Hey guys. I finally got my computer to work and recorded for the first time. I decided to record Good Riddance by Green Day. I know its easy and cliche, etc., but its the song that really turned me onto playing music when i was like 7. I took piano for years and have just started playing guitar. I'm not much of a singer either. But id really appreciate it if some of you would take a listen to the recording and assess my abilities. I really want honest feedback. Thanks a lot, guys.


its the only recording on there so far.
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First off, guitarwise it was good... it's a cliche song alright, but it's always best to start with something you know well then you can take it from there once you're comfortable with your recording setup. Can't really fault it guitarwise, which generally means you chose a song that was a bit beneath your ability

Recording was of reasonable quality... the levels were a bit low though, had to turn my speakers right up. A recording/vocal issue was the echo you had on (i'm guessing you added echo to the vox, else you're in a big ol' empty room )... it's probably tempting to add echo to vocals to 'warm them up', but it ends up sounding rather out of place, especially with an acoustic track like this.

Vocally you were a bit monotonous to be honest. You stayed around the right key, but there was little movement in range which dulled the voice somewhat. I'd suggest checking out the vocal thread in musician talk (if it's still going), and getting a few tips on how to get more feeling into your voice. Sounds like you're using your speaking voice too much instead of singing from your chest. I'm no expert on vocals, far from it, but i'm sure others could help.

It's a very good first recording though, keep it up... you'll improve with every one, no doubt. Hope some of that was of use

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Wow, I haven't seen LazyGuitar in forever.

^Listen to his crit. man, he went into a lot of detail. All of it I agree with. Not bad though, we look forward to seeing more of your recordings here in R&R.
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