I need a basic program to write tabs out with. Nothing fancy at all and I don't want any ... sound. I record my riffs and stuff when I sit down to write so I'd like to tab them out too that way when I take them to my band they have everything they need to jump into the song. Right so just a basic tab editor I guess. Thank you.
Use Guitar Pro if you can. However, I like using Microsoft Word to 'type' up my tabs.
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Guitar Pro, or powertab. I find powertab easier, but guitar pro has drums.
TabIt is pretty bare bones but costs $20
Guitar Pro 5 sounds amazing but is overly complicated and costs $50
Power Tab is free and kind of in the middle in terms of complexity
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ya powertab is good
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I have both guitar pro and power tab.

I guess ill just use them with no sound. >.>

Also thanks for all your smart ass comments guys I like them.

Thanks for people who tried helping.
power tab ftw imo.
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tabit is not barebones lol, they just make it easier for people who don't know about time signatures to tab out stuff as opposed to gp4-5
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