i currently have a marshall mg100dfx...i know i know...what was i thinking....i wasnt...but if you havnt noticed the price on the line 6 spider amps have dropped alot!.......i am thinking about selling my marshall and using the money from that plus some for a line 6 spider 212....what do you think........and if anyone wants this marshall(haha) tell me i want to at least get 250(what i played for it)
You most likely won't get the same amount of money back for your amp as you paid for it. It has been used, after all.
id get another marshall to be honest or even get some pedals. Really depends what music you play?
Well Spiders are horrible and so are MG's. Id say if you return the MG get a Vox Valvetronix or Roland Cube.
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line 6s are ok. sometimes they sound a little to digital, but you might like that type of thing.

and i would sell your amp for 200 at most since its used.
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id stil go for marshall i think they are the best amps around but thats just my views on it