I've been playing about 1 year and a half, I am really getting into van halen, i do a lot of tapping sweep picking etc, I currently have an Ibanez RG270, If i upgrade do you think it'll make much of a difference, I have played my friends Japanese Strat and it play sso much better than my RG ... do you think its worth it to buy a new guitar, or is the RG270 not THAT bad. and I should just work on technique more. I'm having a bit of trouble tapping on the higher frets, and i've noticed this doesn't happen on better guitars i've played.
also do you know any other shred type guitars that come with locking tremeolo and GOOD stock pickups (i've heard RG570 pups suck)
go to a guitar store, and play a lot. i would recomend looking at both jacksons and esp ltd.
Well depending on what amp your running through you might not notice a big sound difference for a small budget then i'd recommend the ibanez *bugger can't remember*gio? it has a locking licensed floyd rose and i've tried tapping on ti and it gives a good sound for £400
i had a fender affinity squier then i bought an ibanez Rg 320 Dx QM and got alot better
then i bought a prestige ibanez and got even better.

with a nicer guitar you might be driven to play more and its alot easier to play quickly on a decent gutiar then a ****ty starter one.
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^BS, in my opinion. The guitar doesn't make the guitarist, the guitarist makes the guitar. However, a better can guitar can give you the opportunity to excell in areas that your old guitar would not allow you to.

Get a higher end RG, you won't regret it.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
I wouldn't say a new guitar will make you better, but you'll definitely be able to play on it better. Get my drift? It just makes things easier. I'd definitely reccomend the ESP LTD M/MH series, Ibanez and Jackson. Be sure to play every guitar you can get your hands on.
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Honestly i don't care about sound that much, what I want is to be able to have a faster left hand legato and cleaner tapping, right now I feel like its kind of the guitars fault because it just cannot pull off as fast as Van Halen and my tappings a bit unclean ...
I thinks it might also be because my guitar was set up by me so it sucks even more than a regular RG 270 lol (i found it totally beat up in with out strings!)
Your friend is cool, he has a Japanese Stratocastor. A new guitar will make a big difference, not in sound but playability. Your amp is 80% of your sound.
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go for tried n true, a gibson if not an epiphone; SG has pretty good sound and awsome playability, Strats are always good, Eddie's choice guitar
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Your friend is cool, he has a Japanese Stratocastor. A new guitar will make a big difference, not in sound but playability. Your amp is 80% of your sound.

no, your playing is 80% of your sound
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