Yeah so I just got a new delay pedal and I can't find any other songs with delay on them besides FCP from The Fall Of Troy.

I was wondering if anyone knew any others?

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I think that "of Dust and Nations" by Thrice has quite a bit of delay going on the chorus
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Intro to welcome to the jungle by GNR
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lots of pink floyd stuff has lots of delay

i can find some of them in a second and ill edit the post
Practically anything by U2 is filled with delay. Two that come to mind right away are Pride and Where The Streets Have No Name.
dead kennedys- police truck has a great intro with delay
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the entire rockabilly genre. "slap delay" is a characteristic feature because it came as a result of the production of music in the 50s and 60s and it just stuck. the type of delay is subtle and short, but you can definitely hear it. the delay time falls in around 80-130 ms with one return at around 50% volume. if you lengthen the delay time to around 150 ms and have a louder return, you get a "wet and splashy" surf-guitar kind of sound.
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^ That's interesting stuff, I like trying that to give a sort of "dual-guitar" effect.

For a more rhythmic delay, try Country Boy by Albert Lee. I also use this a lot.
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How about Flight Of The Wounded Bumblebee by Nuno Bettencourt.

Good luck with that.
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tool has some delay in their songs

all i can think of now is the bridge of schism...
if there's delay in the bridge of Schism its miniscule. try the intro to Lateralus.
Indie bands like Longwave and We Are Scientists seem to use a fair bit of delay.