Okay... i'm new to true metal, or any metal for that reason... But i feel like i've been there for a long time...
Whas brought up on classical music... (loved it.. if i had not i would not be into metal right now...)
i then at a young age... 10-11 got into celtic folk music... at 13 i got into norwiegen folk music... at the same age 13 i started playing guitar, and really started getting into music in general... I started listening to all kinds of what i thought were "good" guitar music, i liked hardness a lot, even missed it in the folk music. but becouse of my classical heritage, the standard rock songs just kept pissing me of becouse i did not relate to the lyrics and they had little if none musicality... so to find good guitar playing i listened to some classic rock... My first favorite band was led zeppilin, the immigrint song and the battle of evermore and (of course) stairway to heaven caught my immagination and they had musicality. I loved the fantasy in The battle for evermore, the viking mysticism in the immigrint song, and the clear musicality and power of stairway to heaven... i had been studieng norse and celtic poetry and myths a lot, and hence from the folk music i had a love for these buetifull poetry. so, against all my friends words (they told me it was stupid) , i started what i thought was going to be a new direction, a distention from normal rock and folk, which at the time i called norse rock... (haha..) it cobbined a lot of clean guitar and distorted guitar with what i felt were more slower doom metal sung "edda" feeling lyrics.. (edda is norse for poetry)... little did i know that what i thought was basicly origanal was allready done!

the first metal band i found was bathory's Blood on ice, and needless to say i've been hooked on black metal, (dissection, Satrycon, mayhem and darkthrone) folk metal (asmegin, cruachan, later bathory, and korpiklaani) viking metal, (windir, Middle bathory, einherjer,) and melodic death( amon amarth, Kalmah, and skyfire) ever since... Go metal... I used to think that i was alone in this world for my love of nordic junk and guitars... !

Did anything like that ever happen to you?

ps: i'm from the us... and i'm almost 16 now
uh.....we have a "what age did you get into metal" thread already this would have fit in there

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That's cool. It could go in my thread but I don't care. Anyway I've been trying to find scandinavian folk music (norwegian, maybe swedish and finnish?) and I just don't know where to look. Could some cds be found in a huge record store like virgin records? Also I'd like to read some of these norse poems.
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