Okay, I just got back from holiday, and checked the insomnium website, and noticed that they'd released the video to one of the songs on their new album. Personally, I got excited by this, because I've been looking forward to this new album a long time already.

So I listened to it once, and I listened to it twice... And the only word I could come up with in my mind was: AWESOME!!!

I could start to analyze the song and video, but once again my brain decided against it; For two reasons.

1) You guys want to hear the song yourself, not read about it from some idiot like me.
2) I don't know ANYTHING about analyzing, so that would've been a sad piece of work...

So enjoy, if you haven't already heard it.

Insomnium video

Oh, by the way, I didn't bother checking for this anywhere else... I don't have too much spare-time at the moment, so I really can't afford the extra hours of searching for an existing post in the millions of threads already here.
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