Hello everyone, I hope I'm posting in the right section. Anyway, I'm facing a tone problem with my Epiphone LP. It's a standard one though with sunburst. The tone is warm which is good but when I have it on distortion, it's quite muddy and muting sounds not chunky/heavy but muddy.

I was researching about pole piece/pickup adjustments and thought it would be better if I get a response here. Btw, I personally didnt buy this LP, my friend sold it to me. So, any ideas?

Thanks in advance.
Well it could also be the amp. What amp do you have?
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A crappy 15watt Ibanez amp. I'm pretty sure its not just the amps, I've been to gigs and it happens too. Sometimes, it gets worse, too bassy even if I cut on the amp and to thin sounding. Maybe its my effect pedal? I have Zoom GFX2, I know its crappy, but I'm still saving and I feel that it could at least be of some decent usage.

Thanks though.
My guess would be that the pickups are too close to the strings. That usually makes the sound very muddy.
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Yeah, I've adjusted it but didnt notice much difference, I've read up on adjusting pole pieces of the pups. Maybe, I'll try that later. Anyway, any other alternatives/way to solve this if adjusting the poles won't work?

Oh Btw, I play sort of like heavy hardcore stuff and am looking for that dry, bright tone.

One last thing, anyone here owned Zoom GFX2?
Oh damn, does that pedal suck so bad?

I think I'll tweak it again and see how it goes.