starting my first build, i bought all of the parts that i needed. Not knowing which capacitors to use i bought ceramic chip capacitors. When they arrived i found out that they are extremely small and probably not the capacitors usually used. I'm building a ts-808 clone and was wondering if i can still use these capacitors, and how i would put them onto the board.

Also, for the next build what capacitors should i use?
You ended up buying surface mount capacitors, and no, you probably can't use them in a regular build like this.

For capacitors:
larger than 1uF - electrolytic or in some places the smaller tantalum ones (apparently sound a bit grainer). All of these are polarized (except for the non-polar electrolytics you get)

0.5nF to 1uF - film/foil of any type (the green and brown mylar ones work more than well enough but you can use any type)

under 0.5nF to 10pF or however small you go - the cheapest thing you get a ceramic capacitors which aren't the best capacitors for audio applications (because they actually distort the signal a bit) but for the 1 or 2 caps of this rating that you have to use in a pedal I dont mind (and if you're making a distortion pedals...)... silver mica caps are the better sounding and more expensive alternative