Here is another...not my best in my opinion. But I will let u decide.

Magic Land

Ohh..Hidden deep inside my head,
Is a place I'll never see,
unless I take my time,
and keep my feet under me,

But even then,
I have to ,
Keep my head,
above the water,

Its a nice day out,
Do you wanna play,
grab and hand and,
come with me to a Magic Land, (2X)

I made it here safely,
arms and legs still intact,
they wont be much longer,
If I dont watch my back,




My gear:
1982 Peavey Falcon
2004 Les Paul
2006 Peavey Transtube
2007 Youngblood 100w cab
2002 Dean Playmate Bass
2002 Dean Bassola