hey im learning the tapping part of eruption, and im really psyched about it, mostly just the fact that it sounds so good even though i havent nailed it yet. the main thing i wanna ask is, when i tap, i always seem to find it more comfortable, to instead of leaving my low note fretted, then tap, hammer on, etc. i like to have like no fingers on the fretboard, then tap, and right after i tap, hammer on both notes, one after another.it tires my fingers out quicker, but i find on some of the fast note changing parts, like the last sequence of eruption, to be easier to switch back and forth between spots on the neck quicker when i dont leave a finger on the frets. is this bad technique, should i stick to leaving my finger fretted, or should i just do whatever is comfortable? has anyone else done this?
i, personally, would leave your finger fretted. but thats just my preference.
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i guess ill leave it fretted then. just gonna take some getting used to, but it probly will be more usefull in the long run.