I'm not sure if this is the right place to post. But I am writing music and have been for a year. And I have been incorporating harmonica, but I am not sure how to tell what key to use. And if anyone out there has some tips on how to figure out a key that will go with guitar. It would be helpful.
first chord in progression usually
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not that this is relavent, but what key would Cm7, Fm7, Gm7 be in? i nkow C, F , G are in C but Cm7 isnt in C it must be in a weird scale?
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i seem to remember something about not using a harmonica in they same key your guitar is playing. i THINK you use a harmonica that is a fifth above the chord progression. but let me check on that and ill get back to you.

EDIT: i was close, you use a harmonica that is a fifth below for a lot of stuff, tho you can use one in the same key for some stuff. playing a fifth below (using a C harp in the key of G) will allow you do do cooler stuff, and you can draw in as well as blow out.
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