Just purchased an EH-Graphic Fuzz re-issue today.

Ultra happy with it...

Imagine any artist youve ever herad using fuzz... and you can nail it with this pedal.

Frusciantes New work on Stadium arcadium, Any hendrix, Mudhoney, The stooges, Nirvanas early stuff... you name it and you can nail it.

Ive already spent hours messing around and writing down awesome settings for it.

Any of you guys out tehre got one and want any advice on how to use it feel free to ask, i think ive sussed it out really really well.

IM a happy guy.

Also... Im going to build a pedalboard for all my stuff... does anyone know of any sites with design ideas or instructions on how to put one together?

Oh wow, congrats! They've always looked so appealing, glad you're happy with it.

For a pedalboard, do you plan on making a really well done one, or just a project?
If you want you can click the link in my sig where I built my pedaboard, no planning for it, turned out well though!
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