

chromatics - 10 mins

3 notes per string excersises - 15 mins
string crossing / skipping - 15 mins
legato - 15 mins
sweeping - 15 mins

....and then i would repeat it 3 times during the day, but i cant seem to keep to the schedule and its really pi**ing me off

what should i do to try and keep myself to this schedule

thanks in advance
Maybe because it is an hour and 10 minutes of stuff you don't like to do? Add some fun crap to do in the middle or something and would probably help.
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try and make it less of a chore and more of something you will actually enjoy...perhaps play along to a few of your favourite songs inbetween some of the exercises to make it more enjoyable
Beat yourself with a stick, lol. Make a practise schedule that you like and therefore will actually do the practise. Make it fun dont just run over scales use the scales to make melodies off the top of your head so that your constantly keeping everything new but you are also learning. Also i see that you have your techniques seperate from your scale work. If you know the scale shape then you can imply these techniques while you are learning your scales for example if you know your major scale say in C then you can play sweeping shapes inside that scale so you are learning both at the same time.
maybe so...maybe so young one.

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Yeah it's hard to stick to stuff. If you're doing the same exercises over and over again they get a little lifeless. Try finding new stuff all the time and remind yourself why you're doing it; you wanna be a better guitarist. And you will achieve my friend
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Try finding songs that use a certain technique you're working on, and play those during your routine. You'll find it'll help you learn and have fun at the same time.
honestly i dont know how people can think like that and make a work out routine for them selfs. You konw what you need to improve on and thats what you need to practice, there is no way around it.
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