Hey, I'm looking to buy a new book on guitar, ones for reference on scales/chords, and are there any good, advanced books that cover theory/techniques? I've been playing for about 2 years, and I can do most techniques [legato, alternate/economy picking, somewhat arpreggios and the like.] So yeah, any suggestions? Thanks.
i've heard alot of great musicians say mark levine's 'jazz theory book' is great but i havent actually read it.

oh and the book asumes you can read music and that you have LOTS of free time too listen to 1000s of recommended albums...lol

and of course you wont(i assume), enjoy this book alot if jazz is not ur thing, but they say it goes into alot of theory and explains it well, so it might help quite a bit.
there is an exerpt from the book at www.wholenote.com

hope this helps