i just thought that some people get to hung up on metal sub-catigories... nu-metal, metalcore, blah blah blah. correct me if im wrong, but dont those terms both have the word "metal" in there?

i think people get so pissed over nothing. it either sucks, or it doesnt. im not interested in pushing my favorite bands or metal genres... but some people are interested in NOTHING else. if it isnt what they like, they give it a different name and get pissed when someone else brings it up.

just thought id ask and see if im the stubburn jackass or not...
this has been said many times before, we dont want to hear it, if you want an argument, go look in all the threads with the same topic that have been closed before
to clear up your obvious confusion, nu-metal and metalcore arent metal sub genres.

i believe ive answered your question. now get out.
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if all the bands & artists were in ONE forum, how would that be?

the first 5 threads:

A7X only thread
How to growl like *insert tech death metal band*
Is Punk Dead?
Classic rock game

Would you truly like a forum like that? no one wants to see other genres when theyre looking for metal, and the metal forum DOSNT consider metalcore or nu metal to be tru metal. PERIOD.
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People who don't like sub genres don't know bugger all about music...

An art critic who doesn't know the difference between impressionism and surrealism would be a laughing stock, despite this, music critics can freely describe Slipknot as satanic black satan metal without any fear of reprisal.

Are these brackets of different musical styles so hard to follow? A painting with influences from cubism and romance would be described that way, are you saying it would be better to just call it a "nice painting"? What if someone wants to know if they will like the painting? Would you describe every aspect of it? Or simply just tell them the influences it draws upon? Music is NO DIFFERENT. Try accurately describing what Lykathea Aflame sounds like to a metal fan who hasn't heard them. Pretty hard isn't it? (although you probably wouldn't know because people who dismiss genres as claptrap are usually inept in their knowledge anyway) Where as saying "death metal with acoustic and synth interludes" is pretty accurate and straight to the point.

Genres are great, they help people to categorise music so that they can decide what they like, and easily find music similar to that.