Ashdown Fallen Angel 60H DSP Guitar Head


Peavey ValveKing 100 Head

which amp is better for me? I like playing a metal type of music and i am not too concerned about having good clean tones. They cost the same but i was just wondering if anyone had any experience with the two heads. Thank you.
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Well, the falle nangel is a gain machine, it basically made for metal. Even with the mid knob cranked it still had that scooped mid tone when i tried it out. Not the amp for me, but it seems liek thats probably the tone you're looking for. The valveking on the other hand is not really a metal amp....
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b52 at 100 head...i have the combo version...it can do metal very easy...
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I have the Fallen Angel head at work. Its got a really good Rectifieresque sound to it. A lot of gain too. Oh..and TONS of low end...which is good lol. Its a really good head for a budget. The cleans are damn good too.
thats what i was looking for. i will def. have to check this badboy out.

anyone else have opinions?
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I should also point out about the Ashdown head (since I didnt even figure it out till just recently), theres a boost option on Channel 2 *hi-gain channel*. So switch that on and you have even MORE distortion...which is really cool.