Right, I've seen Gibson Faded guitars for mad cheap, about 700 US, when other Gibsons go for 2000 or so. Are they not as good quality as other Gibsons, or not as good materials, or what?

Thanks, Coke.
I've got one. They're made out of neck-thru mahogany, same as any LP, the pickups might need a replacement, but other than that they're great guitars. I thinki t just costs so much less because it's the "stripped down" version of an LP, with no pickguard, flat-top, dot inlays, and a single finish.
yea gibson faded are less quality verison of the more expensive ones. don't get me wrong though, they are still sick sounding guitars evem though they dont look like it. I like to call them the poor man's Gibson.
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actually, No finish = very cheap. Lots of time and labor goes into a guitar's finish. Remove that and you can produce a cheaper guitar faster. Only special fadeds have no finish. Fadeds have a finish and are in the same price range of a classic.

Gibson's quality QC control is actually pretty much equal throughout most of their production. Thats why the best model can be as bad as the worst one, or vice versa.

Here's a Standard Faded
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Ibanez -> Peavey -> Eardrums

Apparently I'm on some list of people to listen to..?
Oh. I guess I meant Special Faded. That's cool, though. Are the Alnico 490 pickups particularly bad, or could keep them?