crti for crit... of course I do recognize that since this is not Stairway To Heaven, One, Sweet Child O Mine, it will hardly get any views, but seriously.
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The guitar was out of time, and sloppy. Sadly, your voice wasn't much better.
i thought it was an ok cover, not brilliant but didnt really notice any timing issues, i dont know the song that well though, but it sounds like the unplugged version as opposed to the album version. the singing did sound a bit dull though. the guitar solo was quite smooth. good job really, with better recording equipment would sound rather good i think. oh it doesnt fully finish it kinda just cuts out. ne way yeh, good job

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I'm pretty much of the same opinion of metallica_dan... it's good, but the recording quality isn't great and the vocals were a little dull. Of course Clapton ain't the most powerful of vocalists, but there was something missing here.

I enjoyed the solo though, was well performed, not much really wrong to be honest. The rhythm had moments that it wasn't too slick, but nothing that a little practice wouldn't iron out. Get yourself some better recording equipment and work a bit on the vox (and iron out those rhythm sections) and it'll be a top job. But for what's there, it's a good basis to carry on from... which at the end of the day is what home recordings are for

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the quality at points was kinda bad, and the guitar solo sort-of doesnt seem to fit the mood of that version of the song. your voice was good though. i liked how you didnt try to do a spot-on clapton impression and i think that a little bit of your own style came through in the chorus.