ok yesturday i played my friends acoustic guitar and i fell in love with the guitar. its really really nice. and im looking to buy an acoustic guitar. im hoping to get one like his.

his guitar is a: http://www.iwantguitars.com/store/?product=9557

and im looking to get one "like it" if not IT but i have like a $200 to $300 dollar spend limit. and im being completely serious. so yea dont be a D'word about it. and yea i know i cant really get this guitar for that price but im looking for just an amazing guitar that feels like it.
Dude, you're asking to get a 3-4 thousand dollar guitar for 300 bucks? No chance. You won't find one that plays like it either. Your best bet is to go to a store and try all the guitars in your price range and see what you like best.
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yea i know but it just felt solid like if i dropped it from like five feet it wouldn't even have a scratch on it. it projects amazing. and is sexy. im not looking for gold tuners or anything though. just maybe a really solid guitar. and im poor gosh. well not poor but no one believes in me. yea and i did go to stores and check them out. i thought they were good compared to my squire beginner pack acoustic. but like after playing that its like they are all beginner guitars.
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Yeah... First of all, that's a Breedlove, a company known for their extraordinary quality. Second of all, that's a Breedlove CUSTOM lol, so it's the elite of the elite.

I doubt you're going to find a guitar that plays anything like it for less than around 700-1000 dollars, at least.
My God, it's full of stars!