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Marshall JCM800 Emulator
3 50%
Peavey Classic 30 Emulator
1 17%
2-in-1: Sparkle Boost and The Pusher
2 33%
Other (Post)
0 0%
Voters: 6.
Ok, my parts should be here sometime soon. I have quite a few options on what I should build, but theres a few im liking a little more. Keep in mind, im doing a veroboard/stripboard pedal. Heres the options:

1. Marshall JCM800 Emulation (If I can get the veroboard layout)
2. Peavey Classic 30
3. 2-in-1: Dragonfly's Sparkle Boost and The Pusher (Sparkle Boost- clean boost with gain boost. The Pusher- treble boost knob, bass boost knob, mid/fat boost switch, volume)
4. Other pedal
Quote by thesumoftwo
gotta recommend the one that i gave ya the idea to do Oh, and are you using the thunderchief as the 800 sim?

No, the Thunderchief is the Marshall 100watt Superlead. This is a JCM800.
Quote by thesumoftwo
so whered ya find the schem for that? i'm intrigued, i like the big fat sound of the 800

The perfboard layout is found at: http://diy.erikhansen.net/jcm800emu.htm