What do you guys think of them? I don't really prefer their vocals, but they seem pretty good. And they do belong in the prog section, right?
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I think in a way they should be here, but apparently they are in the emo forum, this should not be, but I do believe this is in the wrong forum.
By the way, I love em
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prog forums right.

they're not ****ing emo haha

the vocals definately grow on you and their music is downright awesome... kinda cool how everything is one big story and goes together...somehow
damn good live too.
no too fond of them. dont like the guys hair, or the bands music
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there is already a freaking thread on them already, post in that thread and haters, stay out. Close this thread please..NOW!
Coheed= Total Ownage. I didn't have to get used to the vocals or anything like that.

And hey! Haters! There better not be any Rush fans hatin' on Claudio, because Geddy Lee sings like a girl too!
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