I am going to buy a power supply to power my pedals. Probably a onespot with daisy chain or something like that.

My question is, couldn't I just buy a 9 volt adapter and daisy chain from radioshack for half the price? Would this cause any problems or noise? I don't want to cheap out on stuff if it is going to cause unwanted static or humming.
using one 9v adapter might overheat i would assume...maybe not
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Do you understand the concept of mAs? (milliamps)?

Yes, you can use a radioshack adaptor but it has to be Class 2 transformer or else it could potentially mess with your stuff.

Also, you have to make sure your pedals don't exceed the milliamp limit that should be on the adaptor. Your everyday Boss one is about 200mA I think, I also have a few junk brand name ones that are about 300 but get the job done.

Basically if the total mA output of all of your pedals does not exceed the limit on the pedal then you're fine. Most Boss pedals are 20-30mA, wahs range from like 250-300, maybe up to 500 ish, but a lot of stuff can vary. Check the manuals/websites.

The reason people get the OneSpot (if I'm not mistaken) is for it's high milliamp capability (like 2,000, or 2 amps). Try to plug it into a powerbar with some sort of surge protection though. Usually the big name rockstars get custom made power supply boxes that regulate the power and stuff to make sure there's no little imperfections and cuts and stuff, also in case you get some sort of surge or something through your electrical socket or whatever. The Boss noise suppressor and tuner pedal bot have that regular built into them and you can power like 7 other pedals off of them or something.

I've been using just a regular adaptor and chain to power all five of my regular pedals (I use a seperate one for the ME pedal because it's got such high output). I haven't noticed anything lost in the sound at all.
the onespots I think are 1.7 amps. I use my Boss psa adaptor to power my pedals and run it into a power strip in to a surge protector and it works fine for me
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