I have a Vox AD30VT with foot switch. Would the ValveKing® 112 Combo be a better choice?
If you think you should change, then you go ahead and change. Others can't tell you over the internet what amp you should or shouldn't have. Take me for example, i love heavy music like guns n roses and metallica, and i still feel a SSS strat is the perfect guitar for me. Even though about every guy in here will tell you a SSS strat for metal is crazy. They will be right in a way, too, but my point is that its all about preferance.

So if you think the tone from your vox is good enough, what others tell you about what to get doesn't really matter.
Yngwie Malmsteen uses a Stratocaster. And yes, a Vox is in the range where its tone is good enough that you could actually use it for gigs and stuff, so keep using it if you like the tone, get a new amp if not. Some people like some stuff, and other people like other stuff.
Do you think you should change?

And those Vox's are great amps, I doubt the Valveking would be so much of an upgrade.
Try the Valveking out though, decide for yourself.
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I have a Vox AD30VT with foot switch. Would the ValveKing® 112 Combo be a better choice?

it all depends on what sounds better for YOU. and as everyone else is saying, the vox you already havee is a pretty decent amp.
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The valve king wouldnt be that much of an upgrade, but if you can get a better sound out of it, and you think it is worth the money, get it.
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do it if you want to.
you need to listen to your heart.
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