alright..i have a Squire Strat Affinity (it's some sort of special series though). THe problem is i've had this guitar for a while and i need to upgrade. I was thinking baout buying the neck of a '62 vintage fender strat. WIll that neck fit onto my Squire. I also have another question...If i put in some Vintage American '57/'62 pickups into my guitar, will i have a close enough sound to a '62 vintage fender strat? Thanks for the help
It depends on what you want. I have a '62 reissue, and the radius on this neck makes large bends impossible unless you have the strings extremely high off the board. If you want the vintage look but better playability (and less fitment issues), get a neck from Warmoth. You can get any radius and any back profile, including the SRV profile. Any of these necks will fit as long as your order the Strat neck pocket profile instead of the Tele.

Check this one out.

I've got the stock neck on their right now, but I'm looking to swap it out soon...probably going to get the wolfgang profile with the compound radius rosewood board. 6105 frets and the vintage tint finish. After that, I'm going to throw some locking tuners on it and call it a day. Oh yeah, probably going to get abalone shell dot inlays as well.