Hey, i've got this washburn acoustic guitar, and i was wondering about it. Is it a good guitar? I've got next to no knowledge about acoustic guitars, im afraid to say i mainly play my electric. So,i got a washburn J28SDL. There i said it.

Anyways, whats the difference between this one and a lower end acoustic? And is it a good guitar?
Washburn has some pretty good models washburn isn't one of those guitar brands that are sold at wall*mart so i think it'll be worth while
first your URL is way off. and i personally dont like washburn for quite a few reasons
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Only you have the answer to that question mate.

If you think it's a great guitar and it plays nice and gets the sound you want, then why the hell worry what anybody else thinks.
Because i don't have a clue about whats good in an acoustic. I just baught whatever my guitar teacher advices. I like it, but then again, i don't feel much of a difference between it and a 200 dollar acoustic, so im asking you guys
washburn makes some good guitars. They make what I considar to be the best guitar under $200. There midrange instruments get forgoten by a lot of people just because washburn has hit the low end market so hard the last couple years.
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