Im a beginner guitar player and i was just playing around a little bit and recorded a simple acoustic song by singer/songwriter joseph arthur. All crit will be welcomed, and im sorry for my lack of singing skills . I will return crit. Enjoy

Hhm, OK. I'm a vocals guy myself, so I'll give you some vocal pointers. Basically, your vocals aren't amazing for the sole reason that you're whispering. Even though Joseph Arthur sounds quiet, he's actually singing pretty loudly. Try rerecording the vocals at a higher volume and it'll be a million times better.

No guitar criticisms though, sounds fine.
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I'm not a vocals guy, but TeenBite is spot on... you're talking into the mic. You can't release your proper singing voice if you quietly speak into the mic like you appear to be doing. It's just too monotonous and dulled at the moment. Record it singing loud, then adjust your track levels... you can be still be soft with your voice when belting it out, it's just a matter of technique and control. Give it a go

Guitarwise it was clean and errorless, so no qualms there, good job. Just need to get some help with actually singing the track... i'm sure people in the vocals thread in musician talk will have some tips

Crit for crit: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=394554
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