When I shred, I keep the distortion pedal on high. Like the settings say its suppose to be, but when I am on a string shredding, then I switch strings. I notice that sometimes the String will continue to sound. Is there something the pros do that I am not aware of?

And I also noticed if I turn the volume up too high, I will hear a high pitched ""beep"" noise, im guessing its because im too close to the amp. But then agian im kinda of new.

And second, I have a Ibanez RG470 (gold) that I got restrung at the guitar shop and everything today, Well when I was pulling up on the whammy, string G popped out of its holds, could this be because the strings are new and need time before I start going crazy with the whammy bar?
I only know that shredders usually palm mute to get rid of unwanted sound. And the beeping thing is probably feedback. Step away and face away from your amp when playing.
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youll probably want to learn how to restring the gutiar yourself, if your gonna be having fun with the whammy bar, because when you use the whammy bar alot, strings break, therhes just no helping it. and id advise practicing crossing strings and etc slowly, and learn to mute unwanted string noise with your fretting fingers. this causes alot less excess noise then muting string noise with your palm imo
if you don't know how to palm mute then you're most likely not shredding...just say "string skipping"

i would suggest slightly grazing your palm against the string without keeping it nailed to one spot while playing the next to silence any ringing...you have to get a feel for how much pressure to apply, and when playing with extremely high gain or treble you probably will have to apply more
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Well, when you practice - it does you a great benefit to NOT use any sort of distortion/overdrive. You'll want to play smoothly, and listen to make sure each note is full and round - yes you're playing fast but each note counts. Also, any shredder should always use a metronome - you should hear a metronome in your sleep. Play the hell out of scales, practice forms, elongated scale forms, patterns, finger independance, string skipping/chromatic runs, and any sort of weird exercises you feel like making up. As for the sound being left over (its my guess you're not playing cleanly anyway if you're not sure how to manage it) you can very lightly mute the notes with your palm coupled with finger muting. In any case shredding takes alot of patience with working very slowly at first.
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1. when shredding to get rid of the unwanted sound when you move to a new string your just gonna have to teach yourself to palm mute the strings you just picked.

2. for the " high pitched beep" its called feedback. youll get it when your amp has reached max capacity or you are to close to the amp. when you play stand at least 5 feet away and face away from the amp.

3. about the string your gonna want to hand bend them for a couple of days before you go dive bombing with the whammy bar. or you'll fin you high E and G strings will break a lot. so to breack in new strings play this riff


and so on and so forth. pretty much you bend every string at the 3,5,7,9,12,15,17,19,and 21 fret

do that a couple of times each time increasing the amout you bend the string this will stretch the strings out. all thats left after that it retuning the guitar and then your ready to go.
I had the end of a string pop through it's hold just today. Don't know how that happens, but I didn't have any other strings and had to undo and reattach that same one again. Now it's all bent and wierd