i have a boss me-50 which i love so much, but i'm debating if i should trade it in for a pod xt. not the live, just the regular. i've heard the 2.0 in person and it had some awesome sounds. but the distortion on he me-50 just isn't what i'm looking for.

i was hoping that those of you that have an XT or have had one could mention any cool settings or sounds it can do. actually i was wondering if it can connect to the computer.
but yeah, let me know your thoughts on it. or on both. but mainly the POD.

i guess thats it. thanks in advance.
the POD xt is awesome, you can connect it to computer yeah, the LIVE version is best as it has a wah/vol control and is more user friendly when playing live.
you can download patches and new sounds for it too and basically you should def find a distortion you will love on it. it has loads of variation.
i wouln't mind the live version but i'm just hoping to get together enough stuff to not have to pay a whole lot for it... which is why i'm just going with the xt. is it good for playing at gigs and stuff? one of my friends had a 2.0 and it was hard switching between patches...
man.. i have an old me-50 from when i was young. and i also had the pod xt for about a year. if you into playing through a pedal system, the pod xt blows the me-50 out dude in so many different ways you should go for it, youll be able to get the same sounds you have on your mer-50 but in a more defined great way.
my XT live is the best damn thing that has happened to my rig (as you can see)
it really is amazing. With so many amps, cabs, mics, and effects at your disposal I mean cmon dude, you cant go wrong.
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